Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 624 - 624: Soul Synergy

"If there's even one percent impurity in your love and trust, then it will give her side effects. It's the same for her. If there's even one percent impurity in her love and trust, then it will give her side effects since your core is stronger than her," Xun told Long Chen in full seriousness.

"Spiritual Intercourse? Soul Synergy? How can I make that happen?" Long Chen asked Xun.

"Do I just need to have sex normally when her consciousness is in the Spiritual Form, or should I do something else too?" Long Chen asked her to be sure.

" You can have a Spiritual Intercourse like that, so it isn't a problem. As long as you have intercourse with her Spiritual Form, it'll succeed, but the Soul Synergy is different. It's related to the compatibility of soul and the true trust and love between two souls," Xun told Long Chen.

" That should be fine as well. I trust her, and she trusts me. There's no problem with our love either. I think we will have that Soul Synergy that you're talking about," Long Chen replied to Xun as he nodded his head.

" I do believe that you can have soul synergy looking at your bond, but still, it's better to be safe than sorry. You need to treat her gently like she's the only woman you have. You and she are the only two beings on this earth, and all of you are all of hers. Don't worry about anything. Just think of it as your first honeymoon in a world where you have only one wife," Xun told him.

"Only then can you have the maximum chance of the soul synergy succeeding," she added as she informed Long Chen.

" I understand what I have to do. I'll be careful. Let me inform them now," Long Chen told her as he nodded his head.

He changed his Spiritual Body back to his consciousness and again left his body as he left her Martial Space.

Long Chen left Mingyu's Martial Space and slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Mingyu's red face that seemed to be somewhat embarrassed. He couldn't help but wonder what happened. Did she hear what he wanted to do to her, or was it something else?

Long Chen opened her mouth and decided to ask her directly.

"Why are you looking so embarrassed?" Long Chen asked her.

Mingyu opened her beautiful eyes as she looked at Long Chen.

"N-nothing," She said as she shook her head with an embarrassed look on her face. 

She didn't tell him that something was making her aroused after Long Chen entered her martial space. She didn't know that it was because Long Chen touched her Gold Core.

" H-how was it? Did you find the problem?" Mingyu asked her as she looked at Long Chen in curiosity.

The other girls also looked at him with great interest.

"I understand what's wrong now. The problem is exactly in your Martial Space," Long Chen let out as he nodded his head.

"Problem in Martial Space? Isn't that supposed to be a serious problem?" Zhiqing inquired as she chimed in. From that she understood about cultivation, A Cultivator could go through two types of ailments. One of them was Physical Ailments, which were related to the body, while the other one was Spiritual Ailments, which are related to the Martial Space.

The medicines to treat rare Physical Ailments related to specific things were tough to find in this world, but they were still possible, but the one that treated Spiritual Ailments were rarer than rare in this world. Some of the rare ailments didn't even have any treatments. Everything depended on the type of ailment and if it had s cure.

Long Chen looked in the direction of Zhiqing as he nodded her head.

"It is a serious problem but not serious enough that I won't be able to handle it. I should be able to heal her as long as she cooperates with me," Long Chen told Zhiqing as he nodded his head.

" What is the problem in my Martial Space, and how long can I cooperate with you?" Mingyu asked Long Chen in a severe tone.

" The Problem is your Golden Core," Long Chen told Mingyu as she looked in the direction of her chest.

"My golden core?" Mingyu inquired as she looked at Long Chen in confusion.

" Do you know that you have a Special Physique?" Long Chen asked Mingyu. He was sure that she did, but he wanted to make sure to know what he needed to explain to her.

"Yes. I have a Special Physique," Mingyu nodded her head as she looked at Long Chen in confusion, wondering how he found out about this.

" Which Physique do you have?" Long Chen asked her as he looked at her.

"I have something called Divine Oracle Physique, but it's not much useless. I just get a few rare random flashes once in a while," Mingyu nodded her head as he looked at her.

" That's a good physique with a few downsides, but the problem is your second Physique. Do you not know about your second Physique?" Long Chen asked her as he looked at her face.

Even he didn't know what her second Physique was, so he was hoping that she knew about it.

"Second Physique? Is that really possible?" Mingyu asked as she looked at him with a stunned look on her face.

" I really have another physique? Do you know which one?" She asked him.

" Looks like you don't know about this," Long Chen let out as he sighed.

"Even I don't know what your second special Physique is. The problem is that it does exist. The Divine Oracle Physique is trying to lower the strength of your core, and the Second Physique is trying to increase the strength of your core," Long Chen said to her as he started explaining what Xun explained to her.

" That... does sound bad," Zhiqing exclaimed as she heard about it. The other girls were also concerned about it.

"Is Sister Mingyu going to be fine?" Zhiqing asked her as she looked at him in concern.

The other girls also asked the same question.

"Yeah, she'll be perfectly fine. I just have to sick the excess energy out of her Gold Core so that it recovers," Long Chen replied as he nodded his head.

" How can we do that?" Mingyu asked Long Chen as she looked at him in confusion.

Long Chen opened his lips and explained in front of everyone without feeling the least bit shy.

Even though Long Chen wasn't shy, the other girls did get embarrassed. They looked at Long Chen with their red faces as they thought about her words.

"But... That's dangerous. Are you sure?" Zhiqing asked him as he knew a little bit about the dangers of this.

"I am prepared," Mingyu nodded her head as she agreed without even thinking about it. She had complete faith in Long Chen. After spending so much time with him, she had understood him correctly.  She knew what kind of person he was. He might be a killer for others, but for her, he was the most loving husband that cared for his family.

Long Chen looked at her as he smiled gently. He reached out his hand and touched her smooth cheeks.

"I promise I will protect you. I will save you. We will succeed," He muttered as he moved his face forward and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips.

After a short kiss, he removed her lips.

"Little Snakey, Don't leave the safe zone before I'm back. I don't want to be attacked by sea beasts. You understand?" Long Chen told the Snake Monarch.

"Who the hell are you calling Little Snakey? Please don't give me weird nicknames like that little cat. This King is the Monarch of the Universe. Also, I understand what you were saying. I will stop at the end of the Crystal Sea," The Snake Monarch said as he nodded his head. His tone was somewhat annoyed, though, as if he was upset at the weird nickname he had just received.

"Good guy," Long Chen chuckled as he responded. He looked back at Mingyu.

"I'm going to her Martial Space again. You come inside when you're ready. We shouldn't delay," Long Chen told Mingyu.

He closed his eyes and sent his Consciousness inside her Martial Space again.

Long Chen's consciousness entered Mingyu's Martial Space and took the form of his Spiritual Body.

"Are you excited about the new experience? Every sensation will be multiplied in this place. Be gentle with her. Getting the Soul Synergy is the most important here," Xun informed Long Chen.

"I understand that much. I know how to treat my woman already. You would know how well, soon enough, too," Long Chen chuckled as he said to Xun.

"Hmph," Xun rolled her eyes and refused to reply, but there was something unusual on her face when it came to her expressions.