Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1211 - 1211: No One Attacks My Beast

"She's pretty upset that I told you the truth. She's screaming in my head," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, smiling wryly. 

"Sounds like a childish person. You just told the truth. Why is she so angry?" Snake Monarch asked, confused.  ​​

"Your mother told the truth! From which angle do I look ugly!" Xun complained as she appeared before the Snake Monarch. 

The Snake Monarch could neither hear her nor see her, so he didn't even know she was standing before him as he passed through her. 

"Yeah. She is a little childish and a little stupid. She is also an idiot who doesn't even know what she's doing at times. Now that I think about it, she sounds like a female version of you," Long Chen commented, ignoring Xun's complaints. 

"She also brags sometimes. The only difference is that you brag more. She can easily be your long lost sister," he added. 

"If she's like me, then you're lying. Someone who's like me can never be ugly or stupid. She must be a beautiful lady and a genius. Not as great as me but close," Snake Monarch retorted. 

'" That's right. I'm a genius," Xun said proudly. 

"Hahaha, you two are really shameless. I think you'll love each other's company. Just a few months more," Long Chen let out, laughing. 

Xun heard Long Chen and stepped talking as she looked at her hands. 

' A few months more and then I'll be a real person,' she thought, still finding it hard to believe. 

She silently disappeared as she went back. 

Long Chen went inside the first hotel he found as he asked for rooms. Unfortunately, the hotel seemed to be full. There were no rooms available. He left the hotel and left in search of a different one. 

One after another, he kept checking the hotels in the town, but all of them seemed full. He didn't find any empty hotel. In the end, he stopped in front of the last hotel in the town.

As he entered the hotel, he went straight to the receptionist. 

"Do you have rooms available?" He asked the receptionist. 

"We do," the receptionist said. "How many do you need?"

"I only need one. No more," Long Chen replied as he was alone. 

At the same time, another group came to the receptionist. "We need rooms. We heard you have them."

Long Chen looked towards the group to notice that it was the same group that he met before. They were the ones that had told him to move aside. 

"Sure. How many do you need?" The receptionist asked the new group. 

"We need eight rooms," the dark-haired youngsters who were leading the group said. 

"I'm sorry, but we only have seven rooms. We did have eight, but one of them was just booked by him. Can I arrange the seven for you instead?" the receptionist asked. 

The dark-haired man looked at who had booked the room to notice Long Chen, who was calmly standing there, waiting for the key. 

"Gu Wan, isn't he the same guy that blocked our path previously? Why is he trying to create trouble for us everywhere?" One of the youngsters asked the dark-haired young man who was the leader of the group. 

"That's right. I've noticed it too. It's two times in a row. That can't be a coincidence. Could it be that he's sent by a rival Sect to create trouble for our Dark Moon Sect?" Another youngster asked. 

"That's possible! He's just trying to make things difficult for us!" Another person chimed in. 

Gu Wan glared at Long Chen, frowning. He was taking the accusations seriously.

"Kid, I don't care who sent you to mess with us. If you don't want to die, then leave. This is the last chance. Be glad I'm being merciful," he commanded Long Chen before he shifted his attention to the receptionist. 

"He won't be taking the room since he's leaving. You can give all eight rooms to us," he told the receptionist. He turned back to glance at an old man who was standing near them. "Elder Wu, you can pay them."

The receptionist nodded as she picked the remaining eight keys. Unfortunately, before she could give the keys to the group, Long Chen interfered. 

"Who said I'm not taking the room? Whoever said it needs to get his ears checked. Or he should learn to listen and not assume. I'm certainly taking the room. I was here first," Long Chen said. 

The receptionist stopped as she looked at the two men, wondering what to do. Long Chen was first, so he deserved the room, but the other group was bigger and seemed stronger too. She didn't interfere and let the two decide amongst themselves. 

"Is that so? So you really want to die," Gu Wan asked Long Chen. 

"Hey, as*hole! Why are you stealing our lines? Can't you come up with something original instead of stealing the lines of your father? I can't believe your mother didn't teach you the basic manners!"

As the atmosphere was tense, a sharp voice came from seemingly nowhere. 

Gu Wan's face turned red as he heard the curses. Whoever it was didn't only mock him, but he also mocked his mother. He was sure that Long Chen wasn't the one who had spoken, but the voice seemed to come from nearby. 

"Who said that! If you dare, come out!" Gu Wan yelled. 

"What dare? You think your father is scared of anyone? I'm right in front of you! God, I can't believe my awesome genes were so bad. My son can't even see clearly. Oh, the sad destiny!" The Snake Monarch said, seemingly sad as if the sadness of the whole world was on his shoulders. 

Long Chen also heard the insults and couldn't help but laugh. The Snake Monarch had the perfect response for the opportunity. He was really capable of making a person spit blood without even touching them. 

"You freaking beast! Only a Saint Realm Beast, but you dare be so arrogant?" Gu Wan roared as he reached out his hand to grab the Snake Monarch and crush him. 

"W-what?" The mouths of the entire team of the Dark Moon opened wide as they saw what happened next. 

Long Chen moved his hand, grabbing the wrist of Gu Wan but what shocked him was his speed. His speed was so fast that they couldn't even see. Even the Elders of the Dark Moon Sect couldn't see the way his hand moved. It was just too fast. 

" I think you're the one who's being arrogant. No one attacks my beasts, and that includes you too," Long Chen said.