Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 330 - 330: Demon Cultivation

"Interesting. I would love to hear about those," Long Chen said to her.

"His personal treasury is made from the Jaedite Ore. It is said to be the strongest material that is found in our kingdom. Even a peak Sky Realm Cultivator can't break it," she said.

"Oh? Interesting. So it's impossible to break the treasury and enter," Long Chen said with a frown.

"Indeed," she replied.

"That's not all. The most amazing thing is the way to open it. It's said to be designed by the best Formation Master of the Beast Hall," she replied.

"There's a small formation at the entrance of the treasury. The formation can read palm prints and it will only open with the Palm Prints of His Majesty. There's no other way to enter it," she continued.

"That's strange. The Beast Hall is quite far from here. Why would their Formation Master come here and establish that formation for your king?" Long Chen asked with a frown.

"That's a long story. Apparently, His Majesty helped the Formation Master of the Beast Hall with something. In order to thank the king, that Formation master decided to make that formation for the King," she told him.

"Why would the Beast Hall Formation Master need the help of a small kingdom's King? The Beast Hall is even stronger than most of the Empires after all," Long Chen muttered.

"It has something to do with the Dark Soul Sect," she said as she looked at Long Chen.

"The Dark Soul Sect? How?" Long Chen was already curious about why the Beast Hall formation Master would take the help of a small king, but the name of the Dark Soul Sect got him even more interested.

"The Beast Hall Formation Master was chasing after a cultivator from the Dark Soul Sect. He lost the trail of the cultivator, but only because of our King was he able to find the cultivator once more. That's how it all happened," she explained.

"Oh, that makes sense. The Beast Hall has a deep enmity with the Dark Soul Sect after all. I can understand why the Formation Master rewarded your king," Long Chen said 

"Back to the topic, the treasury can only be opened by the King? Is there no other way? What if the king died? What would happen to the treasury?" he let out with a thoughtful look on his face.

"I don't know about that. Maybe there are other ways as well? Or maybe the king has authorized another person and the treasury can be opened with someone else's palm print as well? Your guess is as good as mine at the moment," she muttered.

"Right. Thanks for explaining that to me. I'll go back now," Long Chen said with a smile as he turned back and walked back to his own room.

He entered his room and sat on his bed as he started thinking of a plan. It wasn't as easy as he just thought. He hadn't expected this kind of security after all. 

He didn't care about the guards, but what would he do if he even managed to enter the palace. He needed a way to open the treasury.

"It might be possible if I cut the hand of the king. But he's a Sky Realm cultivator. I'm not even sure if I can do it safely. He shouldn't have reflexes like Lang Jing, but I just don't want to take the risk," he muttered.

"It's there really no other way? Can I really not do anything?" he muttered with a frown.

'Oh right. I can use him,' Long Chen thought of a plan as a smile appeared on his face.

"I can't believe I've totally forgotten about him," he muttered.

"The King might be strong, but I can control his closest aid. The King must have kids. If he doesn't have kids, I can move onto his ministers or his servants. No matter what I have to do. I'll achieve my target and get the Heavenly Ruler," he said in a low voice. 

It was already evening so Long Chen didn't put his plan in motion. He decided to rest for the day and start everything fresh from tomorrow.

He stood up and walked to the shower room and took a long shower before he came out and sat in a meditative position.

He began his physical cultivation that he had never stopped doing. No matter how busy he was, he always took time out to cultivate his Demon Monarch Physique.

His cultivation speed had only gotten faster from the moment his heart demon woke up after it's evolution. The best thing was that his Heart Demon hadn't forced him to do anything. He thought that it might be because of him not keeping any feelings inside his heart, but he hadn't faced anything big either.

Since coming to the Dark Soul Sect, Long Chen hadn't stepped back from a fight whenever someone seriously annoyed him. He didn't step back even when the disciple of the sect master was in its path. He thought that was the reason, and he was somewhat right. Though there was another reason that he didn't know about.

His Heart Demon had seen the destructive power of his martial soul, that's why he was going easy on Long Chen on minor things, but it had decided to not go easy if Long Chen opposed his heart and desires since that was the reason for its existence.

Long Chen absorbed the Natural Qi from the surroundings, which was turned into Demonic Qi by his Heart Demon. The Demonic Qi nourished his body and increased his strength.

The Demon Monarch Physique had separate levels of its own, just like cultivation.

The first level of technique had 5 steps. The first step was Bone Condensation. The stage in which the focus was given to the bones in the body. The Second Step was the Tendon Nourishment. Just like this, the first level only focused on the body and its components.

Long Chen had already completed the first level of the Demon Monarch Physique after all this time and his body was as strong as an initial level Earth Realm Cultivator without using any Qi.

He had begun the second level of the Demon Monarch Physique that was called "Body Forging".

In this level, the natural Qi was converted into the Demonic Qi, but it was not absorbed by the body. Instead, the Demonic Qi was stored in the flesh and the bones of the cultivators. They could release that energy when they needed it.

It was much like using a long-distance attack, but it was much more dangerous since it used the Demonic Qi.

The Body Forging level had 10 stages and Long Chen had just got to the first.

Xun had told him that a cultivator who reached the 10th sure strange of the Body Forging Realm of Demon Monarch Physique, he would be as strong as an initial level Heaven Realm cultivator. Long Chen was quite excited and wanted to get there as fast as possible.

He cultivated his Demon Monarch Physique for 2 hours before he began his Qi cultivation.

Long Chen was the 2nd stage Earth Realm cultivator when it came to his Qi Cultivation, but he believed that he would be able to battle a peak Earth Realm Cultivator with ease. In a way, his Demon Monarch Cultivation and the Qi Cultivation was at the same level.

He cultivated for the whole night and only stood up when the first ray of the morning light fell upon him.

Long Chen stood up and stretched his arms while yawning.

He went to the shower room and washed his face before he left his room.

He had decided that he would put his plan into motion and hopefully everything would go well.