Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 284 - 284: I'm Dead Again?

It was darkness... darkness everywhere.

There was no sound. There was no sensation. There was no air.

It was nothing but an empty void.

Long Chen found himself floating inside that empty void.

He looked at his arms and legs. There was no problem with them. He could even move his arms, but what's strange was that, even when he moved it, there was no resistance. It was like there was no air to oppose his motion.

"Am I dead again? Looks like I died. It's awfully similar to the previous time." Long Chen sighed in disappointment.

" Are you in such a hurry to die?" A voice echoed in the surroundings.

" Who?" Long Chen let out with surprise.

He felt like the voice was awfully familiar.

"Me? I'm you... and you're me. To be precise, I'm the one you want to be, but you can't be since you're not ready to lose yourself." The voice said.

" Who the hell are you?" Long Chen asked again.

There was no reply, but a shadow formed in front of me that soon took a humanoid form.

It took the shape of a human. The human was none other than Long Chen himself.

"As I said... I'm you and you're me. Are you relieved to see me? " The person that looked like Long Chen replied.

" Now that I think about it, I might not be dead after all. Since I can have such weird dreams." Long Chen said as he observed his clone.

" It's not a dream. And I'm not lying. I'm you. Well, I'm your heart demon to be more precise." The clone smiled at Long Chen.

" My Heart Demon? Did you come out of your cocoon? And you can talk?" 

Long Chen was stunned as he heard his words.

" Well, I couldn't before the evolution." The clone said with a smile.

"Where am I? " Long Chen asked.

"You're... You're nowhere. And you're not dead either. It should be about time you wake up." The clone looked at him and said.

The clone raised his hand towards the sky and snapped his finger.

"Huh!" Long Chen opened his eyes abruptly. He was breathing heavily as if he was having difficulty breathing.

After a few seconds, his breathing normalized.

He looked down at his body and found that his arms and legs were still fine. Although his clothes were still bloodied. Most of which was his own blood. Even his ring was still in his finger, though it was invisible.

He was just relieved that he wasn't dead.

After being glad that he was alive, he looked at his surroundings.

He found himself in a dark room. There was no window in the room, but he was able to see in the darkness because of how sharp his senses.

The room was completely empty. It was a small room that looked much like a prison. There was a door in the front. The door  looked like it was made from metal, but Long Chen was sure that it would not be the case.

He stood up as he walked towards the door and touched it.

"Break it. That's the only way to escape. We can easily escape this place. You can't know what might happen if you stay here." A voice said in his ears.

Long Chen recognized that voice. It was a voice belonging to his heart demon that he just had a talk within that empty void.

Although he didn't want to hear his heart demon, it was true that his words did make sense to Long Chen.

"Don't worry. I won't use my strength to force you to do anything. I'm just something that is born so that you could fulfill your desires. It's not me that wants to escape from here, but you." The voice further said.

Long Chen also believed it to be the right suggestion.

Because he couldn't teleport outside since he could only use teleport to places he had seen before. He hasn't seen what the place outside the door looks like. So he couldn't use it to escape.

Spatial Transfer worked in a similar way. He couldn't teleport outside 200 kilometers range. And it was a must for him to have seen the place he wanted the portal to open.

Long Chen packed his fist and used his full cultivation.

When he was using his cultivation, he did feel something strange. It was like something was restricting him. It was like something was preventing him from using his full strength.

He used all the strength he could as he punched at the gate.

A heavy metallic sound came as the fist landed on the door, but not a single dent was made.

"As I expected, the door is not something I can break."Long Chen muttered in disappointment.

He walked back and sat on a corner.

"Xun!" He called out.

Xun appeared near him. 

"Do you know where we are?" He asked her.

"I don't." She replied as she shook her head.

"Wait a minute! Where's Orion? " He suddenly stood up as he remembered that Orion had attacked the sky realm cultivator as well.

"Since you're alive, he must be as well. Orion and your King's sword. They both must be in the hands of Lang Jing." She replied.

"It's  fine as long as he's alive." Long Chen sighed in relief.

Since he remembered about Orion, He decided to check on others as well. He used his divine sense to check the beast region inside his ring.

The condor was still sleeping. It looked like it was still going through an evolution. As for the Armored Rhino, It was roaming in the empty field. Lastly, little Snow. His eyes were wide open as he saw little snow.

A little snow looked like it was sleeping and the ancient-looking characters on its body were shining.

"What's happening with little snow?" Long Chen asked Xun.

" I'm not sure. Since the moment Little Snow helped you in taming the Condor and entered the ring, it has been sleeping."

" I'm not sure what's happening. Maybe it's going through an evolution as well, or maybe it's something else." Xun said.