Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1232 - 1232: I Came For You

The Royal City of Western Empire... It was a vast city that was so big that it could be compared to a small kingdom in size. 

In the Western Empire, this place was known to be the most advanced. It was said that a person could find any item in the world that wasn't available in any other part of the Empire. 

That's why people came here to buy items that they couldn't find in any other place. Even people from some other Empires came here to shop.

The Royal City was also known to be the Power Center of the Western Empire. The strongest clans in the Western Empire were situated here. Moreover, there were also a lot of powerful cultivators that resided here. 

Moreover, the highest grade artificer of the Immortal World was also living there. 

The Sun was shining brightly above the Royal City of the Western Empire when a person stepped foot in the Royal City. 

The dark-haired man was followed by a Small Snake-like creature that was flying beside him. 

" This city is so big. We've been walking for so long, and I still don't see the Royal Palace. Why can't we just fly?" The small snake asked Long Chen. 

"We can't. If we fly, we'll attract a lot of attention.  That's not what we need, especially for the purpose we're here. We need to merge with the surroundings and act as normal as we can," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, shaking his head. 

The Snake Monarch didn't complain again, but he didn't silently either. 

"Can I still know how far the Palace is?" He asked again. 

"It'll take us an hour to get there like this, so not too far," Long Chen answered, smiling. 

The ground of two continued on their path towards the Royal Palace of Western Empire. 

As Long Chen had commented, after an hour, he reached near the Royal Palace. 

He was just expecting to observe the Royal Palace from a distance for now and only go inside in the night, but his luck seemed to be bad. 

There was a team of Royal Guards that were standing around five hundred meters away from the entrance of the Royal Palace for some reason. 

"Are you also here to join?!" The guards asked, seeing Long Chen. "Go in fast. It should be about to start!"

"Huh?" Long Chen grew confused. Why did it seem like they were talking to him? 

He even glanced behind him, wondering if there was someone else there 

" Why are you looking back?! Go in. After five minutes, we won't allow anyone to go ahead since it'll start! Go ahead fast!" The Guards told Long Chen. 

' Are they confusing me with someone else? Or is this something else?' Long Chen thought, frowning. 

He decided to think about it later and just go with the flow. He went ahead, walking past them. 

As Long Chen reached near the Royal Palace, wondering what the Guards were talking about when he stopped.

Looking ahead, he realized everything. It was clear what the guards were speaking behind.

At some distance, he was able to see a big crowd of youngsters.

" It looks like there's some event here. They thought I'm from the Royal City as well. It should be an event where any youngster from the Royal City is allowed to participate," he muttered as he walked towards the crowd.

He joined the crowd and even managed to sneak ahead to stand at the front of the crowd from where he had a clear view. 

He was able to see a stage in front of him. On the stage, there were two five youngsters sitting. 

Long Chen didn't know four of them, but he certainly knew the fifth one. She was the Princess of the Western Empire. She was Princess Mimi, who Long Chen met on the mountain. He had even seen her without clothes. 

"Wait, isn't it the girl? What's she doing here?" Snake Monarch asked as he also recognized that girl. 

"It's her Empire. We're in front of the Royal Palace, which is her home. What's so strange about her being here?" Long Chen asked, rolling his eyes. "I'm more curious about what's going on here."

Mimi's gaze roamed over the youngsters who were here when her eyes fell on Long Chen. 

"Huh?"  Stunned, she stood up. 

"Mimi? What happened?" A young man asked, frowning. He was sitting on the stage in the middle of the five seats. He had the center seat. 

"N-nothing," Mimi said as she sat down again, not telling the truth. 

Her curious eyes kept looking at Long Chen, surprised that he actually came! He kept his promise. 

Thinking about their last meeting, her face turned red as well. She remembered his words where he said he was going to teach her what happens after kissing the next time he comes here.

'Why is this guy standing amongst the commoners?! He is so special. He should be our guest, not standing in that line,' she thought.

'Is he really here for the same thing as others? That shouldn't be the case.'

After a few seconds, a young man on the stage stood up. 

"Greetings to the young men and women of the Western Empire. Just like we always do, we have again arranged this test for you all to find the talented people amongst you."

They would be sponsored by our Royal family. So give it your best. I'm sure you'll get a good position in the Royal Palace after you grow up fully. Moreover, you'll also get many rare herbs to help in your cultivation."

The man started speaking. 

"Long live the Prince! Long live the Royal Family!" The young men and women started cheering. 

'Ah, so this is like a charity event for commoners. The noble heirs don't need this. As for the cultivation clans, even they don't need something like this. The herbs won't be that much either. It's more like a goodwill act from the Royal Family. Not bad,' Long Chen thought, understanding what was happening. 

His gaze shifted from the Prince, who started talking about the future prospects and the herbs that were going to be given by the Royal Family. Instead, he watched the Princess. 

His gaze met the gaze of the Princess. 

"What are you doing here?" The Princess moved her lips but didn't say the words. 

Long Chen also moved his lips as he answered without speaking, "I came for you."

He didn't forget to wink at the end of his sentence. 

"Do you all understand how important this is for you all?" The Prince asked.