Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 852 - 852: Change

As soon as Long Chen's eyes opened, it was evident that they weren't like before. They weren't their light golden color. Instead, they were blood red now as if a sea of blood was inside his eyes.

Both his Martial Soul's eyes and his eyes opened at the same time, revealing no difference between the two.

As his eyes opened, the time stopped. It was similar but unlike the time when Wu Lia had used this ability as the time of the hotel or the city wasn't stopped. Instead, the time of the entire universe was stopped.

The rivers stopped flowing. The birds stopped flying. Planets stopped rotating. Everything stopped. No one was free of this restriction of time.

Wu Lia was hiding in the back, watching everything, but even he wasn't free of this restriction as the time for him stopped as well. Even though he was someone who knew the Law of Time, he couldn't escape it either.

"Are you finished?" Long Chen asked, softly. His voice also sounded different, as if he had woken up after a deep slumber. There was an ancient aura surrounding his voice, making it sound more soothing.

His body started floating in the air before he stood straight, gazing at Xu Liang.

"You escaped," Long Chen muttered softly.

" You helped me escape," Xu Liang answered.

"I don't remember most of my memories except the last few moments. Didn't you promise me you won't harm mortals? You broke your promise. Should I be the one punishing you now?" Xu Liang asked.

"I broke a promise?" Long Chen asked in confusion. 

He gazed around and saw the dead bodies lying on the ground.

"Aren't you the one that caused all this?" he answered, softly. "Why are you blaming me?"

"The kid you possess... He caused all this. He is the reason this vessel of mine got agitated and let my memories pass through. This vessel wasn't able to handle my energy. Thus it harmed them.  I could only control this after I woke," Xu Liang replied, explaining something.

"But this kid," he continued as he looked at Long Chen. "I can feel it. The Slaughter aura is filling his body. He has killed millions of people despite his young age."

"What has that got to do with me?  As you said, I didn't involve myself in the matters of mortals. Instead, I let them flourish as you wished. This boy is one of them. Mortals kill their own to gain power and position. This is the problem that comes with the limited life that you created. This is the result of the imbalance you created. Why should I be responsible for it?" Long Chen replied. His face was still as emotionless. 

"Mortals killing mortals is their own matter since it makes them put more effort in growing. When life can be ended at any moment, that's when they truly live. That's when they truly feel emotions. They are unlike us who never knew what true feelings were,"  Xu Liang said.

Even though the two of them seemed to be talking normally, they were, in reality, clashing with each other.

Each of their words was like a weapon that was capable of destroying worlds, but they had created a domain around them that kept the outside safe.

"So why do you blame me?" Long Chen asked, seemingly confused.

Xu Liang looked towards the sky as a sigh left his mouth, which seemed to be filled with the sadness of the entire world.

"It is fine if we let them live their own life, but it is wrong to involve ourselves in their lives. You are inside the kid. I realized it as soon as I woke up, so you already interfered in the matters of mortals. His Slaughter is also your slaughter since you are him and he is you," Xu Liang said.

"My Slaughter is his slaughter as well since he is the reason I'm out of the restriction that you placed. Even though the chains you trapped my soul in still exist, it wouldn't be long before they are all broken. I would regain my power. This time, however, I won't let you do the same. You already broke your promise. I won't let it happen again," he continued.

"Did you really think I am inside the kid?" Long Chen asked, smiling.

"You aren't?" Xu Liang asked.

"It doesn't matter. It is your punishment to suffer for eternity, never being able to escape. You might have escaped because of unfortunate events, but I'll send you back," Long Chen answered, shaking his head.

"You think you can again?" Xu Liang inquired as he spread his arms. He started rising in the sky.

"You might have received some of your memories and powers, but as long as my chains of restriction still exist around your soul, you won't be able to use more than a fraction of your power. As for that fraction of power, who can deal with that if not me?" Long Chen asked softly as he also started rising in the sky.

The two boys flew towards the sky so fast that even if the time of the world weren't still now, no one would be able to see them since their speed was even faster than Teleportation at the moment.

The two soon left the boundary of the world. And entered the Immortal World, which also ended as they walked past that place. 

They continued flying farther and farther from the civilization since none of them wanted to destroy everything because of their battle.

It wasn't something that either of them desired, especially Xu Liang, who had even sacrificed his power to prevent that from happening, allowing the being inside Long Chen to imprison his memories behind a giant seal. He also let him tie his soul with massive chains that were made using 120 universal laws of nature, stopping his powers even further.

Only sixteen of the eighteen chains were broken by now. But that itself was enough to give Xu Liang so many powers.

"You have become slow. What happened to you?" Xu Liang asked, noticing that Long Chen was flying slower.

His power was restricted. Why was it that the other person was flying slow? He couldn't help but be a little suspicious.

"Many things changed since you were put to sleep. I don't have time to tell you. It's better if I put you to sleep again," Long Chen answered.

Even though Long Chen and Xu Liang were conversing, the real Long Chen was in a different place.

Long Chen found himself in a dark place that had not even a speck of light.