Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1300 - 1300: He Might Kill You

Most of the Island was covered in trees that had leaves that had ordinary green color. However, each lead had a red dot in the center which further had a black dot in the middle. 

Even though the black dots looked ordinary, only when someone got closer to them could they realize that the dot wasn't an ordinary color but an insect instead. 

Each leaf had one such insect on it, which was the case with all trees. 

Long Chen stood with his back resting against the black rotten trunk of one such tree, but that wasn't limited to one tree. All other trees he had seen so far had similar trunks, which amused him. 

Even though he stood inside the forest, he had spread out his Divine Sense in his surroundings to keep an eye and to make sure that he didn't miss any details. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor also floated near Long Chen, wondering when the girl was going to return. Unlike what the Snake Monarch used to do, the Blood Dragon Emperor didn't rest on Long Chen's shoulder. Instead, he remained in the air even when he was tired.. 

Other than the whistling sounds of the wind, nothing could be heard as silence ensued in the entire forest, which was empty of life for the most part. 

"Are you sure that girl will be clever enough not to expose us accidentally?"  Breaking the silence of the forest, the Blood Dragon asked. 

"Who knows. Maybe she will; maybe she won't. We'll deal with it however it goes. But I believe she won't be that stupid. I taught her what you do. If she still messes up, then we can't do anything," Long Chen answered. 

He continued tapping his feet on the ground to relieve his boredom as he talked. 

"All we can do is take the best course of action at the end, which is to swiftly seize the World Traveling Stone and leave," he further explained. 

"Do you even need the world traveling stone now? You have ten wishes from Zhu Chang. In essence, you can now make a Heavenly Beast do whatever you want. All you need to do is ask him to take you to the place you want to go to. He should be able to do it easily," Blood Dragon Emperor responded. 

"If only he could. I don't think he'll be that capable. He can't even leave this world without his treasure which, as he said, can only take him, and no other person with him," Long Chen answered. 

" The only way for two or more people to travel is by Spatial Portals or Formations, but he told me that he doesn't use any of that. We can't do anything here," he further explained, sighing. 

"That reminds me. There are now no Dark Spirits roaming the island. Zhu Chang must be going crazy in boredom," Blood Dragon Emperor muttered, remembering about the third person who was with them. "We went his own way to experience adventures and have fun. But there are none. He's going to be really upset."

"Of course he's going to be. I think he'll especially be upset at you since you boasted about the dangers of his place. In fact, he might even kill you at first sight. That would certainly be a sight to see," Long Chen let out, bursting into laughter at the misfortune of the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"You can laugh as much as you want but don't forget, the one who dies won't be over me. Your friend inside this body would die in that case as well. So you better stop Zhu Chang and not let him attack me!" Blood Dragon Emperor reminded Long Chen, who appeared to have forgotten that Blood Dragon Emperor and Snake Monarch were in the same body now. 

"Well, I think he can find ways to destroy just the soul and not the body. He's a Heavenly Beast, after all. Who knows, he might even destroy you without affecting the Snake Monarch or his soul. You want me to ask him?" Long Chen replied, smirking. 

Blood Dragon Emperor looked down, avoiding Long Chen's gaze. Even though he knew that it was impossible,.he couldn't take the risk. 

The Black Tortoise Clan was told to be the possessor of great knowledge. They were the smartest clan of all Heavenly Beast Clans. He didn't want to take the risk of testing their knowledge. 

"You promised me that you'll help me get my body after I help you get to the World Traveling Stone! I kept my words. You can't have me killed now!" Blood Dragon Emperor let out, rolling his eyes. 

"Meh, don't cry now.  He won't kill you. I was only messing with you. I'll help you get your body as I promised, and you'll free Snake Monarch. As much as I hate to admit it, I miss his presence," Long Chen told the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"Huh? She's coming out!" he abruptly said, looking straight ahead as if he was able to see through the trees. The only reason he saw was because of his vision. 

"She is? Is she being followed by her Clan? Or is she only coming with our target?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked. 

"None. She is actually coming alone," Long Chen answered. 

"Oh? It seems like she failed then. I told you we shouldn't have trusted her. We'll need to get him out ourselves," Blood Dragon Emperor let out, sighing. 

"Not so fast. We first need to ask her what happened. It's only then we'll be able to understand the situation inside."

"What's there to understand? Everything should be clear by now."

"No wait, I see someone else too. Another person left the clan. He's a guy and following hey. It seems like the person she talked about. That man is following her."

"Is he carrying the world traveling stone?"

"Not as far as I can see. But at least he's here. Now we'll know where the stone actually is," Long Chen answered. He prepared to intercept the enemy. 

He wanted to become invisible to make things easier for him, but there was still the Blood Dragon Emperor who couldn't disappear. 

"Get smaller and hide in the leaves. Only come out when I ask you to,"  Long Chen commanded the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

Seeing the Blood Dragon open his mouth, Long Chen cut him off, "I don't want to hear anything else. Let me make things as easy as I can."

"Fine!" Rolling his eyes, the Blood Dragon Emperor became smaller. His body shrank as it continued becoming smaller until it was as small as a human finger. 

It flew up while Long Chen activated his Shadow Transformation.