Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 953 - 953: Surrounded

The Two Horned Tiger had brought forth the Dark Clouds to attack Long Chen with the heavenly thundered. It was unaware that Long Chen also had a similar ability which allowed him to use thunder from Dark Clouds to attack enemies.

As the Tiger Beast had already conjured up the clouds, that only made it easier for Long Chen to control the battle. 

While the Two-Horned Tiger Beast kept flying towards Long Chen, the thunderbolts kept falling, trying to hit Long Chen. Unfortunately for them, Long Chen was getting more and more into the battle. His reflexes were getting faster and faster as dodging became much easier for him. 

It took him a few minutes to take control of the cloud. 

The Tiger still hadn't realized that Long Chen could do that, although it did keep trying to attack him. It was also getting frustrated that Long Chen was able to dodge him. 

As it was completely relaxed against the battle's thunder, thinking that it was his domain, it was in for a surprise when an abrupt thunderbolt fell on his head right when it was about to attack Long Chen again. 

The unwary beast was hit by the thunderbolt, which was considerably weaker than its own thunderbolts. Unfortunately for it, even that little bit of thunder was able to daze the tiger momentarily. 

The tiger was hit by the thunder and felt like its body was momentarily paralyzed. Long Chen used this opportunity to take care of the opponent. 

He finally decided against teleporting away as he utilized the situation. He moved forward with his sword kept straight as he thrust the sword towards the chest of the beast. 

The pupils of the tiger became widened as it saw the sword being thrust towards him. He managed to take control of his body, albeit he was a little too late. The Sword of Time managed to hit the chest of the Tiger. 

Even though it missed the vitals intentionally, it was enough to wound it gravely.  A big hole was left in the chest of the Tiger as it dropped to the ground. Its body started bleeding extensively as it dropped to the ground. 

It again tried to stand up only to fail as its body seemed much weaker. Just what was this? How could it feel so weak just by being wounded once? The beast couldn't understand. All it knew was that its body had lost all its strength. Its vision had also gone weak as it lay on the ground. 

The dark clouds that had covered the bright sky had started to disappear slowly before they were completely gone. Bright rays of light fell on the body of the tiger, which felt like it was on its last stretch.

Even Long Chen was unsure how this one attack was so effective. Could it be because of the Sword of Time? Or was it because he has broken through to the Heaven Realm? 

Long Chen stepped towards the Two-Horned Tiger with haste. Even though the Dark Clouds had disappeared, he knew that the risk was still there. The dark clouds had remained in the sky for quite some time. Most of the people in this realm most have seen that. 

Even though he was lucky that none was nearby enough to reach him by now, he was still alert. He wanted to finish it fast. Without waiting for a single second, he bit his thumb to make it bleed a little. He placed the blood on the forehead of the weak tiger that was roaring weakly as if opposing Long Chen from touching him. 

Unfortunately, Long Chen didn't care for his opposition. He finished carving the taming pattern that was taught to him by Xun.

As soon as he finished carving, the blood on the forehead of the man started shining. The contracting process began slowly, but it finished much faster than the last few times. It was as if his increase in strength made it much easier to tame the tiger, although it still wasn't as easy as Taming the Sun Destroying Condor.

"It seems easier than I thought. Is it because the Snakey and Devil Hunter Beast had a more special bloodline? Or because I became a Heaven Realm Cultivator?" He asked Xun.

"It's a little bit of both, I guess. Also, because this guy is much more injured than the last two were," Xun answered him. 

The process finished swiftly as Long Chen became the master of the beast. The beast also started healing from the wounds like his other tamed beasts did after having a contract established with him. It also started looking stronger. 

Even though Long Chen wanted to see how it improved in its entirety, he didn't have time. Through the distant edge of his Divine Sense, he had seen people coming towards him. He couldn't let them know what had happened. Thus he sent the Tiger inside the Beast Region where his other Tamed Beasts resided. 

After getting it done, he swiftly moved towards the Three Leaves Golden Flower that was in the distance. He picked up the flower and was just about to keep it in his storage ring when he heard a commanding voice coming from behind him. 

"Place the flower right back and walk away if you don't want to die!" 

"It's you again," Long Chen let out as he turned back slowly. He was still in the face of Pei Zen, so he didn't need to hide his face. 

He recognized the voice as the one which belonged to the form from the Lightning World, Bing Lui. As he turned back, he found Bing Lui standing there with her two teammates. 

"Are you looking to rob me of the flower that I collected?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face. 

"Why do you think so? We're just here to finish the battle that we couldn't finish back there. So keep the flower down and come here to accept your death. Dead people don't need a good rank after all," she told Long Chen arrogantly. 

"Sure. If I'm going to be dead, you can take it from my ring. There's no need to put it down, is there?" Long Chen asked as he smiled. 

He had already put his Sword of Time back in his storage ring. The Spirit Sword, which was heavily damaged, also remained inside his ring. 

At the moment, he was finding the Heaven Realm Sword that he had found inside Pei Zen's ring. Since he was going to impersonate a guy, he might as well do with the weapons as well. 

He placed the flower back in his inventory right before the eyes of the girl who was glaring at him. He suddenly looked to his left as he shook his head. 

" I would have preferred to fight you, but it doesn't seem like it's possible," he let out as he smiled wryly. 

Three more youngsters stepped out of the woods. The people from the Beast World were here. 

"What the hell are you doing here? We found this place first. Get out of here!" Bing Lui chided the people from the beast world. 

Long Chen heard her words and couldn't help but chuckle. By her logic, he was the first one here. So they should all leave, but he wasn't going to point out the hypocrisy. He was going to use this confusion to his advantage.

The people from the Beast World didn't see the flower in his hand. He found it useful. 

"Bing Lui, shut up! So what if you came here first! This is not a playground where you get rewards if you find something first. Now stop dallying. If you don't want to die, give the flower that you found here to me!" Long Chen declared arrogantly. 

Bing Lui's mouth opened wide in shock as she heard Long Chen's words. Did he really say that? Just how shameless was this person? He was using tricks like these now? 

She understood what he was trying to do. 

"You bastard, what nonsense are you spouting. You have the flower. Don't steal my lines!" Bing Lui yelled in anger. 

"You're really shameless, aren't you? You're three, and I am one. Do you think it's really possible for you all not to attack me if I had the flower? Now stop making excuses and return that thing to me. I'll allow you to live!"

Long Chen still shamelessly insisted that she had the flower as he moved on with the story. 

"Give us the flower!" 

The people from the beast world seemed to believe Long Chen as they asked Bing Lui to give them the flower. 

"You two, keep them busy. In the meanwhile, I'll kill that shameless Bastard!" Bing Lui commanded her teammates as she got ready to attack Long Chen. 

That's when another laughter echoed in the place. "Did someone say a flower? Could it perhaps be a Three Leaves Golden Flower?"

Another group stepped into the field with casual steps.