Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1014 - 1014: Arrogance

Long Chen smashed a man on the ground, appearing right in front of him.

All the other Guards brought their weapons out.

"Stop!" they shouted. 

"No, You should stop if you don't want me to kill him right away," Long Chen replied without much care as he tightened his grip around the neck of the man. 

The other Guards could see their friend struggling to breathe. 

"Why are you doing it?" One of the guards asked, " What will you receive from doing it?"

"Why I'm doing it is none of your business. All I want is to escape from this Palace," Long Chen told the guards. "So you better not chase me. Or I'll kill this man. After I'm out of the palace, I'll release him."

After lying with a straight face, Long Chen walked back while holding the man by his neck. The guards followed after him carefully. 

As Long Chen turned at the intersection, he disappeared from their sight. The guards finally increased speed as they ran towards that place and looked ahead only to see an empty corridor. Long Chen wasn't there. 

"He ran away so fast?" One of the guards asked. 

"No! He must be inside one of these rooms. He can't be this fast. He should be hiding here," another guard suggested. 

"You go inform the others and His Majesty about this while we keep an eye here."

As the plan of action was decided, one of the men started running towards the chambers of the Emperor while half of them kept an eye on the rooms. The other half started checking them, one after another. 

As the door of the four rooms in the corridor was opened, the guards discovered a man who was lying on the ground, unmoving. It was none other than the guard that was kidnapped by Long Chen. 

Except for the man, no other person could be seen here. 

The Guards ran towards the man, wondering if he had been killed. 

One of them placed his fingers near the man's nose.

A sigh of relief came out of him as he said, "Don't worry. He is just unconscious."

"Strange. How was that guy able to bring him here and escape in such a short time?"

The Guards, curious about Long Chen's whereabouts, resumed their search.


As the guards searched for Long Chen, he calmly walked towards the chambers of Prince Lu Wang. He had already received the answer from the guard about his room. Now all he needed was to get there. 

Since he has never been here before, he couldn't Teleport. The only thing he could do was face all obstructions head-on. 

He fought his way through the long hallways filled with guards leaving nothing but people lying on the ground behind him. Not a single person was able to stop him. No one was strong enough to match his speed and his strength. 

As for Long Chen's unique abilities, they were proving to be an even bigger bane for the guards who found it impossible to face him. Before the guards could even realize what was happening, Long Chen was standing before them, ready to strike. 

It didn't take Long Chen much time to reach the room of Lu Wang. He stood before the room, prepared to kill the Bastard who dated to move his sword at Mingyu. 

The beautiful yet scary King's Sword was lying in Long Chen's hand, gripped firmly as he raised his left hand to knock on the door. 

Lu Wang didn't know his life was in danger and that Long Chen was here, so Long Chen expected him to open the door without a care in the world. 

Albeit the door wasn't opened despite repeated knocking on the door. 

Realizing that he didn't have much time to stand here, Long Chen decided to take action. 

He took a few steps back before holding his sword with both his hands. It was then time for some action. 

"Seventh Form of Sword Saint!"

He muttered as he directed his Qi towards his hand before he slashed down. 

A powerful arc of light left his Sword, advancing towards the gate, blowing it up in smithereens. 

As the door was broken, Long Chen barged inside, ready to shed blood. 


Entering the room, he found it completely empty, which stunned him. 

He even checked the bathroom, which was also empty, unfortunately. 

"This Bastard, where did he go?"

Frowning, Long Chen left the room and ended up in the long hallway again. Unfortunately, this time the hallway wasn't empty. 

It was covered by guards from both sides. 

On one side stood the Palace guards that had entered from outside while the other side was occupied by the other guards. 

That in itself wasn't a problem for Long Chen. What actually made him frown was a different person.

There was one more person standing in the distance who was none other than Lu Junwei, the Emperor himself. 

"I'm disappointed in you," Lu Junwei said. The disappointment was evident on his face. 

"You should be disappointed in your son instead," Long Chen retorted without much care in the world. 

"Why should I be? I trusted you. I was even about to grant you a light punishment if you had accepted your crimes, even if the ministers had declared you guilty. But you decided to leave Mingyu for that itself. You promised that you wouldn't make her sad, but you broke the promise the next day itself, that too intentionally. Why should I be disappointed at anyone else but you?"

"Was I supposed to listen to lies and get punishment for what I didn't do? It wasn't about light punishment but about my pride. I will never accept that lie about forcing myself on someone. And if you think you can, then you're lying to yourself."

"Sigh, leave it. You think you're right. You won't see your wrongs no matter what I say. You're blind to your mistakes," the Emperor sighed again. 

" Leaving the aside, can you tell me what you're doing here? Coming in this direction with such rage, breaking the room of my son?" he asked. 

"Why ask me something you already know the answer to?" Long Chen asked in return. 

"I just want to hear it from your mouth. Go ahead. Tell me that you're here to kill my son. Tell me here to kill you're here to kill Mingyu's brother," the Emperor said, his voice increasing in tone the more he spoke. 

"Yes. I'm here to kill your son. And I'll kill him at any cost. You can't stop me. Let alone you, even the gods or the demons can't stop me," Long Chen said as he raised his sword in the direction of the Emperor.