Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1243 - 1243: Problem For Me

" I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor, but there seems to be some merit in it."

" It couldn't be destroyed? How could it be? Was Blood Dragon Emperor different from other Blood Dragons? I am sure Blood Dragons can be hurt, and their bodies can be destroyed. Since Blood Dragon Emperor was from the same species, he shouldn't be much different, right?" Long Chen asked. 

"I told you, I don't know if it was true or not. But it would certainly be wrong to compare the Blood Dragons to the Blood Dragon Emperor.  According to what I read about him, the Blood Dragon Emperor was simply incomparable to the Blood Dragons," Lord Glen explained. 

"It wouldn't be wrong to say that all Blood Dragons combined couldn't be enough to defeat the Blood Dragon Emperor."

"Moreover, his healing was also pretty incredible. No matter how someone wounded him, he healed within the blink of an eye," he further said. "So I can imagine why it was hard to destroy his body."

"There's also a chance that the real reason was something else entirely and that we're all wrong. Maybe there was something else that prevented him from doing it? I doubt anyone is alive who knows the reason," he continued before taking another sip of his beer. 

"Healing of Blood Dragons is certainly good. That's true," Long Chen affirmed. Having fought one, he knew how hard it was to wound a Blood Dragon.

"Exactly. Anyway, I don't think it matters now. The past is in the past. What truly matters is that the body of Blood Dragon Emperor still exists, and now his soul is free. It'll soon return to his body. And the revenge of the Saint Emperor will be completed," Lord Glen said, laughing. 

"Ah, that's not the case though. If the Blood Dragon Emperor kills them, it'll be a problem for me. I can't let him kill them," Long Chen let out, smiling wryly. 

"Why? Don't you want it? In any case, I'm not strong enough to kill them as easily. Even if I attack one of them, they can still escape. As for you, you're too weak at the moment. So you can't do it either. What's bad if the Blood Dragon Emperor does it" Lord Glen asked, frowning. 

"The problem is my heavenly oath," Long Chen explained, sighing. 

" Saint King made me take a Heavenly Oath that I'll kill the four Emperors in hundreds of years. Since my oath was to kill them, it won't matter if the Blood Dragon Emperor killed them. It won't count."

" And if one of them dies, it'll be impossible for me to finish my Heavenly Oath. You can guess how it'll be bad for me," he continued as he picked up the beer bottle as well. 

Even his head was starting to ache the more he thought about it. Now he not only had to kill the four Emperors but also save them from the Blood Dragon Emperor until he was capable of killing them. All because they broke an ordinary-looking statue. 

He couldn't help but glare at the Snake Monarch as he started drinking the beer. 

Snake Monarch acted innocent as he started looking elsewhere. 

" Did you really take that specific Heavenly Oath? You should've instead taken the Heavenly Oath that you'll make sure that all Four Emperors are dead. You would've been in this mess. But I think it's too late now. Even with my help, you can't kill the Emperors because of the awakening of the Blood Dragon Emperor," Lord Glen let out, shaking his head. 

"I know I don't have much time. I can't kill them so fast. The only way I have is to stop the awakening of the Blood Dragon Emperor... That's the only way I can see. Or maybe I can try taming him?" 

"Taming the Blood Dragon Emperor?" Lord Glen burst into laughter as he heard Long Chen. He couldn't believe that someone was actually talking about taming the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"I think you're underestimating the Blood Dragon Emperor a lie. He isn't someone who can be tamed like that. He's much stronger than anyone in the Immortal World!"

"Only someone who is much stronger than him could have a chance of successfully taming him. And there's no person like that in the Immortal World. Even the first Emperor wasn't strong enough to even think about Taming the Blood Dragon Emperor, let alone you," Lord Glen explained, amazed at how naive Long Chen was. 

"Only people from the Heaven or the Demon Realm could be strong enough to do it. But even they won't involve themselves in the matter of the Immortal World as long as it's not a matter of importance to them. So the Immortal World is on its own," he further said. 

"It's not the Immortal World which is on its own, but I. I need to stop the Blood Dragon Emperor, and I think taming him is the only option if we fail to find his body before his soul," Long Chen replied grimly.

He didn't use the usual method of taming. He used the dominance of his bloodline to force them into a contract. If the Beast refused, his only other option before it was to die unless he had a stronger bloodline than Long Chen's bloodline. 

At the moment, he could only hope that his bloodline was stronger than the bloodline of the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

" I wanted to see all those bastards be destroyed by the Blood Dragon Emperor and I wasn't going to involve myself. But now that the life of the Saint Emperor's heir is on the line, I'll help you," Lord Glen affirmed. " But you must forget about Taming. It's impossible."

"Instead, focus on finding the body of Blood Dragon Emperor first," he continued. 

"And where is that body? Do you have any idea where it might be?" Long Chen asked, smiling wryly. He himself had no clue about it actually. And he was mostly sure that it was also the case for Lord Glen. 

As expected, Lord Glen also shook his head.

"Is there nothing in that diary about the Blood Dragon Emperor's body? Or where it was kept?" he asked Long Chen. 

"There's not a single mention of Blood Dragon Emperor as far as I remember. I have read it from top to end, and I found nothing," Long Chen explained, sighing. 

"Is there really no other person who might know about that place?" He asked.

"Only Saint Emperor should have known, and as you said, he's dead now," Lord Glen said, sighing.