Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 501 - 501: Chased

" These ghost temple disciples are never going to learn. Does they think they can do anything in the sea just because they are from the Ghost Temple? The Sea is our place, not the Ghost Island. Without their backing, those measly disciples are nothing. I've had enough of them! I'll see how he gets back to the ghost temple alive," Pirate King muttered as he turned back.

Pirate King looked towards Dreka and nodded his head.

"You are the captain of this ship now."

The Pirate King made Dreka the Captain of Biming's ship.

"Follow me. Our war won't be over before we find them and kill them! If your performance is good, I might even give you the title of a Pirate Chief! That will depend on your performance and your loyalty!" Pirate King told Dreka.

He also told the other Pirate Chiefs that they needed to go find Biming and Ghost Temple disciple to kill them

Pirate King walked back to his ship.

The Ship of Pirate King started moving in the direction of the Ghost Temple.

He knew that his Ship's speed was faster than the flying speed of a Peak Sky Realm expert. He believed that he would soon catch up to them without any difficulty.

The Pirate King has also started thinking of ways with which he was going to torture Long Chen after he managed to catch him.

Long Chen was still going underwater with the help of his Spirit Sword.

After he believed that he was sufficiently far away from them, he came out of the water with Biming.

As he came out of the water, he brought Snake Monarch out of his Storage Ring.

"The measly world of mortals, welcome your handsome celestial lord as he had appeared in the land of weakling!" 

Snake Monarch proudly declared as soon as he came out without even looking around.

"Hmm? Why is no one here? What the hell are we doing in the middle of nowhere? Where are we?"

Snake Monarch let out in surprise as he noticed that he was in the middle of the sea.

As far as his eyes could, he only saw water. There was nothing but water anywhere.

"We are in the middle of the sea. I need you to get bigger and carry us to the land," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch.

Snake Monarch looked at him as if he was looking at a child who didn't understand anything.

"Did you lose your memory? Should this King go and find a physician?" Snake Monarch asked in concern.

"I know what you said, and I remember. Believe me; I wouldn't have called you if it wasn't urgent. I myself don't want to use you as a mount to carry others, but the situation demands it. Come on, help me out here," Long Chen let out, shaking his head.

"Hmph, you always make this king follow your wishes. Whatever, one last time," Snake Monarch let out in an annoyed tone before he agreed.

He started getting bigger until he was big enough to carry two people on him.

Long Chen landed on the Snake Monarch along with Biming.

"Where are we going?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen.

"It's a place called Ghost Island. He will tell you the directions. Just follow those," Long Chen said as he glanced at Biming.

Biming looked at Long Chen in confusion.

He didn't understand why he needed to tell the direction? Didn't Long Chen know the direction himself? Wasn't he a disciple of the Ghost Temple? Was he lying to him?

"Don't think too much. Although I do know where Ghost Island is, he doesn't know it. I don't want to keep telling the directions, that's why I brought you. Tell him the direction. Once we get to the Ghost Island, I'll help you join the Ghost Temple. Your life will be set after that," Long Chen gave an excuse to Pirate Chief Biming.

Pirate Chief Biming nodded his head.

"Go straight for now," he said.

Snake Monarch started flying in that direction.

Long Chen and the Pirate King both were going in the same direction, but the Pirate King's ship was faster than the Snake Monarch, and the distance between them kept decreasing, although at a slow pace.

Time kept passing as their journey continued.

Long Chen kept an eye on the surroundings while Biming told the directions to the Snake Monarch. They left the Chaotic Waters and entered the Clear Waters. Long Chen was even more alert now that he was in the Crystal Clear Water since it was the dwelling of Sea Monsters.

He didn't have to worry about them when he was in the Ships as the barriers and attack formation handled the monsters, but now that he was on his own, he knew that he would need to fight if a Monster appeared before him.

He had brought his King's Sword out as he sat ready for battle at a moment's notice. He also had his Spirit Sword out.

Fortunately, they didn't face the Sea Monsters and passed this section of the Clear water and again entered the Chaotic Sea.

The Ship of the Pirate King and his fleet was following behind. Soon, they also reached the Clear water where Long Chen had passed through, but their journey wasn't as comfortable because their Ship was not so lucky.

Three Sea Monsters attacked the ships, delaying them.

The battle between the Ships and the Monsters didn't last for long and ended with two of the monster's dying and one of the Monster's escaping into the water.

Their Ships again resumed their journey in chase of Long Chen and Pirate Chief Biming.

Long Chen's journey continued, and they were getting near the Ghost Island with each passing second.

They once again entered the Clear water, but this time they weren't as lucky as below.

As soon as they entered the Clear Waters, they were met by a Flying Sea Fish. It was a giant fish that had wings. It was able to fly and live out of water for some time.

The Flying Sea Fish had armored skin that gave it a strong defense. It was also known to have powerful flame attacks, which contradicted its nature. Its powers of Flame were basically useless inside the water, but it was quite strong outside water.

The good thing was that the one that Long Chen faced wasn't that high in Cultivation. It was a 5th Stage Sky Realm Beast. 

Long Chen stood over Snake Monarch as he got ready to attack.

"Its Cultivation is the same as yours. You should be able to imprison it in place. Do it, and I'll cut it. We can handle it fast before other beasts come," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch.

"This King would have dealt with it alone, but this King will help you, I guess," Snake Monarch muttered before he used his Bloodline Skill.

The Flying Sea Fish was about to attack, but just when it was ready to attack, it felt as if it was entrapped in space and time. It wasn't able to move.

It tried its best, but it wasn't able to break its bindings.

The Flying Sea Fish wondered what was happening. It suddenly saw Long Chen coming towards it, standing on a flying sword.

Long Chen stood above the Flying Sea Fish and thrust his sword downward, which easily cut through its armored skin. Long Chen pulled the sword out and again thrust it inside before he moved his sword and cut the Flying Sea Fish in half.

The Flying Sea Fish lost its life as it was cut in half. Snake Monarch released its bindings, and the Flying Sea Fish fell down into the water.

"It's so strange. This Sword seems to be even stronger now," Long Chen muttered as he looked at his King's Sword. He didn't understand how it was so easily able to cut through the armored skin, which felt like he sat cutting water.