Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1270 - 1270: Sending Away

"He lived in the Town of Wixua in Wuxing Empire,'' the statue explained. 

"There's no Wuxing Empire. We only have four Empires now. Are you forgetting that previous civilizations were wiped? All the history from that time is gone, including the names of the Kingdoms."

" Tell me where that place would be according to current civilization. That's something I can find," Long Chen told the statue. 

The statue didn't answer. 

"You need to ask him proper questions. He can't converse like that," Snake Monarch reminded Long Chen. 

Long Chen nodded, prepared to ask, but he stopped. 

"I think we shouldn't waste much time here. We can just take this statue with us too. Let's get out of here first," he let out, leaving it for later.

He kept the statue in his storage ring before leaving the last tower as well. 

As soon as he stepped out of the tower, heavy rain greeted him. His clothes got completely drenched in the rain, which had started soon after he entered the fourth tower. 

He flew straight to the third tower in the rain, where he found a group of women standing. 

"Is anyone left behind, or you're all here?" Long Chen asked the woman he had tasked to free everyone else.

" We're all here." The Woman nodded. "But what next? Where do we go from here?" 

"Now, you go to a safe place. I know someone who can help you. As for how you get to that person, I'll tell you," Long Chen said, casually waving his hand. 

A spatial portal opened in front of him, connecting him to the Royal City of Western Empire. 

"This portal will lead you to the Western Empire.  Find Princess Mimi there. She'll help you," Long Chen told the ladies. 

He didn't forget to bring out the token that the Princess had given him. 

"If the Palace guards don't let you meet her, show them this token and tell them that you know her. Don't tell them that a guy gave this to you.  Only tell this to Mimi when no one else is listening," he said, reaching out his hand towards the lady in the lead. 

The woman took the token from him. 

"I don't know how to thank you. You saved us all from this hell. For us, you're no less than a god. Thank you," the woman bowed to Long Chen in respect. 

The other women in the back also started bowing in respect to Long Chen. 

"Don't waste any more time now. Get inside the portal. The entire Dark Tribe is wiped. You can never know when the Royal Family will come here. Leave." Long Chen reminded the woman who started walking inside the portal. 

"Oh right, some of you don't have proper clothes to wear. Here, you can wear them before leaving," he added, bringing out hundreds of female clothes for them all to wear.

The women kept passing by Long Chen to enter the portal, not forgetting to thank him for all he did. All of them had already lost hope of leaving safely when Long Chen came to save them. They all wore a new set of clothes before leaving.  

Soon, all the women had left. The portal closed. 


All the women that Long Chen had saved stepped out of the portal, finding them near the Royal Palace.

"Is this really the Western Empire? Or are we in the Northern Empire even now?" Some of the women still couldn't believe that they had traveled so far in such a short time. 

"I have seen the Royal Palace of the Northern Empire. It's different. This isn't that place, I'm sure of that," One of the women said, smiling. "It must be the Western Empire. That great hero won't lie to us! Let's go to meet the Princess!" 

Hundreds of women went towards the Royal Palace, attracting the attention of many people because of their sheer number.

All the women were stopped at the entrance of the Royal Palace by the guards who started interrogating them. "Who are you all? What do you need?!"

The woman in the lead showed the token to the guards. "I'm here to meet Princess Mimi."

"This token, it's certainly hers. Did she give this to you?" The guards asked. 

"Of course! Now don't stop us. We need to meet her urgently," the woman said, keeping the token back.

"All of you can't come inside at once. Only the one that has the token can come inside. The others need to wait outside," the guards replied.

"You all stay here. I'll go in and inform her. I'll be back soon," the woman with the token told the others who nodded, letting her go in.

A guard escorted the dark-haired woman to the room of the Princess.  

Stopping outside her room, the guard knocked on the door. 

The knock was followed by a moment of silence before the door opened.

Mimi opened the door.

"Yes? What do you need?" She asked, not in a good mood.

"Your Highness, this lady is here to meet you, with your personal token," the guard informed Mimi. 

"My personal token?" Mimi asked, confused.

She looked at the lady, growing even more confused. 

She didn't remember ever giving a token to this lady. 

The dark haired woman showed the token to the Princess. 

Mimi grew surprised at the sight of the token.  It wasn't the regular token that she usually gave to people. This was a special version of her token that she had only given to one person. 

There was a number written on her token, which was unique. Most of her tokens had two digits on them, but this one had only one. One was carved on the token in a tiny size. 

' This token? It's the one I gave to Long Chen. Why does she have it? Did he send her?' 

"Come inside," Mimi told the lady, stepping aside. 

"You can leave," she told the guard. 

Nodding in respect, the guard left.

Princess Mimi closed the door. 

"Now tell me, where did you get that token from?" Mimi directly asked after closing the door.

" A man gave me this then, sending me here. He said that you would help us," the dark haired woman said with a hopeful gaze. 

"That man... Was he accompanied by a flying snake?" Mimi asked.

"That's right. It was a talking snake," the lady nodded. 

"So he sent you here? Where is he now? And what help do you need?" Princess Mimi asked. 

"He is in the Northern Empire.. He freed us from the prison of Dark Tribe."