Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 893 - 893: Dense

"Hmm? Are you saying that you'll answer me any one thing then?" He asked.

"You're so slow. Yes. That's what I'm saying," the boy muttered as he placed his hands in his pocket.

"I was getting bored anyway. Think of it as a treat for you giving me some time pass," he continued.

"Tell me about the Royal Palace then. What is happening there? Why are all carriages going in that direction?" He continued.

"Oh, that. It's pretty simple. The second prince's birthday celebration is today. Since only the nobles are allowed to attend, only they are told. Except for the nobles and the Royal Guards, no one knows about it," The boy asked, smiling.

"Hmm? The citizens don't know that it's the birthday of the Prince? Why such privacy? Isn't this a matter of great celebration that even commoners should be allowed to know?" Long Chen asked as he gazed around. 

The city was seeming so dull and busy that he could never have imagined that it was a Prince's birthday today. He thought it was a meeting with the Emperor of some important gathering of nobles, but it was a birthday celebration.

"Why should the citizens know about it? It's not the birthday of our Emperor today. An Empire should only be concerned with their Emperor. Until the crown Prince takes over the throne, they can't be treated the same," the boy answered.

He asked, "Is it different in your Kingdom?"

" I just thought an Empire would be more celebratory," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

"Anyway, why aren't you attending the celebration. It should be starting soon. As a noble, you should have attended as well. Or are you planning to miss out on it?" He asked.

"Not really. I was thinking about attending the event. I was just bored today, so I came out to take a walk. The real event would start after the greetings. I will go after that when it's time for eating," the young boy answered. "Do you wish to attend?" 

"Yeah. I came out of my Kingdom to gain experience. I'm starting my journey from the Empire. Since I happen to be here at the right time, I might as well introduce myself to the Prince and wish him," Long Chen replied.

"Well..." The boy gazed at Long Chen as he fell in deep thought. He said, "You should be able to enter with your identification. Are you carrying a badge to prove your Identity?" 

" Yeah. This is one of the few things I brought with me even though I don't expect to use it much," he muttered as he showed the badge to the boy.

"Oh? Good. You should be able to enter. How about we go together? I usually get bored at such events. You can keep me company," he said softly.

'Hmm? Yeah. That would be easier. He can help me get in somewhat,' Long Chen thought as he gazed at the boy.

"Let's go together," he continued.

He could not see any Cultivation from the boy, but with the experience he had, he knew better than to think of someone as a mortal if he couldn't see Cultivators. 

There were many resources that could help a person hide his Cultivation. Normally a person only did it if he was worried about his low Cultivation and wanted to keep him unnoticeable. Still, some people even used it when they had high Cultivation since they didn't want to show off.

Long Chen was also keeping his Cultivation hidden as that gave him a mysterious aura that was needed for a Prince.

"Good. Let's eat something before we get there then. You're paying," the boy chuckled as he started walking towards a street food seller. 

"Oh, right. I forgot to do it," he stopped in his tracks as he glanced back. "I didn't even introduce myself. I am Hu Mengling. What's your name?"

"I am..." Long Chen opened his mouth as he realized that he was about to tell his real name.

He stopped at the right time. He owned his lips and gave the name of the Prince he took the badge from to make sure that no one found him suspicious. He didn't want to take the risk. People here studied about other Kingdoms. 

There was a chance that someone might even know the Family names of the Kingdoms. He didn't want to be too relaxed now and create trouble for himself later.  

Hu Mengling nodded his head as he heard the name. He again started walking towards the street food seller.

"Give me two Rahshi Mix," He told the seller.

The seller opened a pot and brought out what seemed like rainbow berries that he placed on a cup. He also placed a dense white liquid that made Long Chen smile wryly since it reminded him of someone else entirely. The seller put an orange liquid of similar denseness on top before he sprinkled spices on top.

"Here," he gave the first plate to the boy before he started preparing another plate.

"You can have the first since you're the one who's paying."

Long Chen gazed at Hu Mengling blankly for some time before he answered, "When did I say I'll pay?'

Even though he said that, he still took the plate.

'This is the first time I see something like this, but I can't ask what it is, or he might doubt my validity if it's some common item of this world. It doesn't seem to be too common since he didn't see it when I was roaming in the Market of Fengshu Royal City,' he thought.

"Stunned? Don't worry. It's not poison. It's something that's the specialty of our Royal City. No one outside is allowed to sell this. Only the People of Royal City can enjoy it. They also need to eat it right here as they aren't allowed to take it out. Since it's your first time seeing it, I can understand your confusion," Hu Mengling said as he smiled. 

Long Chen nodded his head.  He took a spoon and tasted the dish. 

'Hmm? What the heck is this? People here like this? It's nothing but the grapes mixed with melted vanilla ice cream and ketchup. The spices are also so weird. This is no specialty. This is just a weird taste of the people here. No one wanted it. That's why no one outside remakes it,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head. 

He wanted to throw it away, but he had to maintain decorum and eat it now that he had taken it. 

The boy also took the second plate.

"Tasty," he let out, grinning as he started eating.