Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 901 - 901: Arrival Of Doom

The Emperor took a pause just when he was another to announce the name as if he was finding the eager looks of others fascinating.

He roamed his gaze over everyone who stopped at the table of the Princes. 

"The third person is someone who is someone that most of you wouldn't have expected. However, I am not going to announce his name just now. The person is someone who will represent us and win the glory for us."

"I don't wish for him to come in the limelight and have the risk of him suffering some ill-intended efforts that might come his way. You will know who he is on the day of trials," the Emperor answered with a subtle smile on his face, leaving everyone disappointed.

Long Chen ultimately agreed with the decision of the Emperor. He understood what allure the third spot held for the glory of the clans. If the name of the third person was released and he turned out to be from one family, obviously, that family will be ecstatic.

The family that wasn't selected will be upset and try to kill the candidate before the day of the trial. If they succeeded in killing the third participant without getting exposed themselves, the third spot would be vacant, and the other families will get another chance to get their heirs selected.

'This is something that no one could deny. The Emperor is certainly clever,' Long Chen thought.

"That was all I wanted to tell you. The guests will start arriving from tomorrow. So it is your duty to teach your youngsters not to get in a fight with them. Some of the youngsters will be arrogant, and some of them might make some disturbance. I expect all those situations to be dealt with swiftly and without any violence," The Emperor continued.

"If I heard that people from our world were responsible for making the situation worse or that they fought with the guests unnecessarily, then you can expect how I'll react. I'm sure all of you know me well enough for that," he said as he squinted his eyes.

"We would keep that in mind. None of our youngsters will involve themselves in the battles with the guests!"

"Yes. I will inform my sect members about this. They'll be alert."

"My clan members will also be more sensible."

"I'll heed to his Majesty's suggestions."

One after another, everyone started speaking in the same tune.

"Good. Now that we're done with this let's get back to the birthday celebration of my son. Enjoy the feast," the Emperor said in a low tone.

The door of the hallway opened as the servants started coming inside the hall with trays in their hands.

They started serving the plates on the tables of the guests.

Other servants serve the beer bottles and the cups for beers. 

The Eunuch also placed a table before the throne of the Emperor, where he specifically served for the Emperor. 

The table of the princes also got the food delivered. 

"Sigh, I never expected that I'd be sharing a dinner table with someone who is neither a noble nor someone from our Empire," Prince Qian complained as he glanced at Long Chen.

"Don't worry, Second Brother. I am sure he didn't expect to have dinner with the Second Prince either. He is the Crown Prince, after all. As you may have heard, being the head of a chicken is a superior position to being the tail of a snake. So he isn't that lacking in a position either. Albeit he is having dinner here with you," Meng Huling replied as he chuckled.

He was having a fun time messing around with the Second Prince.

"Huh, you must be jesting, third brother. Even our servants hold a higher position than the Princes of Lowly Kingdoms," the Second Prince retorted as he sighed. 

The Kingdoms are nothing more than the servant of the Empire. So he is basically the Prince of our servants but still, the servants of our Royal Palace at least hold the citizenship of our Empire. He doesn't even hold that. So he is worse than our servants," he said.

'Sigh, I so badly wish to answer him. I can make him know his place a thousand ways, but I can only control myself now,' Long Chen thought as he glanced at the Third Prince.

"What happened? Why do you look at me like that? Do you wish to say something?" The Second Prince asked as he noticed Long Chen seeing him.

"Nothing. I was just wondering how amazing it would be to see Your Highness in the upcoming battles. I wish you the best," Long Chen answered.

"Hahaha, Huling, is your friend fawning over me? He isn't wishing you luck?" Meng Qian started laughing at Long Chen's words.

"I believe Prince Huling doesn't need my luck since it's already certain that he would get a good position," Long Chen answered, shaking his head. 

"See, Third Brother? How nice he is. He is so concerned for you. I'm glad you're happy at him wishing you," Meng Huling answered with an amused smile on his face.

"You!" Prince Qian felt as if he was being insulted. 

He opened his lips to say something in return when the door of the hall opened once again. 

Five people barged inside the Hall in big strides.

They straight walked towards the Emperor.

They were Fu Min and his team who had seen Long Chen previously. They knew he was the Heir of the Saint Killer.

As Long Chen's back was facing the door, they didn't see his face.

The five people straight away walked towards the Emperor and stopped in front of him.

They didn't look sideways as they were walking as they were worried about the punishment they were about to receive. Their gaze remained on the Emperor, which made them unable to see Long Chen as they passed him.

As they stopped in front of the Emperor, they didn't realize that the person they were looking for was right behind them in the same place.

Long Chen saw their faces, but he didn't recognize them either.

Only Ji Shan had seen them attack Long Chen. When it happened, Long Chen's body was being occupied by someone else, so he didn't have any memory of the people.

He only remembered Wu Lia. The five people were no different than the strangers that he saw now. 

He noticed their faces as they walked past him, but he didn't find anything strange.

Xun was also trapped in the fake bloodline temple when these five had attacked, so they weren't aware of their identity either.