Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 997 - 997: Killed

"You're thinking too much. There's no way. Don't think like that," Mingyu shook her head, still not believing Long Chen. 

She could believe anything but no accusation against her brother. Her brother, her father, and Long Chen were the three men she loved the most, and she could believe none to be ever wrong. 

As for believing the fact that Lu Wang was trying to scheme against the lover of his sister, that was just impossible to believe. 

Just like she knew Long Chen and trusted him, she also knew the personality of Lu Wang. He was the most gentle, caring, and understanding person. She grew up with him. Thus she knew his real personality. He could never go something like this just because he didn't like Long Chen. 

"Both of you are innocent. I think it's the act of a third person who wants our Lu family to fight amongst ourselves to make us weaker. Maybe our enemy Empires? They do schemes like this," Mingyu suggested, thinking about the Tricion Empire.

That was the worst Empire that used crappy methods to make sure that they made their enemies weaker without taking a risk. 

'Oh right, why didn't I think of this. Tricion Empire. According to Mingyu, that Empire likes to scheme like this. They also trapped by getting a girl to make Lu Wang to fall in love with her so they could kill him. So they do have enough influence and capacity to make it happen too,' Long Chen thought, realizing that there was a possibility of him being wrong. 

"That's also a possibility. Maybe I was too quick to judge. His disappearance and this thing happening were a bit too coincidental after all. But you're right; coincidence does happen. The theory about an enemy Empire makes more sense," Long Chen agreed with Mingyu. 

"Of course I know. Because I know both of you. Since none of you can be wrong, only the third option remains that it's our enemies who want to make you and my brother fight," Mingyu said, smiling as if she had solved the case. 

The Emperor also rubbed his chin. This was right. Maybe she was right.

"Tricion... You Bastards, if I find out that you're involved again, then just you wait," he mumbled under his breath as he rubbed his chin. 

'Sigh, this girl has too much faith in that guy. Can't you just believe the accusations and blame him? Things would've been so much easier then,' Lu Wang thought as he gazed at Mingyu with a calm look on his face.

'This still isn't over. I knew they wouldn't believe it. The words of a living person are not as valuable as the words of a dead person. He should be getting here soon,' he thought as he gazed towards the door. Right then, the door opened. 

A man clad in heavy armor stepped inside the hall. 

"General Lun, where's the woman? Why are you here alone?" Lu Wang asked the man that had just entered as he stood up. 

"General Lun, so you were sent to escort that lady. Where is she?" The Emperor also asked. 

"That's right, your Majesty. I was sent to bring the young lady, but I failed. I can't bring her here," General Lun said. 

"What? Why can't you bring her here?" the Emperor asked, wondering the reason behind this. 

"Your Majesty, I can't bring the person who has already died," General Lun said as he released a mouthful of breath with a deep sigh. 

"She is dead? What do you mean? She was alive when we left? What happened to her?" Lu Wang asked as his tone got unusually louder, mixed with a bit of disbelief and shock. 

"Tell me. What happened," the Emperor also asked. 

"Your Highness, when I went there, she was standing near the window. She looked somewhat melancholic. It was as if she had lost a part of her soul. I could feel how pitiful she was," the General said. 

"I told her to come with me, but she looked back at me with dead eyes as she asked if there was even any benefit? She said that the person who forced her is part of the Royal Family and the husband of the Princess. There's no way she would get justice, and even if she gets justice, she won't gain back what was taken from her," he further explained. 

"That was when she dropped to the ground. A poison bottle was in her hand. It was as if she had eaten that before I went there. I'm sorry that I couldn't save her," General Lun said. 

The Emperor closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. 

Lu Wang also looked sad and down, but on the inside, he was happy. It was all going to the plan.

That woman could actually never kill herself, so he had sent General Lun, especially with the commands to kill her and make this story. Now that woman was dead, and all that was left were her supposed words right before she died.

There was a saying that a dying person never lied. So her words were justified, and no one could prove her wrong—a girl who sacrificed herself because of Long Chen.

There was no way for Long Chen not to be proven guilty now. 

"Father, I want to say something," Lu Wang said, gazing at his father respectfully. 

"Speak." The Emperor gave permission. 

"Hearing Mingyu's thoughts about it being a scheme of our enemies, I also thought that maybe it was the truth. Maybe we were being led and forced to fight amongst ourselves, but now, I believe that it was wrong," Lu Wang said, frowning. 

" No one would give their life over a lie. Her dying words shouldn't be a lie. She accused him even in her last moments. It must be true. It would be wrong to ignore her, or the citizens still lose their trust in us," he added. 

Now that the uncertain element of the plan was removed, all that remained was the final part which was to prove him wrong.

He gazed towards Mingyu and said, "Mingyu, do you still think that woman was lying? Would she have given her life if she was? I know you love your husband, and that's making you biased toward him. You can't see his wrong, but just for a moment, don't think like her wife."

"Think as an independent woman. Should you not protect a criminal just because he's your husband? The person that caused an innocent woman to die?" He continued as he sighed.