Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1054 - 1054: Destroying Spirit

Long Chen wasn't sure if it was actually the Sword of Time that had helped him this time. But he did have a feeling that it was because of the Sword. Nothing else made sense. 

The only other possible explanation was the Bloodline Temple that suddenly decided to give him the skill? But that was unlikely. It still wasn't his Trial. The rewards should be unlikely. 

Whatever it was, Long Chen knew that in the future, he needed to learn your skill. It seemed pretty powerful. 

Without revealing in his new skill a lot, Long Chen utilized the chance that he received. The Ancestor was momentarily dazed when Long Chen Teleported behind him, swinging his Dark Sword again. 

Seeing Long Chen disappear, Ancestor Meng came out of his daze. It wasn't the time to be shocked but to fight against Long Chen like a proper rival. He couldn't be underestimated. 

He also knew where Long Chen would appear after disappearing from his original location. Long Chen always appeared behind, attacking from the blind spot. 

Knowing Long Chen's position, the Emperor once again tried to dodge, albeit it was a bit too late. 

The momentary daze at the start had delayed him too much. By the time he even thought about dodging, a sword came slashing from the side, slicing Ancestor Meng's body in half.

The lower half of his body dropped to the ground first, followed behind by the upper half. Only the Spirit of Ancestor Meng was left behind, flying. 

"Hide. Where will you hide now? Let me see!" Long Chen said as he flew towards the Dark Spirit of the Ancestor, which was flying away, trying to find a new body. Without a body, it had no strength basically. It was most vulnerable. 

"You! I'm your guest! How dare you not try to save me? Are you really stopping so low to win the War? I came out of the boy's body because you wanted his three wishes done. Now it's your responsibility to save your guest!" 

There seemed to be no hope. Not a single person seemed nearby. The closest person was probably Qian Yu, who could be possessed. But even she stood near her father. 

Ancestor Meng knew that if he even tried to approach her, he was going to get blasted by her father instead. 

As for the spectators, they were too far.

"Kid, Wait!"

Emperor Du called out to Long Chen, trying to stop him."I swear to god that I will kill you if you harm him!"

He knew that he couldn't close in on Long Chen so fast. The Dark Spirit wasn't going to live long enough for him to save that guy. There was already too much of distance between him and the Dark Spirit, which was being chased by Long Chen. 

The only option to help the Dark Spirit was by making Long Chen stop on his own. 

Unfortunately for him, his warning seemed to fall on deaf ears as Long Chen made one last attack. 

A single attack, which obliterated the Dark Spirit, which was asking for help. It all happened too fast. But it was over. The Dark Spirit was dead. 

"This feels better," Long Chen muttered as he stood calmly after destroying the Dark Spirit. "Successfully doing what I wanted gives me such a satisfying feeling."

He raised his right hand as he again made a portal appear near him. 

"Wait! You can't run! Tell me about my son!" 

Emperor Lu was flying towards Long Chen to catch him when he saw that Portal. He knew what it meant. Long Chen was escaping. "

"You think I'll tell you anything after you lied about me?" Long Chen asked as he laughed out loud while lazily stopped inside the portal when the Emperor was just a few meters away. 

The portal closed in as the Emperor reached it, too late. 

"That bastard! I'll kill him someday," Emperor Lu muttered as he stood in the air, lost. Long Chen's laughter still echoed in his ears as he wondered what that crazy guy must have done to his son. 

'Sigh, he came... destroyed everything and left," Emperor Du muttered, not sure what they could do.

The person who was supposed to fight him was dead. Even if he had the highest chance to win, no one was going to believe it. Without the contender, how was the event going to progress?

"Emperor Du, now that so much has happened, how do you think we should progress with the event? The last fight was still not over. We can't declare a winner," the Emperor from the Dark World asked, raising the question which was in everyone's mind already. 

"The trial is over. As for the outcome, we will discuss that in the meeting of the world. Since we're also at fault because of failing our guests, I will put forward a proposal that the rewards and the rights of the winner are divided equally between our two worlds," Emperor Du said as he sighed. 

Even though it was a disappointing thing to lose half the rights despite coming so close to victory, this was needed as well. Even though he knew that he was going to win, for others, it was still uncertain. 

To not make anyone become more suspicious of his intentions, he needed to be fair. 


Far away from the Royal City of Tricion Empire, Long Chen had just stepped out of the portal. 

He happened to come out in a forest that was outside the Royal City. As soon as he came out, he placed the Dark Sword in his storage ring as he dropped to the ground, tired. 

The battle seemed easy, but it had taken a deep toll on his body. The most being the use of that new skill. He didn't know why but it was as if he was completely sucked dry by that skill. After that, he was only left with a little bit of his Qi. 

By the time he finished destroying the Dark Spirit, he was almost empty and void of energy. That's why he didn't bother to stay there any longer and leave through the portal. 

He sat on the ground with his back being supported by a tree as he tried to calm his breathing. 

"That skill was pretty good, but it's pretty bad too. It almost used all my energy. I need to understand this skill more," he muttered as he brought an apple out of his storage ring and started eating to give some energy to his body. 

"I'm glad you escaped. At Least you aren't insane enough to stay behind when you're weak."