Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 869 - 869: Habit

The sun was already high in the sky.

It had already been three hours since Ji Shan had woken up. He was wondering why Long Chen wasn't out yet, but that's when he heard the noises coming from inside. 

Understanding what was happening, he walked farther away from their tent to give them even more privacy.

He could see Xia standing nearby. 

He walked closer to her and started trying to engage in conversation. He knew that she was a puppet, but he still engaged in conversation with her whenever he met with her every once in a while.

He always shared with her about his feelings. When though Xia couldn't react to feelings related stuff like a normal human could, he still shared. Maybe because he knew that she couldn't understand him? Or Maybe because he knew that she wouldn't spread the words he said to her.

"Good morning Xia," he said.

"Good Morning," Xia responded.

"Sorry, I didn't talk last night. I was a little depressed," Ji Shan said as he looked into the distant horizon.

"I know you wouldn't say anything. I can't say I dislike that about you. It's pretty good on the contrary. I feel like I can talk about anything since you won't feel annoyed or sad," he muttered after not getting any response.

"So, the last time we talked was so long ago. It feels like a lifetime has passed. It was back in the old continent. I talked about how I was hopeful for my future and my life in this new continent. I was sure that it was going to be a good one," he muttered as he sighed.

He sat down on the grass as a sigh escaped his lips. "Oh, only now do I realize how naive I had been in my thoughts. The thing that shines from a distance isn't always as good from close."

" The Continent that seemed the continent of dreams proved to be the continent of nightmares. It gave me the thing I desired. It gave me love and a true future, creating the illusion that my hopes were right. All so it could take everything away from me. All so it could make me before breaking me even worse," he continued.

"That's all there is to know, isn't it? We're humans, and humans are faulty. It doesn't matter if it's the old continent or the new one. The problem is that it's still the same. This continent only has more resources and stronger people. Other than that, it's all the same. It's a man eat man society where everyone tries to climb over each other to reach farther than others." He gazed at the sky, which was brightly lit.

"The world is so bright, but it's only hiding the true darkness within the illusion of light," he let out.

Xia gazed at Ji Shan curiously, but she didn't say anything. She patiently kept listening.

"You're up?"

Ji Shan opened his lips to say something when he heard a voice from behind.

He glanced back to find Long Chen, who seemed to be done. He was fully dressed now. 

"I've been up for quite some time. So were you, it seems," Ji Shan answered, smiling wryly.

"Yeah," Long Chen answered, understanding where Ji Shan was pointing at. "Wait a few more minutes. I still have something to do. We can leave after that."

"Don't worry. Take your sweet time. I have Xia's company to talk to me," Ji Shan let out, shaking his head. 

Long Chen walked back into the tent where Ming Lan had finished dressing up. 

"Are you ready?" He asked Ming Lan.

Ming Lan nodded her head as she stepped forward. She hugged Long Chen firmly as she wrapped her arms around his back. She closed the distance between their lips as she planted a kiss on his lips.

"I'm ready. You can call her out," she said.

Long Chen nodded her head. Ming Lan disappeared, making the space between his arms empty once again. She was sent back to the fake world.

Long Chen again sent back his consciousness into the fake world as he tried to see what others were found.

Long Ren and Long Jun seemed to be busy in cultivation. 

They were inside their rooms. Sima Ziyi was practicing a Sword Skill on a wall.

Zhiqing and Mingyu seemed like they were having a team practice battle.

Xue was in Zhiqing's team, whereas Mei was in Mingyu's team.

Even though it was a practice battle, they were both giving it their best.

"Looks like they are working hard since they know they might need to join the battle with the Empires," Long Chen muttered as he observed the battle.

He could understand the effort Mingyu was putting in since she knew that she was going to be in her Empire, which was most probably engaged in a war with another Empire. She wanted to be strong to help them. 

He could also understand the mindset of the other girls who wanted to be strong enough to help her.

He didn't know that there was another reason as well. They didn't want to fall behind Mingyu. They wanted to be of help to Long Chen, who was putting effort into training them. They didn't want to disappoint him by making him seem like his efforts were going to waste.

'Their skills have grown up a lot. If these girls manage to comprehend a Law, they would be a force being able to take care of enemies on their own. I hope I can help them comprehend the laws faster,' Long Chen thought as he saw them using their skills which looked pretty powerful already.

He could see that they had become stronger. 

He watched their battle for a few more seconds before he shifted his focus to the person he really wanted to see.

Ming Lan walked inside a chamber where her mother was dealing with some official matter of the Fairy Clan.

"Mother," she called out as soon as she entered.

"Oh, you're back." Ming Rin smiled as she saw her daughter return.

"Yeah. I am back, but what are you doing here? Get ready. It's time for you to go out," Ming Lan said.

"The clan..." Ming Rin said something but her words were cut off by Ming Lan, "Don't worry about the clan. I'll handle the rest."

'That's like my good girl,' Long Chen thought as he saw Ming Lan setting things up.

He brought Ming Rin out, who disappeared from the chambers.

Watching her mother disappear, Ming Lan smiled.

"Take care of my mother. It's her first time like that," she muttered as she gazed upwards.