Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 835 - 835: Walls Of Fire

The head of the man rolled over to the crowd, soon followed by the headless body which dropped. 

The sword was covered in the blood of the man as Ji Shan stepped closer to the head of the man.

He slowly raised his feet as he looked towards the sky.

Opening his lips, he mumbled softly, " See, my love? The one who killed you is getting punished."

He closed his eyes, preventing his tears from falling as he stomped in full force, crushing the head of the man. 

After a few seconds of silence, Ji Shan opened his eyes, which were looking a little red as if he had been crying for hours.

Without looking down, Ji Shan stepped forward and left the encirclement of the Spirit Sword, leaving the dead body behind.

He saw Long Chen standing on the ground.

"I am done. Let's leav-" he called out as he stepped forward but he stopped mid-way as he noticed a body lying in front of Long Chen.

From the back, he wasn't able to see it, but after he had reached closer, he saw who it was. It was the body of Prince Kong who wasn't moving.

"What the..." 

Ji Shan was stunned to see that the Prince was killed. He was thinking that Long Chen might fight and even beat the Prince and the others since he was able to kill the Clan Master of the Xie Clan without getting injured in the least. 

That's what he was thinking when he placed all his focus on killing the Xie Clan Elder; however, he hadn't expected that Long Chen wouldn't only beat them but kill the Prince as well. Killing the Prince meant the whole Kingdom would come after them unless they killed all the warriors of the Royal Clan who were present there to bury the news. That was the only way they could escape.

" Oh, you're done? I thought you would take much longer and torture him more," Long Chen asked, smiling.

The Heaven Realm Cultivators had started flying towards Long Chen after they saw their Prince die. They were getting closer to Long Chen, but Long Chen seemed busy in talking to the Prince, which infuriated them even more.

"You demon spawn! You killed out Prince and dare to ignore us! Not even gods and devils can save you today!" 

One of them roared as he made a strange gesture with his hand. 

Big flames lit up all around Long Chen, entrapping him in the middle. The flames were three meters tall and rashed like mad as they created a prison around Long Chen.

Long Chen casually stood in the center of the walls of flames as he observed them. He was confident that these flames were not normal flames that were created with the Martial Skills. 

With an amused smile on his face, he muttered, "Hmm? The Law of Flames?" Interesting. It's been a long time since he saw someone who learned laws naturally."

"Unfortunately, it's just flames and not on the same level as space. I can easily pass through these flames by covering myself in my space barrier though I might get a little hurt. Might as well just Teleport," he acknowledged as he nodded his head.


A powerful shout came from the sky.

Raising his head towards the sky, Long Chen saw three Heaven Realm Cultivators standing there.

"Strike of Nirvana!"

One of them slashed with his sword, which released a thick and sharp arc of light that flew straight to Long Chen.

"Rain of Eternal Fire!"

Another person aimed his palm towards Long Chen. Tens of fire balls came into existence out of thin air and started falling towards Long Chen like asteroids.

The third person didn't stand idle either. He raised his hand towards the sky. The air near his hand started getting chilly as the ice started forming. The ice soon turned to a Spear of Ice that seemed as if it was made from the coldest of ice in existence. 

" Frozen Demolition!" he thundered as he threw the Ice Spear towards Long Chen.

The wall of flames prevented Ji Shan from seeing what was happening. All he knew was that Long Chen was trapped inside, and the Heaven Realm Cultivators were attacking him.

He was heavily concerned, but he didn't know what he could do. The people who were attacking Long Chen were Heaven Realm Cultivators, after all, whereas he was still in Earth Realm.

He couldn't even react in time before the Heaven Realm Cultivators attacked Long Chen.

That's when he heard the laughter of other Warriors of the Royal Army. 

He didn't even bother looking back and kept his focus on the wall of flame, hoping that Long Chen would get out in time using the strange Space Skill he had shown before.

' Hah, all three Heaven Realm Masters have attacked. Even if it were a Peak Heaven Realm cultivator, they wouldn't survive against the barrage of attacks. The kid would be dead."

"Yeah, there is no way he can survive. Who told the kid to think so much of himself. He even dared to kill his Highness. There was no way he was going to leave alive from this place."

"Yeah, he wrote death in his own destiny by killing His Highness."

The lower realm Cultivators of the Royal Army laughed amongst themselves as they saw the Heaven Realm Cultivators attack.


While everyone was more focused on the wall of flame and the attacks, only Ji Shan was looking around. He was trying to find Long Chen since he believed that Long Chen wouldn't stay still and die, especially when he had the skill he needed to Teleport. 

His face lit up suddenly as he saw Long Chen, but the place Long Chen was at stunned him.

Long Chen was flying above the three Heaven Realm Cultivators, and not only was he flying like he usually did with the help of his Spirit Sword, but he was also flying without it.

There were beautiful black and Golden wings behind his back that helped him fly.

The three attacks landed where Long Chen happened to be standing previously. The first attack to land was the attack of the sword, which left a deep crater on the ground, making dust and smoke fly everywhere.

The second attack was the blame balls that landed everywhere, causing powerful explosions all around. There was fire everywhere inside the wall of flames.

The third to land was the Ice Spear, which was even more mysterious. As soon as the Ice Spear landed in the middle of the flames, everything froze. Even the fire froze.