Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 775 - 775: Personal

The General of Sunai Kingdom Army, General Hu, kept killing the soldiers of the Aksha Army one after another as he advanced forward. The Army of Aksha that had stayed within the Royal City was not their main army, so none of them could face General Hu, who was the main General of Sunai Kingdom.

As for the Phoenix Organization that would have protected the kingdom in times like this, none of its members were here. They were all at the southern border, fighting the battle against the Dragon Squad and helping their army.


"Thirty minutes..." 

Tapping his fingers on his knees, Long Chen muttered.

"The attack started around thirty minutes ago. The army of Aksha should be wiped by now. The Sunai Army should be advancing towards the Royal Palace soon if they're when the least but capable," Long Chen muttered.

He glanced towards the bars of the cell as if he was waiting for someone.

Soon, he was able to hear the sound of footsteps.

A smile appeared on his face, but he didn't stand up.

"His Majesty wishes to see you," A Guard stopped in front of Long Chen's cell and informed Long Chen.

"He wishes to see me? Is he not here?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face as if already knowing the answer to this question.

"Why should he come to meet you? He's our almighty ruler. Come with me," the guard told Long Chen sternly as he snorted.

"Go back to him and tell him that I refused to come. Also, tell him to remember what I told him before I left. He should know what I mean," Long Chen said before he closed his eyes

The guard tried to convince him again and again, but Long Chen didn't even react as if he couldn't even hear.

The guard ultimately sighed before it left before he turned back and left.

"I told the King that he would need to come to me on his own if he wanted my help after what he did. He has no choice anymore. If he wants to save his Kingdom, he would definitely come to me," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

"Xun, want to bet how long the King takes to come to me to ask for help?" He asked Xun, who was sitting near him.

"No! I don't want to bet anything! You always win, mostly by cheating. I'm not taking a risk anymore," Xun said as she rolled her eyes, refusing to take part in the bet.

"Sigh, fine. It's boring without betting. I'll give you a handicap. You can select any time. As long as you're right, you win," Long Chen said, still trying to get her to bet.

" Nope. I'm not falling for your tricks again. I already owe you something. I'm not going to owe you another thing after losing," Xun refused.

"Sigh, you're really a scared cat, aren't you?" Long Chen inquired with an amused smile on his face.

"Fine, I'll help you even more. I'll tell you the answer. He'll be here in five minutes. You can give me that answer and bet. You'll most certainly win," Long Chen said again, only to be refused by Xun.

"Fine, your loss," Long Chen muttered as he rolled his eyes.

Even though Xun was suspicious that Long Chen was telling the truth, she still didn't listen to him. 

Time kept passing, and soon, four minutes had passed. There was no sign of the King. Thirty more seconds passed away. Xun was finally certain that Long Chen was trying to trick her. His answer was most definitely wrong.

Even though she thought that, she was proven to be wrong as the King actually arrived himself before the five minutes given by Long Chen were over.

The King stood before Long Chen's cell and tapped on the bars.

Long Chen raised his gaze. His gaze met with the King.

" The enemy has broken through our final line of defense. If we didn't do anything, we would lose. I need your help. You're the last hope of saving this Kingdom that we have!" The King said gravely.

"Ah, you finally understand the deep trouble you're in. Fine. Despite whatever this Kingdom did to me, it's still my homeland. I'll help you and defeat the enemies," Long Chen said, standing up. A confident smile covered his face.

The King told the guard to open Long Chen's cell and allowed him outside.

" You should hurry! They're on the way. Intercept them as far away from the Royal palace so that the flames of battle don't reach the Royal Palace," the King told Long Chen as he sighed 

"Don't worry. I'll stop them as soon as I can. Keep the security of the Palace at High alert. The enemy might try to send one or two people to assassinate you. Keep yourself safe," Long Chen warned the king, planting a little seed that could be used when the King finds out that his sons are dead, he would blame the assassins.

Long Chen started walking away, leaving the confused king behind. The King walked back to the throne room, where he felt most protected.

"He's my last hope. If he loses, then it's all over," the King muttered as he walked towards the Throne Room. In his eyes, the Kingdom was already dead. Even though he sent Long Chen to battle, he didn't have any hope of his victory. He was prepared for a terrifying loss already, but he wasn't willing to run away.

He wanted to face death head-on when it came.


Long Chen stepped out of the Palace and glanced towards the North.

"Hah, killing the people I led here. I must say, it isn't as bad as I thought it might feel," Long Chen muttered as he started walking towards the North. 

He walked quite casually as if he didn't seem to be in a hurry at all.

Even though he seemed to be moving slower, he managed to reach the advancing Sunai Army.

"Hah, another soldier coming here in search of death?" General Hu muttered as he watched Long Chen coming towards them. He didn't recognize Long Chen as the man who was supposed to lead the army with him since he was using a different face now.

"A single person? Are they finding and sending any random guard they could find?" General Hu laughed as he said in a mocking tone.

He looked at the soldier standing beside him.

"Go and kill him," General Hu told the soldier.

"Even sending one of my men after him is overdoing it." He continued.