Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 903 - 903: Smothering

Meng Huling offered Long Chen to have a carriage drop him at the hotel since he was feeling sick. 

"Thank you for the concern, Your  Highness," Long Chen answered.

Meng Huling thought that Long Chen had agreed, but that's when Long Chen continued, "But there's no need for that. I feel taking a walk outside would make me feel better faster. Staying inside an enclosed carriage might make things worse."

"I can at least send a servant to accompany you on the walk. I don't want you to fall down somewhere since you're feeling sick," the Prince suggested again out of courtesy.

Meng Qian watched their back and forth with disgust. He didn't know why he was so irritated by this, but it was certainly making him angry. He didn't let his anger show on his face as he continued, "Third Brother, are you his mother? He is a grown-up man. He can walk back home. Stop smothering him."

"Thank you for bringing me to this party. It was a really amazing experience," Long Chen said to Meng Huling as he took this opportunity to leave.

He couldn't stay here for long and run the risk of getting caught.

Each second held the risk of Fu Min and his friends coming back to catch him.

He couldn't let that happen.

"Alright. If you say so, have a safe trip," Meng Huling agreed.

Long Chen turned back and left the hall. 

He soon left the palace as well.


Long Chen stood outside the Palace, observing it.

'Now that I have been inside, I can Teleport inside. I should be able to take Saint King's token. Now I should think about the best time to do it,' he thought as he turned back.

He started walking back towards the hotel where Mingyu and Ming Lan were staying.


Far away from the Royal City of the Esteria Empire, Wu Lia was walking through what seemed like a long desert.

His clothes were covered in sweat as if he had been walking in the heat all day long. 

He soon found a rock in the distance. He dragged his body through the sand and stopped near the rock.

He sat on the rock and gave his body some rest. 

Using his right hand, he wiped the sweat from his forehead as he sighed. 

"That person! How did he do it..." He muttered as he frowned.

"I can't use my powers of space now. Just what did he do to my powers? My power of time is also not working. Just what magic did he use? It's like he sucked all my powers? The only thing I have left is my Cultivation..." He let out.

"I can even go back to my disciple or inform him of what happened. I'm trapped in this world. Sigh, that bastard took everything from me. Just how did he gain this much strength suddenly?"

He closed his eyes for a few seconds to give them rest.

He sat there for close to ten seconds before he stood up.

"I must find the Portal that leads to that place. Only he can help me solve this problem," he muttered.

As far as his eyes could see, there was no destination in sight. Only sand could be seen as far as his eyes could see. 

A coin-shaped pendant was hanging on his neck, which swung as he walked. 


Long Chen was walking through the streets of the city, trying to form a plan. 

"I should be able to do this. There will be fifty-seven newcomers in the coming days for the first stage of trials. The Mask of Mischief can help me disguise myself as one. As I'll be a guest, the nobles and the Royal Family should not create trouble for me," he talked to himself as he walked through the empty streets.

"That's right. But you are forgetting something. The participants of the other worlds won't come alone. They'll come with at least one guardian to take care of them. Even if you change places, you'll get caught soon," Xun pointed out, creating trouble for him. 

"That's true. That's a concern as well. There is a risk, but I know how to be careful. I am not talking about killing a person and replacing him," Long Chen shook his head as he answered.

"What are you suggesting then? Impersonating them without killing them? So there would be two people with the same face walking around?" Xun asked.

"Exactly. I only want to use their face to walk around and investigate. I don't want to join their team. I'll take proper precautions not to get caught," Long Chen answered.

"I would like to advise you against it, but as you're stubborn, you'll certainly do it again," she thought as she sighed. 

Long Chen reached the hotel.

Knock! Knock? Knock 

He stood before his room and knocked three times.

"Who is it?" A feminine voice came from inside.

"It's me," Long Chen answered.

He heard the sound of footsteps and the clacking of keys.

With a tuck sound, the lock of the door was opened, revealing the beautiful face of Ming Lan.

"Welcome back," she greeted Long Chen.

Long Chen stepped inside the room before he locked the door.

Mingyu was sitting on the bed. Watching Long Chen sit beside her, she asked, "Where did you go?" 

" I went to collect some information about the city," Long Chen answered.

"Oh? And what did you find?" She asked.

"Plenty of things. I now have a good idea of how I can steal the necklace I want. Secondly, I know that we can't stay in this place. Tomorrow, you two will go back to the fake world," Long Chen answered.

"Hmm? I know my time is ending tomorrow, but what about Mingyu? She is depressed. Let her stay out for longer," Ming Lan suggested.

Long Chen released a mouthful of breath before he answered, "It's not that. The reason is different."

"There are people here who have seen my face last time. They know I am the Saint King heir. If I'm not wrong, by tomorrow, my poster will be everywhere. The guards will be here to catch us. I can use the Mask of Mischief to escape, but you two are seen with me by many people."

"I'll be found out if I walk with you. No matter which hotel I stay in, the authorities would find you. That can even happen when I'm not in. You or Mingyu can be at risk. It's better if you two went back. For a week, I'm pausing the rotation policy. No one from the fake world will be out. Things are about to get really serious," he answered.