Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 927 - 927: Barging In

The Qiandi Princess remained in Long Chen's room, waiting for the attack that she didn't know was never going to come.

The person she was worried about and the one she was waiting for was actually far away from her and going even farther.

'Now I need to find Tricion Prince and where he is staying,' he thought as he spread out his Divine Sense while walking through the corridor to find the Prince.

Inside a big room, the Tricion Prince and the second man of the team were sitting on separate beds. Their guardian seemed to be absent.

The Tricion Prince stood up after a while and started to leave.

"Pei Zen, Where are you going now?" The leader of the three-person team asked. The Qiandi Princes Qian Yu had already left. And now the Tricion Prince was leaving too?

"Yeah, I'm also getting bored. I wish to take a walk outside. Don't stop me since you didn't stop Qian Yu. I would be back soon enough before the time of trial. I know my responsibility as well," Tricion Prince Pei Zen replied casually.

"I was just curious. I don't care where you go. Have fun outside." The second man of the team let out casually as he rolled his eyes.

Pei Zen hmphed as he left the room.

'Who does he think he is? So what if he is the strongest in the team? It's only a matter of time before I will rule the entire universe. Keep showing your attitude until then,' Pei Zen thought as he walked away from the room. 

He walked through the corridor for over ten minutes randomly, without knowing where he was going. It was only after some time when he heard the sound of a battle that an interested look appeared on his face.

He walked towards the noises of battle, which led him to a door that was guarded by two guards.

"Who is inside?" Pei Zen asked the guards.

"The guests from the Lightning World are training inside," the guards replied.

"Oh? Interesting. Step aside. Let me see how talented they are. I heard they are pretty good in battle, especially their princess. I wish to test this claim," Pei Zen muttered as he gestured for them to move aside.

"We are sorry, but we have orders by His Majesty. All teams are provided with separate training zones. And no teams can enter the training zones of others to disturb them," The guards informed Pei Zen respectfully.

They didn't stop there. They even went a step further and offered to help, "If you wish to train yourself with your team, we can lead you to the room that's assigned to your world."

"I don't have time to waste by going to other places. I want to train here. What are you going to do about it? Are you really going to attack a guest?" Pei Zen let out as he grinned. 

"Young Master, please don't make things difficult for us," The guards requested Pei Zen.

"Oh? Let me see what you're going to do after I make things difficult for you. Now I'm not looking for trouble. I just want to see how they train. I won't attack or do anything bad. If you still tried to stop me or touched my hand, you'll regret it," Pei Zeb answered as he started walking towards the entrance.


The Blue-haired princess, the Red-haired man, and the dark-haired man from the Lightning World were standing in three corners of the room. All of them were breathing heavily as if they had just clashed with each other. 

It wasn't the truth, though. The truth was that the two guys had clashed against the girl. The girl was the strongest person on the team. As it was a mock battle, it was two weaker opponents against a stronger one as a form of training as one against one wasn't challenging enough for the girl. 

"Are you out of form? Why are your attacks feeling like a kid's attack? Lin, put some strength behind your attacks. Even if it's training, you must give it your all!" The blue-haired girl Bing Lui chided the dark-haired man.

"Lui, your defense is strong. Of course, all attacks would feel weak to you," the red-haired man let out as he smiled wryly while coming in defense for the guy he loved.

"Don't give me excuses. Come on, once again. And this time with two hundred percent effort," the girl let out as she smiled.

"Yes! This time, with all strange!" The red-haired guy let out as he flew towards Bing Lui. The dark-haired man also did the same as he clenched his fist. 

Both men reached the girl and were just about to attack.

Crash! Boom! 

Before they could attack, they heard a powerful noise behind them. They stopped and turned back only to find the door broken.

Two guards were lying inside the arena. It was evident that they were the ones who crashed inside the arena after breaking the door. They had already lost consciousness and weren't moving.

Bing Lui and the others gazed towards the door, knowing full well that someone had attacked the guards.

"Who dares to disturb our training?" Bing Lui thundered strongly.

"Hahaha, I don't know about strength, but your attitude certainly makes me think that the claims weren't false. You seem to be more manly than the guys in your team. If you have strength to back your words, you might be able to enter the top fifteen in rankings. It wouldn't be bad for your crappy world to have a candidate in the top fifteen out of thirty."

A laughter fell on their ears which was coming from outside. They could not see who it was since no one stepped inside the arena.

"You sound like a man. Do you not even have the courage to step inside? Or are you going to hide outside?" Bing Lui retorted.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll give you the chance to see my face as well," Pei Zen let out as he stepped inside the arena after opening what remained of the door.

"Who are you?" Bing Lui asked, not recognizing Long Chen.

"Isn't this a custom for weaklings to introduce themselves first? By that logic, you should go first," Pei Zen said while keeping an amused smile on his face.

"You are really looking for a thrashing, don't you?" Bing Lui let out grimly. "Which world are you from?"

"It doesn't matter where I am from. What matters is that you were training. And I wish to take part to warm up," Pei Zen said.