Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1043 - 1043: Ji Shan's History

The battle of Ji Shan had begun, and he had directly decided to attack Emperor Du, who later found out that Ji Shan was possessed by a Dark Spirit. 

He directly called out Emperor Meng for scheming like this to win the battle. 

Almost everyone in the crowd had started calling Emperor Meng a cheater. 

In a battle of youngsters, he brought someone with a Dark Spirit?


"Throw them out!"


"How dare you scheme against us!"

The crowd was going wild. 

The other Emperors were also frowning as they stood up. 

The battle was stopped by General Wuki. 

"Emperor Meng, who do you have to explain for yourself?" Emperor of Tricion asked Emperor Meng. 

"Explain what? What did I do?" Emperor Meng asked with an amused smile on his face. 

"As for everyone, screaming and calling me a cheater, how did I cheat?" Emperor Meng asked, looking at the crowd. 

"You brought someone with a Dark Soul to battle and win for you. This was unfair for other candidates. It's cheating," Emperor Qian said. 

"Oh? Because it was unfair for other candidates, is it cheating? Wasn't it unfair when your daughter got a field and a theme that was advantageous for her? Wasn't it unfair for my son?" Emperor Meng asked. 

Hearing his father finally raise that point, Meng Qian was feeling happy. Finally, his father was accepting that he lost an unfair fight. 

"That wasn't unfair! Those were the rules we decided on! It was pure luck that it was unfair for your son and not my daughter!" Emperor Qian said. 

"Oh? I know it was the rule. So it was fair even though my son was at a disadvantage. So I didn't complain. Rules are rules, even though it puts someone at a disadvantage. I'm glad you accept," Emperor Meng said as if he had won. 

"Now tell me which rule said I cheated?" he asked. 

"According to the rules, the participant must be young. Ji Shan is young in body and bones! Even if a spirit is possessing him, that doesn't make him older!" he continued as he grinned. 


"Emperor Qian, he is right. Even though it's shameful for him to do this, it isn't breaking the rules. We hadn't set any rules about Dark Spirits. We should have thought about the loopholes when forming the rules. He is right. This isn't cheating."

Hearing the explanation of Emperor Meng, the Emperor who had fought against Emperor Qian's daughter chimed in, showing his support. 

He wasn't from this world. Similarly, he wasn't from the world of Emperor Meng. He was from a neutral world whose candidates had already lost. So he had no purpose in cheating. No matter who won, the resources of his world were going to be extracted. So he was honest. No rules were broken. 

"That's right. We can only call it against the warrior spirit and a shameless tactic, but it's not against the rules that we set in advance. And we can't change the rules mid-way now. This battle... Is fair according to rules. It must happen!" Emperor of Tricion said, agreeing ultimately. After thinking deeply, he realized how great of a plan it was. 

Emperor Meng was really scheming. 

"Exactly. So stop delaying this fight. Don't stop the fight now that you think you'll lose. I didn't cheat when I thought I'd lose," Emperor Meng said, grinning. 

" If Ji Shan wins or lasts long enough. He wins. Start the battle," Chuckling, the Emperor sat back comfortably. 

The other Emperors were also upset at this scheme, but this wasn't against the law. So they couldn't do anything. 

They all walked back as they sat down as well. 

"So what if you're a Dark Spirit? It just means I don't have to go easy on you anymore," Emperor Du said as he glared at Ji Shan. 

"Go easy? Hahahaha, Emperor Du, let me tell you something. You're too naive if you think you were going easy on him; think again. It was him, going easy on you," Emperor Meng called out, laughing. 

He was so happy. They had basically won the battle. They had won the fight and the rights of taking resources of twenty worlds. 

His Empire was going to see a massive boost in strength. They were going to become the biggest and strongest Empire with all these resources. He could already see the great future ahead, making him laugh uncontrollably. 

He still remembered the day it all started. 

He had discovered the Dark Soul of the Ancestor of his Meng Clan in their tomb one day. The Dark Soul was trapped there. 

Coincidentally, it also happened to be a day after his men started trying to find Long Chen and  Ji Shan from their portraits. 

Ji Shan was found in a small town at the border of the Esteria Empire, living with a girl, taking care of her. 

In a clash with the guards that were here to capture him, the woman was killed, and Ji Shan was injured. 

The woman had the power of luck because of her special physique. Whoever tried to kill her suffered. But because no one was trying to kill her this time and she died because of an accident in an effort to kill Ji Shan, her special Physique didn't act up. 

The woman was killed right before Ji Shan's eyes. 

Ji Shan was captured and taken back to the Empire, presented before Emperor Meng. 

Emperor Meng tried all his ways to force Ji Shan to tell Long Chen's whereabouts, but Ji Shan didn't betray his friend. In any case, he wasn't going to help the people who killed the girl. 

Seeing him not cooperating, the Emperor tried his other schemes. He let the Ancestral Soul that he had found in the tomb possess Ji Shan, taking over his body. 

It was hitting two stones with one arrow. After his body was possessed, all memories of Ji Shan were going to be exposed. Moreover, Ji Shan was young. The ancestors of the Meng Clan could take part in the trials of the world, making them win. 

Unfortunately, Ji Shan's memory wasn't helpful. All he knew was that Long Chen was coming to the Royal City. It was already known that Long Chen was here. So this didn't help. As for the exact whereabouts of Long Chen, that was unknown. 

It was assumed that Long Chen had already run away from the Empire after being discovered. 

Emperor Meng couldn't help but laugh in his mind. Emperor Du might be strong, but he wasn't fighting a kid now. 

He was fighting the ancestor of Meng Clan, who also possessed Saint Realm strength.