Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1275 - 1275: Royal Beast

"You're not going to listen, are you? I really don't understand why I expected anything more from the person that could have that stupid thought about taming me. You're just proving to me that you're an idiot!" Blood Dragon Emperor snorted.

"Well, I may be an idiot, but I'm the idiot your life depends on," Long Chen answered, smiling. "Are you going to listen to me or not?"

"Because you only have three paths before you now. One is that you leave my friend's body and die. The second is that you always hide inside his body, never coming out. But then you can never taste your former glory, and one day, I'll kill you."

"And the third is that you help me. You have ten seconds to decide. After that, I'll send you back to my Inner World, where you'll be trapped for your entire life."

Long Chen finished his pitch with a threat before folding his arms as he waited for a reply. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor didn't reply, right away. Instead, he glared at Long Chen. 

'You bastard! Just you wait for me to get my body! Then I'll show you the results of blackmailing this Emperor.'

" Three..."

Long Chen began the countdown. 


"Wait! I'll help you get that stone, but you must help me get my body and break that formation after that!" The Blood Dragon Emperor ultimately agreed, having no other choice.

"See? That wasn't so hard, was it? Now, tell me. Where is that Beast Realm? How do we get to it?" Pleased, Long Chen asked. 

"You don't know how to get to Beast Realm? It's nothing but a mortal world. For someone who lives in the Immortal World, it should be easy to get to that place. Has the knowledge dwindled so much in the Immortal World?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, frowning. 

He didn't understand how Long Chen didn't have such basic knowledge.

"Well, I'm not even twenty-five years old, and I just elevated to the Immortal World. Of course, I won't have such knowledge," Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes. "Tell me how to get to Beast Realm?"

"Hmm? You're now even twenty-five? And you weren't born here?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, surprised. 

"That's right."

"You have a pretty decent growth in that case. No wonder you're so stupid. You just haven't experienced the life yet. You are young and stupid like they all are," Blood Dragon Emperor muttered, sighing. "Maybe that's why you don't realize how risky it is to go to the Beast World."

"Can you stop talking nonsense and get back to the topic? Tell me how to get to that place?" Long Chen repeated his question. 

"Fine. I'll help you. It's actually fairly simple. We only use a single World Traveling Formation to get to the Mortal Worlds. No matter which mortal world you want to go to, the formation will stay the same," Blood Dragon Emperor said. 

"Only one formation? How can it take us to the world we want to go to? If the same Formation is for all worlds?" Long Chen asked, confused. 

"Not at all. Let me finish first. You also need to carve the ancient name of the world that you want to visit in the center of that formation. Only the people that know the ancient names of those works and how to carve them can get to that place. Without the name, the formation is useless," the Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"At Least that's what we used in my time. I've been in a slumber for a long time. Maybe the humans came up with something simpler? They've always been idiots who find everything complicated after all," he continued. 

"What's the ancient name of Beast World?" Long Chen asked. "Wait, it's Xuahi World, aren't I right?"

Blood Dragon Emperor grew surprised, hearing the words of Long Chen. 

"Didn't you say you don't have any knowledge about anything? How do you know the ancient realm of the Beast World?" he asked. 

"I... Saw it before now that I remember it," Long Chen explained.

"You saw it before? You have been to the Beast World? How? As far as I know, they don't allow any human to step foot in their world. Only Beasts can go there? How did you go there and come out alive?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, stunned. 

"I didn't go there personally. But I saw it in my memories when I tamed one of my first beasts. I saw his memories, and he was from a similar world. I heard that name in his memories," Long Chen exclaimed. 

"I was wondering where this world was. So it's the Beast World! That makes things interesting," he let out, smirking. 

"The Beast Realm, huh. You tamed a beast from there? That's strange. Those beasts never leave their world. It's prohibited for them. How did you find this beast?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Do you know the Devil Hunter Beasts?" Long Chen asked. 

"Yeah. They're one of the seven Royal Species of the Beast World. Even though they were weaklings before me, they were pretty decent comparatively. They ruled all the beasts there. What about then? Is the Beast you tamed...?"

"There's right," Long Chen accepted as he called out Orion from his ring. 

Orion landed in the real world to find himself in heavy scrutiny. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor started observing him carefully. He couldn't understand why it was happening, but he felt something odd. Snake Monarch was acting differently. 

"Interesting. He's an ordinary Devil Hunter Beast. The mark behind his ears... Your Beast is a Royal Beast. He must be from the Royal Family of Devil Hunter Beasts. You managed to tame a Royal? Not bad," Blood Dragon Emperor nodded in appreciation.

"Did he go out on vacation and got trapped by you?" he asked. 

"No. He and his brother were banished from the Beast World and tossed outside when they were young. So they weren't very strong when I met them," Long Chen explained. 

"I can see that. He's still pretty weak. Not what a Royal Beast's strength should be," Blood Dragon Emperor nodded. "But it's strange. For them to banish someone from the noble bloodline? Especially youngsters?"

"Yeah. But that's what happened. Anyway, can you create that formation for me? You should also know how to write the ancient name? Make that formation for me. Let's begin," Long Chen told the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"We can't. We can only create the formation in the morning. It's already evening. It's too late for that now.. We can only try tomorrow," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. "How about we get my body in the meantime?"