Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 888 - 888: Promise To Xun

"Yeah. That might be what forced the Saint King to go against them as well. Anyone would be furious to see that the reason their species was treated like slaves was because of other humans," Mingyu let out. 

"Exactly. It was said that the Saint King disappeared after defeating the beasts and freeing humanity. I believe he came here to make sure that the beastkins never return and the ones who helped them get the message loud and clear," Long Chen said as he nodded his head.

"Anyway, the history that's recorded in this world tells things differently," he continued.

"It's said that the Emperor gave the friendly beastkins to rule the barren continent as a gesture of friendship. Everything was going fine until the day another world established a portal."

"Their portal led to the continent where the Beastkins were peacefully staying. According to the legends, the world that did it was also inhabited by humans. They waged a war on the beastkins and forced them to leave the continent they were legally given. It was said that the people of the invading world were very weak, but their King was super strong."

"When the Emperor decided to help the beastkins and the invaders achieve peace by mediating between the two sides; the King of the invaders, who was later named Saint Killer, waged war on them as well. He alone killed many of our great warriors of this continent and forced them to sign an unfair deal that said they could never invade or attack the continent that was now ruled by the invaders." Long Chen finished the story right when he happened to get a view of the Royal Palace on the distant horizon.

" According to the history they wrote, it is said that after making the Emperor sign the unfair deal, the Saint Killer left this world, leaving the weak invading humans alone to populate that continent," he continued.

"Isn't that a loophole in this story? Since the Saint Killer had left the world according to them, why didn't they attack the continent again? There were only weak humans left after all. What was making them hold back?" Ming Lan lamented. 

"Hahaha, it's pretty simple. They were scared that the Saint Killer might return maybe. But according to the book I read, the reasoning they used is that they are fair people who keep their deal and promise even though it was done under unfair conditions. That's why they didn't invade and take revenge," Long Chen answered.

"Don't these people hate the invaders? Why do they allow them even to enter this continent then? Why didn't they cut all contact with that weak continent?" Mingyu asked.n

" Even I don't know the answer to that question. Maybe because the only person who attacked them was the Saint Killer? The people who stay on the continent are only the descendants of the humans that first invaded. They don't have any enmity? The only one who has enmity with them is the Saint Killer who killed their people, but as they couldn't kill him, their target is now shifted to the heir of the Saint Killer, who they probably think is me," Long Chen answered as he smiled wryly.

"Mingyu, were there any beastkins in your world?" He asked Mingyu.

From what he heard, the portal led to a world where beastkins existed. He didn't know if it was her world. There was no name for that world. If Mingyu's world had beastkins, he could try finding the name of the world this portal led to. If not, he would have needed to find other ways.

"There were Beastkins Kingdoms in our world. They were not as strong as our Empire, but the description you gave seems to match," Mingyu affirmed.

"Good. That at least gives us a few hopes."

As Long Chen was talking to Mingyu, Xun materialized before him again.

He gazed at her, wondering what she needed.

'Do you have something to say?' He asked Xun, curious.

"Yeah. I forgot to tell you, but there is another way you can travel between worlds. Even if you don't find portals, you should be able to go to the world of your choice by other ways," Xun said, smiling.

'Really? Why didn't you tell me before? That's incredible. Tell me what way,' Long Chen asked, happily surprised.

He was even wondering why she didn't tell her before. If there was another way, wouldn't that mean he doesn't have any need to approach the Emperor? That would only be better for him as he would also be able to go to various worlds without any restriction. 

"I will tell you if you agree to do something for me," She asked, grinning like a child. 

'What do you want?' Long Chen asked, wondering what she needed.

The only thing that she desired was to bring back Tian Shen, who she thought was in the mirror. She didn't know that her memories were fake, and he didn't tell her either. Even when it came to that, she couldn't let him be harmed until he awoke his complete Bloodline. 

In fact, he was sure she wished to help him as much as she could until then, trying to keep him on the path of growth. 

Thus, he wasn't worried about her request.

"I want you to promise me something," She asked.

"I can't promise you anything without knowing. I don't wish to suffer in the future. Tell me what promise you want. Only then will I think," Long Chen answered as he refused to promise blindly.

"Tsk, don't you trust me?" Xun asked as she pouted.

"I do trust you, but I don't trust the future. I only want to promise that I won't have to break in the future. So tell me what you want," Long Chen said.

"Fine. I want you to promise me that you won't risk your life for Mingyu's parents. If you find yourself in the middle of an unwinnable war with no way to save her parents without putting your life in danger, you will run away alone. That's the only promise I need," Xun said as she rolled her eyes. 

Hearing the promise she wanted, Long Chen grew stunned. He thought she might ask for something tough, but all she wanted was that? It made sense, though. If something happened to him, her previous master would not be free, according to her.

Long Chen had a really hard time sometimes. He wanted to scold Xun for being ready to betray him, but he controlled himself and his emotions.