Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1086 - 1086: Obstruction

There seemed to be a beastly urge inside Long Chen as he saw the cracks reaching near the sword as if he needed to act or he was going to lose something important. 

Without thinking twice, he disappeared from his place and appeared right above the Sword of Time, not being scared of the spatial cracks which had the potential even to kill him if something went wrong. 

Appearing above the Sword of Time, he reached out his hand towards the Sword.

The Spatial Cracks had almost reached the sword before Long Chen's hand could even reach them. The Sword of Time was half-swallowed as well, but before it could be swallowed whole, Long Chen caught its hilt and brought the Sword out. 

As Long Chen tried to pull the Sword out, he felt some spatial resistance from the crack that had swallowed half the sword already. 

Unfortunately, the resistance proved to be futile against him. Not only had Long Chen pulled out the Sword of Time, but he also disappeared with the sword, all before Wu Lia could actually awaken. 

As for the rest of the Spatial Cracks that were approaching Long Chen, there seemed to be different spatial cracks that were much darker which were keeping them back. 

They were cast by Long Chen to keep his body safe from the Spatial Cracks as he picked up the sword of time. 

Even though his thoughts were jumbled and he didn't have any control over his body after dark Sacrifice, the sense of survival was still there, helping him make the right decision at the right time, which helped him be safe from spatial cracks.

After he received the sword, Long Chen disappeared. But he didn't run away. He didn't Teleport far away either. Instead, he Teleported right behind Wu Lia that had just come to his senses. 

Even though Wu Lia had awoken, he still wasn't his old self. He was just like Emperor Lu, who was a puppet after waking up. 

His body was much stronger, so it needed much more energy as well. Unfortunately, the energy which was required was a bit too much.

Even though Wu Lia had awoken, he still wasn't able to walk and do anything since the energy was still entering his body to complete the awakening. 

As for getting the Sword, right after he received it, Long Chen appeared behind Wu Lia to attack him.

He didn't know how perfect his timing was since his return was almost completed. 

As Long Chen's Sword of Time advanced towards the throat of Wu Lia that already had a hole, intending to cut him in half. 

"That's enough!" 

A powerful voice echoed in the surroundings before a semi-transparent barrier appeared before Wu Lia, creating an obstruction between the attack and him. 

Even though Long Chen heard the voice that seemed to come from all directions, he didn't stop his attack as he continued swinging his sword. 

The Sword of Time landed on the barrier, which did offer a bit of resistance, but it couldn't for long. It shattered to pieces before disappearing entirely. 

As for the sword, it didn't stop and slashed Wu Lia's head away from his body. 


"That Sword..."

Seeing his stronger barrier being broken so easily, the half-masked man was very surprised. He was just as much annoyed as well. 

Not only was his barrier broken, but the puppet he had spent so much energy on was destroyed as well. 

The sword was proving to be more and more shocking with each passing second. 

As for him, he wanted to jump in the battle, but he still hadn't because he needed to do something first. 

He had the Destiny Protection, and now that Long Chen was swallowed by Darkness, he was allowed to jump in without losing his protection, but he needed to take Destiny's blessing first before he could personally fight. 

Moreover, he needed to do that while being in the presence of his enemy. That was why he appeared here in such haste instead of preparing back at his place. 

Even though he appeared here, he kept as much distance as he could without being out of range as he appeared on top of the Royal Palace. And to keep Long Chen engaged, he also brought forth Wu Lia, but that plan was also a flop since Long Chen took action before he could awaken entirely. 

"I still need Twenty seconds before I can actually take part. As for him, I hope he doesn't Teleport away in those Twenty seconds. Finding him will be a mess," the man muttered as he kept his arms raised in the sky, seemingly absorbing some mysterious energy that was seemingly coming down from the sky. 

He had tried to protect Wu Lia to give him more time, but his barrier proved to be no more effective than a normal glass wall. 


Long Chen had killed Wu Lia once again, separating his body, but he didn't stop here again. 

Before Wu Lia's body could even drop to the ground, Long Chen slashed his Sword of Time close to a thousand times in a few seconds, cutting his body in a thousand pieces. All those pieces dropped to the ground. This time, it was impossible to bring him back for anyone. 

As Long Chen killed Wu Lia, he didn't stop. Instead, he turned to look towards the Royal Palace, on top of which the man was standing. 

Long Chen's eyes met the eyes of the half-masked man before Long Chen again roared as if he realized that this man was the one this voice belonged to. 

The man also noticed Long Chen looking at him and realized that an attack was about to come, but he didn't bother. He couldn't attack. In any case, he only needed close to ten seconds. He could Teleport in a different place even if Long Chen attacked. 

He saw Long Chen raise his Black Sword high in the sky, but he didn't bring it down. Instead, his figure seemed to flicker for a second before he disappeared. 

Disappearing from his original position, Long Chen appeared right in front of the man before he slashed his Sword down, intending to cut the man in half. 

Unlike the Long Chen that appeared behind the enemies to attack, this time, the attack was from the front.

Seeing Long Chen's Sword come down towards his head, the man disappeared as well, appearing a hundred meters behind Long Chen. The golden book was still in his hand. 

As Long Chen's attack was already made, the disappearance of the enemy didn't matter.