Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 876 - 876: Too Normal

"To get my mind diverted, I decided to take a walk outside. When I was coming back after finishing my walk, I heard a scream of a girl..."

He started explaining everything that happened.

"Her words sent me to a dark place as all the painful memories returned. Without realizing, I pushed back the girl who hit the nearest wall. After I came back to my senses, I hastily brought her to you, thinking that it would be the best way to save her since I didn't even have Life Healing Pills, let alone Life-Giving pills," he finished his explanation. He was still feeling guilty, which was clear from his tone

Hearing his explanation, a look of understanding flashed on Long Chen's face as he stepped forward.

He stood beside Ji Shan and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry. I understand how it can happen. It wasn't your fault."

"Thanks for that, but I know I was wrong. As a Cultivator, I should have kept control of my emotions. If I can't even control myself in front of a weak girl, how will I control myself in front of the enemies." Clenching his fist, Ji Shan turned back.

"Thank you for saving her. I don't know how I would have lived with myself if something had happened to her because of me," He continued.

"It's my fault too. I should have given you a few Life Healing Pills. You wouldn't need to run to me if you had some. Here, keep some for future emergencies," he continued.

He brought a few more pills out of his storage ring and gazed at them. 

He wondered how amazing these small pills were. These were some of the rarest pills in the kingdom that even the powerful didn't possess. Here, plenty of strong Cultivation organizations had such pills in their treasury. This was one of the reasons why he never left any bodies without cutting their heads.

He didn't know which of the enemies possessed the life healing pills to revive them. So he didn't take the risk.

He gave the pills to Long Chen.

" Yeah... I myself didn't realize how useful it was to have them in my hands before," Ji Shan muttered as he took the pills. He kept the pills in his storage ring.

Watching the pills, Long Chen remembered an incident that made him smile. He gazed back at Ming Lan.

"Ming Lan, you didn't hear the story about these pills, right? I never actually told you how Ji Shan actually saved my life even before we actually met?"

" Before meeting, he saved your life? How is that possible?" Ming Lan asked, stunned.

"He had given one of these pills to my grandfather as gratitude for saving his life. My grandpa, in turn, used the pill to bring me back to life after I had died. It all comes in a full circle in a way," Long Chen answered.

"Yeah. These same pills were what you used to save my life the first time we met as well. It's been such a crazy journey since then," Ji Shan chimed in as he sighed.

"We went to the Beast Hall, faced near death against the Dark Soul Sect. You were kidnapped, then you became the Head Disciple in the enemy sect. I still don't know how you survived, let alone becoming the most cherished disciple of the sect," he continued as he smiled wryly.

"With strength and brain, anything is possible. I just used my brain to come up with a plan and my strength to achieve that. I must say, though. Even though I don't trust luck, I feel like it helped me a lot," Long Chen muttered as he explained.

"Let's not go into memory lane. It only makes me realize how useless I have been. I've never truly been able to help you," Ji Shan lamented as a sigh escaped his lips.

"Hey, don't say that. In reality, you helped me a lot. You were the one that kept Mingyu and Zhiqing safe when I was caught by the Dark Soul Sect. That alone had been such a big help. You were also the reason I was able to locate this continent as well," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

He gazed into the distant horizon. The snowstorm was finally over, and the sun was clearly visible in the sky. 

"So don't ever think that you have never been of help. I'm glad I had you with me," He continued.

"The Snowstorm is over." Ming Lan also noticed. 

Agreeing with her, Long Chen said, "Yeah. Let's leave. The girl is fine. We have already paid for the hotel, so no-one will disturb her. I'll also pay for the breaking that you have done. She can be at peace here. Since she's someone from this town, she can easily go back after she wakes up."

Ji Shan still looked somewhat uncertain, but he agreed ultimately since Long Chen's words made sense.

"Right. Let's leave," he muttered.

He suddenly looked back at Long Chen as he asked, "Do you have any mortal grade storage ring?"

"Yeah. I have plenty of treasures that I have stolen. I must give a ring as well. Let me see," Long Chen answered as he gazed inside his Ancient Ring.

He soon brought another storage ring out of it and have it to Ji Shan

Generally, Storage Rings were unable to keep other storage rings inside no matter what the grade was, but the Ancient Ring was special, so he never had any problem.

He didn't even bother asking why Ji Shan was asking for the ring since he already had an idea of what he was planning to do. 

Ji Shan took the ring and shifted a few treasures from his high-grade storage ring into the Mortal Grade storage ring. He placed the ring on the ring finger of the girl.

"Let's go," he muttered as he turned back and left the room.

Long Chen nodded his head as he left with Ming Lan as well. He was certain that Ji Shan gave a few amazing treasures to the girl.

The three of them were walking down the stairs when Ji Shan noticed something.

"It's so strange," he muttered.

"What's strange?" Long Chen asked, confused.

"I brought an almost dead body of a town girl inside the hotel. I'm sure many people saw me who were on the ground floor. None of them even came up to check up on the girl or wonder what was happening. Everything seems so... normal here," Ji Shan pointed out.