Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 942 - 942: Illusion

The Emperor had finally decided to talk about the trial after everyone had their tokens.

He brought a piece of paper out of his pocket.

He walked a few steps back before he raised his hand.  The talisman started burning slowly. Blue flames burned the talisman. The Emperor didn't even flinch as the blue flame burned in his hand as if it couldn't affect him.

He soon opened his fist and turned his hand sideways. The flame fell down to the ground and started spreading out in a circle. 

The flame started creating what seemed like a formation on the ground. As he began the formation, the Emperor shifted his focus back to the youngsters.

"I'll tell you about the Trial that I have decided with acknowledgment from the Rulers of worlds just ten minutes ago. This was done like this so no one could know what it was or prepare to cheat. Now that it's time to start, you may all know about it," he continued.

"This flame will soon complete a formation which will unlock the Special Realm that is owned by us. It is a place that we can only open once every thousand years, so it would be the first time for the candidates from our place to enter as well. This should give you some confidence that it will be a fair competition."

While he finished speaking, the formation of flame was finally completed. The blue flame instantly disappeared as soon as the flame formation was completed, leaving nothing but dark lines on the ground.

The dark lines also started shining. The light converged into a single point which shot upwards like a pillar of light. 

'I can feel the disturbance in the Space. It's not as intense as when I entered into the space in the Ghost Temple, but it's still pretty strong. The special realm they are opening must have some crazy amount of Qi,' Long Chen thought as he gazed at the light.

Because of his Law of Space, he was more sensitive towards any disturbance in the space. The pillar of light was so bright that some of the people couldn't help but close their eyes to protect them. 

There were only a few that could see in the blinding light. 

The pillar of light soon disappeared into nothingness, leaving behind what seemed like a spatial portal. 

"This is the path to enter the special realm. In that realm, there are many treasures and herbs that are rare to find on the outside. Every thousand years when the realm is opened, we send our men inside to collect some treasure."

"At most, only eighty people can be sent inside. But because of the trial, we will only let the sixty of you enter. No other person from outside will enter. You're all going be alone inside on your own," the Emperor informed them.

"So we are supposed to collect treasures and herbs inside to get ranked? This is a waste. Let's just fight and get it over with," Du Liang chimed in, not caring about anything.

The people from the Dark World looked at Du Liang with a mocking grin on their faces. "You don't think people would let others take treasures and good ranks without fighting inside, do you?" One of them asked.

"That's right. People would not only look for treasures, but they'll also try to snatch from others. In the end, it would all come down to the strength of a person," someone from the Beast World chimed in. 

"Meh, I know what you're all saying. But you all are too big of an idiot to know what I'm saying," Du Liang said in a grim tone. " This finding others to snatch is just a drag. I don't wish to find you all to beat you to the ground. Why make it so complicated?"

"Wait a minute; you're all misunderstanding. You don't need to find treasures," the Emperor let out as he shook his head. "Instead, you need to find a specific item."

"Find what?" Du Liang asked, frowning. 

"The three leaves golden flower," the Emperor said as he waved his hand. An illusory image appeared near his hand that depicted a golden flower with three leaves.

'Law of Illusion?' Long Chen thought as he watched the illusory image near the Emperor's hand. It could only be made to be so realistic by someone who knew the law of Illusion.

This man... He was a master in Law of Illusion? Not only that, his mastery seemed to be even better. 

Whenever Long Chen cast his illusion, he had to be seeing the people. If his gaze was not on them, the illusion wasn't going to work. The Emperor didn't have this limitation.

He wasn't looking at Long Chen, yet Long Chen could see the illusion, which made him certain that the Emperor was better at it.

'Strange. If he is so good at illusion, how is it that he still didn't know about the illusion of Mask of Mischief? The Mask of Mischief was seeming more and more special. 

"The Three Leaves Golden Flower grows up at random places in the realm. It is tough to find, and more importantly, it is tough to procure as it is often guarded by Saint Realm Beasts," the Emperor informed them. 

"Saint Realm Beast? We need to kill a Saint Realm Beast to get one of these flowers? And we would need more to have a good chance at the top ranks? So we might even have to fight more than one... This would be challenging."

"Yeah. The difficulty is certainly high with this. We would need to work in a team to get as many flowers as we can before distributing."

Hearing about the quest, discussions started amongst the people who were already making plans on how to achieve their goal.

"I have a question!" a youngster raised their hand as he asked.

"You may ask," the Emperor answered.

"There would be a few who might horde the top rank by collecting flowers, but there would be draws as well. Many would have no flowers if luck doesn't support them. A few people might have two each or three each. How will the ranks be decided in case of draws?" The young man inquired.

"That's a good question, and we certainly thought of that. The answer is simple. Throughout your stay in the realm, you'll face many beasts and kill them. Just collect their bodies and bring them back. In case ten people have zero Three Leaves Golden Flower, their rank will be decided by the number of bodies they return and the strength of those beasts," the Emperor answered softly.