Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1118 - 1118: Terra's Brother

Long Chen had heard about someone being imprisoned that sounded just like Terra. He wanted to make sure if it was actually him or someone different. 

If it was actually Terra, it was going to prove that the world actually existed and it wasn't tough to get there, and if it was someone else, he could just marvel at the fact that there existed people in this world that were just like the people in that world. 

As Long Chen reached the prison, he was stopped by the guards who told him that only people who had the permission of the Elders could enter. 

"I have the permission of your sect master to go anywhere I want. Even she doesn't dare stop me. Step aside and don't delay me. I'm not in the mood to kill," Long Chen reminded the guards that were stopping him. 

"Not in the mood to kill? Kid, get out of here before we capture you," the guards warned Long Chen. 

Long Chen looked at Chu Miao before he asked, "Are these two new here?"

"Yes," Chu Miao answered. 

"Alright. I guess it doesn't matter. Since I'm here as a guest, I'll overlook this one mistake of theirs," Long Chen told Chu Miao before he brought out his Spirit Sword. 

"This is a Saint Grade Sword. If you think you can face it, then try to stop me. If you don't think you want to face it, then don't move an inch," Long Chen told the Guards.

"I already told you everything. From this point on, I won't be responsible. You're the owners of your own lives," Long Chen said before he started stepping towards the prison. 

"You dare lie to us? A kid like you and possessing a Saint Grade Sword? Even Heaven Grade Swords are rarest of the rare! You think we'll believe you. Stop right there!" 

The guards stepped forward and stood in Long Chen's path, not believing his words. They still believed he was just a kid. If they let him pass, the sect master was going to be angry at them. 

"I told you, your life and death were in your own hand. If you had just stood there, nothing would have happened. But since you moved, you can't blame me anymore. I already wasted a lot of my time here," Long Chen said calmly as he continued walking. 

Seeing him not stop, the guards brought out their swords, but before they could even aim at Long Chen, the Spirit Sword moved like lightning. 

Clank! Clank!

The two swords dropped to the ground, making a metallic sound. The heads of the guards also rolled on the ground along with the sword before their bodies fell with a thud sound.

Chu Miao looked at Long Chen, surprised. He actually killed Earth Realm guards so easily. She saw the Spirit Sword circling around Long Chen. 

"Is this actually a Saint Grade Sword?" She asked. 

"Yeah, it is," Long Chen replied. 

"Amazing. A Saint-grade weapon. Really amazing," Chu Miao said, stunned. 

"Even the Heaven Grade artifacts are the stuff of legend for people like us but to see a Saint Grade artifact. It looks like you really had some great adventure," she told Long Chen. 

"I guess you can call it that. Anyway, can you take me to those people?" Long Chen asked, bringing the topic back. 

"Ah, right. Come with me," Chu Miao told Long Chen as she stepped inside the prison. Long Chen also entered behind her.

She took Long Chen through the long corridors to the end of the floor where the stairs were present. Through the stairs, she brought him upstairs.

She stopped right before a cell that was fully closed. 

"This is the cell of the first creature that the sect captured long ago," she told Long Chen. 

"This place? I remember coming here before.  In that cell I killed Mi Yao. If I had known this cell belonged to someone who looked like Terra, I would have opened it as well," Long Chen muttered to himself. 

"Do you have the keys?" he asked Chu Miao. 

"I do," Chu Miao said, smiling as she brought out a set of keys. "These were hanging on the wall downstairs. One of these must be of his room."

She started trying the keys in the lock to see which one worked, and finally, on her seventh try, she heard a click as the lock opened.

With a creaking sound, the door opened to reveal the being inside. 

It was just like Chu Miao had described, a tall being with three eyes. He was similar to Terra. 

"Fascinating. You're just like Terra. I guess that work in the ring was made, inspired by your species," Long Chen muttered as he stepped inside the cell while gazing at the tired-looking being that seemed like he wasn't given anything to eat for weeks. He couldn't even move his legs or arms. 

"Terra? Did you talk about my brother Terra?" The being opened his eyes weakly as he asked. 

"Yeah. There was a person named Terra that looked similar to you. He also had a father called Terra and a missing bro-" Long Chen started explaining about Terra, but he soon stopped as he thought of something. 

"Wait a minute, did you say you're Terra's brother? Tell me the name of your clan and your father," Long Chen told the being. 

"My father's name is Terra. My clan's hand is..."

The being started talking about himself and his village. He even talked about how beautiful it was, their temple, and many more. 

"It can't be! So that world wasn't fake. It was real. And when you went missing there, you are captured by this place," Long Chen exclaimed in surprise. 

"Come, let me free you. I'll take you out," he said. " Your clan and your brother were friends of mine."

"You're lying. My clan and my brother can't be your friend. If he were, you wouldn't have captured him as well. You wouldn't have imprisoned him like me!" That being said. 

"You're lying. You're really lying. We used to think that humans are our heroes. They were the legendary creatures that came to our world according to our legends and helped us but now, I see the reality. You're not the legend, but you're one of the most selfish species," he added. 

"You're misunderstanding. I don't work for the people that captured you. I just happened to be passing through when I heard about you. I thought you sounded familiar, so I came to check. I have no hand in keeping you imprisoned," Long Chen replied.