Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 958 - 958: Out

While Long Chen watched Du Liang with a jealous gaze on his face, the number of people who were fighting kept decreasing. 

More than half the people that had decided to fight him in a team walked out of the battle, as for the ones that still chose to stay behind and fight kept getting killed one after another. 

The ones who stepped closer to Du Liang kept going into a daze before they were killed. As for the ones that decided to attack from a distance, they also suffered as they realized that Du Liang was not only good at short-range attacks but long-range as well. 

More importantly, his speed was too fast. Not a single attack had managed to hit Du Liang, who seemed like he was dancing with the winds while killing the enemies one after another. He kept appearing from one place to another as his sword kept flashing. 

' Amazing. There are warriors like that as well. Even I'm not sure if I could kill everyone so efficiently. It's as if each of his moves had been trained thoroughly millions of times. Not only the moves but his sense of battle as well,' Long Chen thought as he saw the slaughter happening right before his eyes. 

In no time, tens of bodies were lying on the ground. All the bodies were bleeding as they remained lifeless. 

There remained only one person who was still alive in front of Du Liang, and it was a blonde man from the Windshock World who was responsible for this team effort against Du Liang. 

As the man watched everyone die, he started regretting his choice. His greed had placed him right in the path of death, and now he couldn't back off. 

He looked back only to see Qian Yu and Long Chen there, enjoying the battle. He thought that if he ran from that direction, those two were going to stop him. And if he tried to run in the other direction, Du Liang was present there. 

He was stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Having no option, he decided to take the risk and run in the direction of Long Chen. They were casually sitting there, so they didn't have the best chance to stop him if he was careful. It was better than dying in the hands of Du Liang, who was stepping towards hon with a grim reaper-like smile. 

He turned back and started flying away. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong. He thought that he could run away if he were fast. He was wrong. He had only started flying when his head rolled over the ground. He did not even know who actually killed him as his world turned dark. 

A spirit sword floated near the dead body, which shot back towards Qian Yu, who caught the hilt of the Spirit Sword before she sent it back to her Storage Ring. 

"You, You took my last prey. I wanted to enjoy it," Du Liang called out as he rolled his eyes. 

"He was coming towards me. I had every right to attack," Qian Yu told Du Liang as she stood up. She stretched her arms as she yawned as if it was nothing serious. 

"Whatever, I can do nothing now that you killed him. We still have a few hours left. I'm going to go and see if I can find more Spirit Realm Beasts to have some fun. Now that I know that I don't have to worry about your safety, I can rest assured. The top rank is ours," Du Liang acknowledged as he nodded. He soon turned back and left, disappearing from their view. 

'Those three still didn't come,' Long Chen thought as he stood up. Meng Qian and his team members were the only ones who hadn't come. Were they not interested? Or did they not see the clouds? He wondered. 

What he didn't know was that they were coming here, but they saw a Three-leaves Golden Flower along the way and stopped to take that.

At the moment, those three were fighting a Saint Realm Beast. That's why they weren't here yet. 

Misunderstanding their absence, Long Chen thought that they weren't going to come even if he waited here for the next few days. Since he wasn't going to find them, he decided to use his time to find more flowers to get a good rank. If his luck was good, he might even find Ji Shan along the way.

He started walking away. He could hear footsteps behind him as he was leaving. 

"Why are you following me now?" he asked without looking back. 

"Didn't we finish what we had to talk about?" he further inquired. "I'll help you take the top rank. And I'll have my battle with you in your Empire. In return, you won't expose me. Why do you follow me now?"

"Why are you concerned? I am just making sure that you won't run away. I won't interfere in anything. Just treat me like wind," Qian Yu answered Long Chen. She didn't stop following him. 

"Cheh, you don't have even the least bit of trust in you. Fine. Be my shadow. I don't care," Long Chen responded as he rolled his eyes. 

He walked through the forest for the rest of the day. In this journey, he did face a few beasts that were easily killed by him. Unfortunately, he didn't find any Three-Leaves Golden Flowers. 

He walked over to a stone to sit down and rest a little when he noticed something shining in the distance. It was a Golden Flower which surprisingly had no Saint Realm Beast guarding it. He stood up as he walked towards the flower. 

He was just about to touch the flower to pluck it when the whole world started becoming blurry. Everything turned white. 

It lasted for only a few seconds before the light disappeared. Long Chen found himself back in the Royal Palace. He looked around and saw Qian Yu near him. 

Du Liang was also standing at some distance. Bing Lui and her team were also here, along with some other teams. 

"Welcome back. Your time inside the special realm is over. Some of you might still be confused because of being pushed out of the special reason so suddenly. But you're all back in the Royal Palace. The trial is over."

A man's voice fell on the ears of everyone, making Long Chen understand what might have happened. 

"You don't need to say anything. The score is already in front of all of us because of your token," the Emperor further informed everyone. 

"Your world also knows the score of yours. To have a look yourself, you may turn to your left," Emperor Meng informed everyone as he pointed towards a mirror that was floating a few inches above the ground. 

"What? Only so few of participants survived?" Meng Huling exclaimed in surprise as he watched the scores. There were sixty people who had taken part. 

Amongst those sixty, only twenty of them were still alive. Even though the scorecard had all sixty names, the presence of only twenty people was proof of how deadly this seemingly simple trial was.

What he didn't know was that it was mostly thanks to Du Liang and the battle against him to take his Golden Flowers. 

"How can this happen? Our people aren't back yet! What happened?" 

The guardian from the Dark World exclaimed as he failed to find Ning and the others. 

He looked at Emperor Meng.

"Something is wrong with your special realm. Ning and the others aren't here yet. Open your special realm again! I need to bring them back!" He called out. 

Emperor Meng shook his head as he answered, "The ones who are alive are here already. The ones who aren't here are most certainly dead."

"You're joking! Do you really think I'll believe that? None here has the ability to kill them! They must still be alive inside!" 

"I'm sorry, but they aren't," Emperor Meng answered. 

"As for the ability to kill them, I already told you. There are many Saint Realm Beasts in this place. Maybe their arrogance became their undoing. Or maybe someone here who's still alive killed them," he continued. His gaze landed on Du Liang as he said it. 

Du Liang understood what the Emperor was implying. A smile covered his face. 

"I wish I was the one who had done that. Unfortunately, I didn't even get the opportunity to meet them. I find myself so unlucky that I wasn't the one who killed them," he said.

"Was it sometime else here who killed them?" Emperor Meng inquired. 

Everyone shook their heads. 

"Must be a Saint Realm Beast them," the Emperor muttered as he nodded. 

He looked back at the guardian of the Dark World before he continued. "In any case, they are dead. And they can only blame themselves for not being careful. Everyone who took part in this had the same level of risk here."