Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1224 - 1224: We Didn't Find Him

The youngsters ran out of the room, fearful for their lives. They saw the body of the Elder lying on the ground, unmoving. 

It was clear that Long Chen wasn't going to stop. If he was crazy enough to kill their Elder, there was no chance for him to hesitate killing them.

Their heart was beating faster as they went down the stairs, praying that Long Chen wasn't going to kill them. 

"Are you going to kill them as well?" The Snake Monarch asked Long Chen. 

"Should I? We all know how this will end. I'll let them go, and they'll call their Sect Master. The Sect Master will come by the time we leave the Ghost Town, and he'll try to kill me only to die. Leaving them would be really stupid," Long Chen thought, smiling wryly.

"That's right. Let's take them out," Snake Monarch suggested. 

"Yeah. I did give them the chance to leave, but they didn't. So might as well..." Long Chen agreed as he disappeared. 


The disciples of the Sun Sect had just left the hotel when they stopped. They could see Long Chen standing in front of them as if he was waiting for them. 

"Let us leave! We promise we'll forgive you! If you killed us, you don't know what kind of trouble you'll be in!" Tian warned Long Chen, even though he was actually scared to his cores. 

"Killing you would bring troubles to me? You say that as if you'll really forget it if I let you leave. Moreover, what kind of troubles? Can they be any worse than the one that people get for killing your Elder?" Long Chen asked. 

"Y-yes! The Supreme Elder of the Sun Sect is my grandfather! If you kill me, he wi-"

Tian started threatening Long Chen with the influence of his family, but before he could even finish his sentence, he stopped. He slowly raised his hand to touch his neck, only to realize that there was blood everywhere. His neck was sliced. 

"You talk too much. You really should know that antagonizing the person who owns your life can always turn out bad," Long Chen said. The body of Tian plopped on the ground. 

"As for your Grandfather, who will even tell him? One of you? Or the people of this town? Why would they care about informing a distant sect about what happened here instead of focusing on their own exploration?" He further said, but Tian wasn't alive to listen anymore. 

He soon shifted his attention to the other youngsters that had started shaking on their boots. 

Some of them even dropped to their knees as they repeatedly apologized to Long Chen. 

Long Chen looked at the apologetic faces of the youngsters, which were covered with their tears as they begged for their lives. 

"I apologize, but you should've thought about this before. I don't have that much free time," Long Chen responded as a few spatial blades appeared out of nowhere, killing the Elders. 

Leaving the bodies behind, Long Chen lazily stepped inside the hotel. 


The Northern Empire was in chaos as the news was spreading everywhere about the demise of the Northern General.

Apparently he had entered the Dragon Temple never to return. After him, the Emperor himself went inside in search of the Northern General only to come back empty-handed. 

Even though no one said anything openly, it was clear that the Northern General was no more. If he were alive, he would be with the Emperor as he was very loyal and he never deserted his position. 

Even the other Emperors were here by now. The Northern Empire was accommodating the Four Emperors. 

All four of the Emperors were stunned to know that a General was dead. They believed it couldn't be the work of a cultivator. That only left one possibility. A Blood Dragon had killed them. 

" Doesn't this imply that the Blood Dragon Emperor is going to return? And the Blood Dragons are trying to show their loyalty?" The Eastern Emperor asked.  "We need to do something about this. We can't lose everyone."

"I agree, but what can we do? We don't know where they are? All the Blood Dragons had disappeared, and it's impossible to find them. Moreover, we also don't know where the body of Blood Dragon Emperor's body is," the Western Emperor said.

"Yeah. We searched the Palace of the Saint Emperor. But we couldn't find anything there either. There was nothing about the hiding location of the Dragon Emperor body," The Southern Emperor said, sighing. "We can't do anything but sit like idle ducks."

"I think we can never find the body of the Blood Dragon Emperor. His return is inevitable. We can only prepare for war. All of you go back and prepare for war. Also, let your spies spread out in search of Blood Dragons. We need to know where they are at all costs!" The Northern Emperor said. 

The others also agreed with the suggestion, and thus, the meeting of the Four Emperors was over.  Everyone departed to their Empires to get to work with their Generals. It was only the Northern Emperor who didn't have a General anymore. He had lost his right-hand man. 

The Northern Emperor instead went back to the Throne Room, seemingly lost in thought. 

As he was sitting on the Throne, trying to form a plan on what to do, he heard the door opening sound. 

Looking ahead, he realized that it was none other than the team he had sent on the Mortal World to see if the news about a Heavenly Demon appearance was true. 

They were the people that had failed to catch Long Chen before he elevated to the Immortal World. 

"So, what's the news? I heard that it was true that a Heavenly Demon had appeared, and you were chasing him? Did you find him?" The Emperor asked. 

"We didn't find him. He escaped before we got there. I think it would be impossible to find him anymore. From the trail we found, it seems like he had gone to a world controlled by Heavenly Demons," one of the Envoys answered, lying.

They had thought about this for a long time and discussed it amongst each other before they ultimately decided that it was better to lie. Instead of telling the truth that they failed despite having that guy in front of their eyes and getting killed, they lied.

In any case, it was better than being killed for this. And even if Long Chen was here, there was no way he was going to create trouble here, they thought.