Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 851 - 851: Martial Soul Awakens

"Who are you?" Long Chen asked the boy. It was obvious that the boy wasn't in sane condition, but he didn't seem to be crazy like last time either.

He was moving and fighting. And his eyes seemed focused as if there was someone else controlling the body of the boy. 

He was curious if the boy was even self-aware at the moment.

"I told you not to harm the mortals, but you didn't listen," Xu Liang said in a voice that seemed as if it was traveling through time, coming from the ancient time.

"What do you mean? I didn't kill your grandm-" Long Chen replied, but before he could even finish his sentence, an invisible force pushed him back, making him crash on the wall in the back.

Cough! Cough!

Long Chen spat out a mouthful of blood as he came out of the rubble.

"Is this the end? I can't use any laws, and I can't escape? Should I use the Dark Sacrifice? That seems to be the only option left, but if I do, I'll cause the whole city to be destroyed. Ji Shan is still hiding here," he muttered weakly as he wondered what he could do. 

Even though he was in a tough situation that seemed impossible to escape from, he was less concerned about his life and more concerned about how he could deal with the enemy before him while making sure that he doesn't kill Ji Shan in the process.

"Why are you attacking me! I didn't kill your Grandma! I didn't even know her!" Long Chen yelled, trying to bring Xu Liang out of this limbo.

" You said you wouldn't harm mortals if I let myself be punished, yet you broke your promise. I destroyed the balance, yet you destroyed the dignity. You shall die!" Xu Liang said heavily.

Long Chen couldn't understand what he was talking about. What balance? What dignity? Was he even the same person? Or was he dreaming something?

The people of the Empire couldn't resist anymore as they dropped down to their knees unwillingly. It was as if their body was moving on their own from some kind of primordial fear that resided inside them.

"Who is the kid? How is he so strong?" Lim Yi asked. Her face was already sweating.

"He must be some old monster who just looks like a kid. His aura is stronger than His Majesty, who is the strongest in this world. It's obvious that this kid isn't from here," Fu Min answered.

"He isn't from here? What do you mean? He is from a different world?" Gu Yan asked Fu Min.

"Not just a different world. I think he is from a Higher World. The Immortal World!" Fu Min answered.

"The Immortal World?" Lim Yi asked in confusion.

"I am sure you don't know about this. Even I found out coincidentally. Only the Cultivators who are at the true peak of this world know about the Immortal World," Fu Min answered.

"What is this Immortal World? Tell us as well," Lim Yi said, wondering what Fu Min knew.

"After Cultivators cultivate to the peak of this mortal realm, they are able to break through the barriers of the world and go to the immortal world. From what I heard, the immortal world is where the strongest humans live. That's where humans truly gain immortality," Fu Min said.

"Really? That's amazing. No wonder I never heard about this. Only the strongest being can elevate to the Immortal World" Gu Yan nodded his head, amazed. 

"Yeah. From what I heard, the Qi in that world is multiple times purer than here. If we were there, our Cultivation speed would have been much faster. That's why people try to get stronger so they can get there and establish a family there. Their family gets the benefits of that Qi; thus, their future generations kept becoming stronger than the last," Fu Min said as he observed the battle.

There was actually no battle, though. It was just Long Chen being thrown here and there like he was a toy that Xu Liang was playing with. 

"What happened. Why aren't you talking big like before? You promised that you would keep your words if I didn't do anything. You promise that there will be peace, yet you got down to hurting my kids. Why!" Xu Liang roared as he stomped on the chest of Long Chen, who was lying on the ground, unmoving.

Long Chen had decided to use the Dark Sacrifice since there was no other option, but before he could, he was hit again and finally lost consciousness before he could even use it.

He was already lying on the ground unconscious when he was stomped by Xu Liang. 

A crater was created under him as cracks spread everywhere.


"What is happening? Since the kid lost control, I'm unable to leave the bloodline temple. It's like my connection is cut off with Long Chen as well. Just what is happening outside?"

Xun was sitting inside the bloodline temple, worrying. No matter how much she tried, she wasn't able to go out. She wasn't able to contact Long Chen.

She was worrying for Long Chen's safety since it wasn't normal what was happening now. She was having a foreboding feeling.

She couldn't take it anymore as she stood up. She walked into the room of the Bloodline Temple, which had a mirror.

There was a shadow inside the mirror that looked illusory.

" Do you know what's happening? I can't contact him outside," she asked as she looked at the mirror, but she didn't get a response.

She started walking back and forth as she grew restless. Her feeling of doom was increasing.


"Today, I shall really finish it all. There would be no threat left to this world after you're gone. This world doesn't need someone like you," Xu Liang's ancient voice responded in the atmosphere.

The sun that was high in the sky started getting bigger as the temperature increased. It felt as if the ground was burning. It was so hot that not only this city but people all around the world have started sweating.

Xu Liang raised his hand towards the sky, and a sword started forming, which seemed to be made using the rays of the sun.

The rays of the sun formed the sword. The Qi from nature rushed towards this sword, filling it up with their boundless energy as if this was what their purpose was. The Sword slowly started taking shape. Every inch of it looked beautiful. 

In a few minutes, the sword was completed, which seemed to be the most dazzling weapon in existence. If Long Chen were awake, even he would be stunned at how beautiful this sword looked.

"This sword? Just how can he form something so dazzling out of thin air? Are the people from the Immortal World really so strong?" Gu Yan said in amazement as he fawned over the sword. 

"One day, I want to go there as well. I want to be as strong as the guy, too," Lim Yi agreed. 

"As the punishment of you breaking promises, I give you death!" Xu Liang said as he slashed down; however, that's when something happened.

The Bloodline Temple started shaking. Xun was stunned as this was the first time this had happened. The bloodline temple that was always still in time was finally shaking like there was an earthquake.

She didn't know that right at that moment; something else had happened as well. 

Something else was happening inside the Martial Space of Long Chen. Long Chen's Martial Soul, which almost always had its eyes closed, opened its eyes abruptly now.

As soon as the Martial Soul opened its eyes, Long Chen also opened his eyes again.

The eyes of the Martial Soul, as well as the eyes of Long Chen, both were blood red.