Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 864 - 864: Forgotten

Watching the men run away after trying to kill him, Ji Shan only got angry.

As Ji Shan attacked the running men, Long Chen took a short glance to make sure everything was fine. After making sure that Ji Shan was dealing with the enemies just fine, he shifted his focus back at Ming Lan.

"Tell me. Why do you look so concerned?" He asked.

"It's just that Sister Mingyu... When we were all talking about ourselves, we heard her circumstances. Her Empire was on the edge of war when she had left. I heard that you were on your way to her Empire. I could feel the worries on her face about her Empire. She might not say it, but she is really worried. I'm not sure if delaying this would be good," Ming Lan muttered in a barely audible voice. 

Hearing her words, there was a blank look on Long Chen's face. He slapped his forehead as if he couldn't believe it.

"Ahh, That left my head entirely. I wasn't coming to this Continent for Ji Shan. Finding him was a part of meeting with him. The main goal was to get the Empire. How could I forget about such an important thing!" He let out.

"Ah, you had forgotten?" Ming Lan asked, not believing herself.

"I didn't forget. I just didn't get time to get to my main purpose, and it slipped my head. I just found Ji Shan, so I didn't waste much time," Long Chen muttered, shaking his head. 

"Ji Shan!" He called out.

Ji Shan had killed half the bandits, and he was about to kill the rest as well when he was called by Long Chen.

Ji Shan stopped attacking and looked back.

He could see Long Chen sitting on top of the Snake Monarch with Ming Lan.

"Did you find out where we are?" Long Chen asked.

" I did," Ji Shan answered.

"Good. Stop wasting time on those bandits. Come back. We are in a hurry to get somewhere," Long Chen told him in a hurry.

Seeing the haste in Long Chen's tone, Ji Shan realized that he must be getting late for something. 

He took one last glance at the bandits who were running away before he sighed.

He shook his head before he started walking towards the Snake Monarch.


He landed on the Snake Monarch and sat beside him.

"There is Tianme Kingdom's Royal City at two days' distance from us," he told Long Chen, giving him an idea about their location. 

Long Chen nodded his head as he brought a map out of his ring.

He had purchased this map in the last city. He tried to find the Tianme Kingdom on the map.

"That's the Tianme Kingdom. There's the Esteria Empire. That should be the home of Mingyu," Long Chen muttered as he observed the map.

"Strange. The Quandi Empire and the Tricion Empire that she told to be involved in this conflict aren't on the map. It only shows one Empire on this Continent, and that is the Esteria Empire. What about the other two Empires?" He wondered as he looked at the map in confusion.

"If it's about Mingyu's home, why don't you call her out and ask her?" Ji Shan suggested.


Long Chen called out Mingyu from the Fake World.

As soon as Mingyu came out, she saw Ji Shan and Long Chen.

"Ji Shan, You're here. How was your time alone in the Continent?" She asked.

Ji Shan sighed as he shook his head. "It's better if you don't ask. I can call it anything but pleasant. However, I found something that gave me the best memories of my life that I'll never wish to forget."

"Hmm?" Mingyu was seemingly confused as to what happened, but before she could ask more, her attention was attracted by Long Chen.

"Forget him for a minute and focus here. Did you forget our goal is to go to your Esteria Empire? I have a question for you. Here, I have a map of this Continent. It does have the Esteria Empire as we were looking for, but I did notice something strange as well."

"I can't see Qiandi Empire or Tricion Empire. Can you understand something?" He asked Mingyu.

Mingyu sat down before him and looked at the map.

"That's the Esteria Empire. The boundaries seem to be the same as well. Why are the other Empires not shown on the map?" Even Mingyu looked confused.

"Could it be that the war was actually waged and the Esteria Empire wiped the other Empires?" Ming Lan chimed in.

"That shouldn't be possible unless something really extraordinary happened, but that seems to be the possibility since the other Empires aren't on the map," Mingyu wondered.

"Another possibility is that the Kingdom where you purchased the map comes under the Esteria Empire. Because of the conflict, maybe the Esteria Empire decided to remove the name of other Empires from its maps?" Ji Shan suggested.

"Ah, yeah. That makes more sense. A political stunt," Long Chen muttered, finding this explanation plausible.

Even Mingyu nodded her head, thinking it to be possible.

After the confusion was cleared, Long Chen sent Mingyu back, who was happy that she was soon going to be at her home. 

After deciding on the journey, the Snake Monarch left in the direction of the Esteria Empire. 

Long Chen was glad to see Mingyu looking excited to be at her home; however, he was somewhat disappointed as well since he had the Orb of Law of Destiny, which he couldn't use. The comprehension needed time, which could be in months. Time was what he didn't have now since his original plan to take some time off was dumped. 

He couldn't help but find it funny. He worked so hard to find law orbs. These things were treasures for people, but now that he had one, he couldn't even use it.

"Are you disappointed that you can't learn what you wanted?" Ming Lan asked  Long Chen, understanding how he wanted to learn a law.

"It's nothing. I can learn that later as well. It's not like I won't have time later on," Long Chen answered, smiling. "I can learn it after I take her back."

"Yeah. That's better. Any delay is bad since she's been waiting for so long already," Ming Lan said, nodding her head. 

"Yeah. I already made her wait for so long. It'd be really bad if I made her wait any longer when her family might be exterminated at any second. It's better to be fast," Long Chen muttered as he looked into the distant horizon.