Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1057 - 1057: Journey Back

"I knew long ago. When you brought the Dark Orb out, I realized what I was looking for. It was that orb that had attracted me there. Unfortunately, I met you first. And you wanted that orb, so I sacrificed that for you," the Snake Monarch answered Long Chen's question. 

"Alright. I can believe the explanation that you were trying to find that Law Orb which I wanted, but you sacrificed it for me and didn't even tell me? You expect me to believe that? Now that you've finished that emotional excuse, Tell me the truth now," Long Chen replied lazily, not believing the latter half of the Snake Monarch's story. 

"So you don't believe your Emperor?" the Snake Monarch asked, acting hurt. 

"I don't," Long Chen replied lazily. 

'Sigh, fine. I was attracted by that, but when I touched it, I felt detested. I didn't want to have anything to do with it, so I let you have it. Otherwise, I would have swallowed it," the Snake Monarch said, telling the truth, annoyed at being caught. 

"Now that's more believable. Anyway, tell me about yourself. Where were you actually born? How did you live before meeting me, and who taught you to brag so much?" Long Chen asked, trying to pass some time on this long journey. 

'Huh? Brag? I never brag. I always tell the truth. I'm just like my father, who always used to tell the truth," the Snake Monarch replied proudly. 

"So you learned it from your father. I understand now," Long Chen replied as he nodded his head. "He was like you."

"As for where I was born, of course, I was born at my home."

"You duffer. You should tell where that home was. And are there more Snake Monarchs like you in existence? I heard you people are pretty rare?" Long Chen asked. 

"Rare? I guess we would be after our entire place was wiped. I don't know about others, but from my village, only I was able to escape alive," The Snake Monarch said, sighing. 

"Hah? Your place was wiped? By who?" Long Chen asked, surprised. 

"By some people. It's not worth it to bring back old things. So stop talking about it now. I don't want to ever remember again," the Snake Monarch said, refusing to answer. 

"Fine. I won't talk about it. But just remember. You're my friend. I'm always here for you, no matter how shameless and annoying you may be. You have helped me a lot, and I'll help you too. Just remember that," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch. 

"If you ever want revenge and find the ones that destroyed your family, I won't ask twice before destroying them," he added as he patted the back of Snake Monarch. 

"Hah, are you feeling emotional for this Monarch? Don't worry. I won't need your help. I am the one that helps Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Demons when they need it. Why would I need help myself? This monarch is the strongest in the world," Snake Monarch said as he laughed. 

"So you're back to bragging. Whatever, that's somewhat entertaining to me sometimes. Just don't overdo it," Long Chen said as he smiled wryly. 


Time kept trickling away slowly as Long Chen flew towards the Esteria Empire. 

The Trial of the Worlds was over, and all the participants and spectators went back to their own worlds. 

Only the Eldest son of Emperor Meng was left behind since technically he was the Emperor now. They had to discuss the results in the meeting of Twenty Worlds, which was now going to be attained by him as well.

Emperor Lu had already gone back to the Esteria Empire as well. He came here for Long Chen. When that guy himself left, he didn't find any point in staying behind. 

Still, instead of using Teleportation to fly back, he used his tamed beast. He wanted to travel the long path without any shortcut in hopes that he might be able to find Long Chen along the way. In any case, he saw no point in staying behind to find Long Chen. 


The journey back seemed shorter as time passed faster in the conversation. And when Long Chen wasn't talking, he was spending his time in Cultivation to strengthen himself even more. 

At the moment, he was Cultivating when he heard the voice of the Snake Monarch. "We're back here. Wake up."

Slowly opening his eyes, Long Chen realized that it was true. They were really back at the Esteria Empire. He found the journey to be pretty fast. 

"It's good. Take me to Royal City. And let's avoid all the cities along the way," Long Chen instructed the Snake Monarch, who nodded his head. 

The Snake Monarch did as he was told. Instead of going through the cities, he flew from around them, dodging their airspace. 

"I liked the old you who didn't bother to avoid anything. But you're back to old old you. It sucks. Now I'm taking the long route instead of the shortcut because of you," Snake Monarch complained.

"It's not that. As I said, it's not because I'm scared. It's part of the plan. Everyone saw me in Tricion. No one should know that I'm back to Esteria. Only then can my plan move forward. Not everything can be solved with force. Don't worry; I'll show you everything. You'll get the front row seats this time," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, who nodded his head. 

"Fine. Let's see how it progresses. I am curious to know what you're going to do," the Snake Monarch replied. 

Despite taking a longer route, the Snake Monarch didn't take long before reaching the Royal City because of his fast speed.

"So, we're at our destination. I can't avoid it since this is where you want to go. Should I barge inside?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen as he stopped outside the Royal City of Esteria. 

"Yeah. I'll go down here—no need to go inside like this. You also get smaller. Since you'll be accompanying me, stay as small as you can and hide yourself around my arm. I'll use you as a bracelet," Long Chen said to the Snake Monarch. 

"What? Bracelet? Have you gone crazy?"

"No. I don't mean as a literal bracelet. I mean, that's how you can disguise yourself. Or you can always go back to the Beast Mountain to rest. I just thought you wanted to accompany me. But if you want to go back, that should be even faster," Long Chen replied lazily as he jumped down the Snake Monarch. 

"Sigh, fine. But only because I want to see what you do. It's definitely not because I like staying with you," Snake Monarch complained as he started getting smaller while following Long Chen.