Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 879 - 879: Reaching Empire

"As for the new town leader, he might have some scheme as well. For him to adopt the girl, maybe it wasn't all pure intentions. That should be the only reason her physique affected him," Long Chen explained to Ji Shan.

" The hotel owner's wife might have done something to harm the girl as well if it is because of the girl's physique; however, I believe it's most probably a natural accident that she fell down the stairs and died," he continued as he glanced at the hotel.

" In short, the physique isn't harmful to us as long as we don't think about killing her. I don't care about the girl, so her Physique won't affect Ming Lan or me. And you care for her, so you're safe as well."

Long Chen explained everything he had managed to find out, which not only stunned Ji Shan but Ming Lan as well. 

"That explains a few things, but it still doesn't explain why I wasn't hurt? The physique protected her using luck and other factors as a weapon. How was I able to harm her so much then?" Ji Shan inquired as he expressed his doubts.

If it was the truth, he should have been harmed when he hurt the girl.

"As I said, the physique only works against the ones that actually wanted to hurt the kill. What you did was pure accident which was why you were so worried for her safety. That's why you could hurt her since you had no ill intentions," Long Chen explained.

"Still, even though what you said makes sense, I can't let you be the test subject of this theory. Do one thing, leave without me. I'll stay here with her. After I'm done verifying this theory, I'll come for you in the Royal City," Ji Shan suggested after shaking his head lightly. "Or if you're done before that, you can pass through this town on your way out."

" You don't have to stay behind. You can bring her with us," Long Chen suggested. 

"No, I have decided. I feel like she needs me. Even though I don't know the girl, she reminds me so much of her. I want to accompany her for a little longer. Either I'll fall for her, or I'll realize that she isn't like her. Both scenarios need me to stay here," Ji Shan refused.

Seeing the determination on Ji Shan's face, Long Chen realized how serious he was being.

He still decided to ask, "Is this really what you want?" 

"Yeah. This is what I have decided. I am sorry I can't accompany you. I'll get there soon, though. I'll join the war with you," Ji Shan answered.

"It's fine. Don't worry about it. Take your time here. Come only when you're ready," Long Chen smiled subtly as he shook his head.

"Go and accompany her," he let out before he turned back.

Holding Ming Lan's hand, he started leaving.

Ji Shan reached out as if trying to say something. He clenched his fist as he shook his head. He took one last glance before he turned back.

He stepped inside the hotel.

Long Chen called out the Sun Destroying Condor, which spread out its wings as it landed on the ground.

Ming Lan and Long Chen stepped over the Sun Destroying Condor before it rose to the air once again.

"I'm happy for him," Ming Lan told Long Chen as she gazed towards the hotel that grew increasingly distant the farther they went.

"Me too. I was concerned to see him. He had lost so much. Even though he was acting strong around us, I knew he was in pain," Long Chen muttered as he sighed. 

He reached out his hand and held Ming Lan's hand. Their fingers intertwined as he continued, "I hope that girl can fill the void in his heart."

" I hope the same," Ming Lan agreed.

"We will soon be in the Royal City, though. It doesn't seem like there would be another snowstorm today. In the Royal City, I can call everyone out. My family would love to meet Mingyu's parents as well, right? It can be another family gathering. I'm somewhat excited."

As the Sun Destroying Condor raced through the sky, Long Chen kept thinking about the future.

He was assured that the war wasn't going on. In this weather, no one would be fighting so he could enjoy a few moments of peace. 

Hearing his words, Ming Lan started chuckling. Long Chen looked at her and asked, "Why are you laughing?" 

"f you're so excited about this meeting, I can only imagine how excited Ming Lan would be," Ming 

"Hahaha, right. She was so eager to come back. Finally, her wish is going to be filled. Also, it's good that there is no outright war yet. We are either lucky, or she was just too concerned thinking the Empire would be invaded by now. From what I heard, this Empire has never been invaded. Her father is handling things pretty good," Long Chen pointed out.

"Oh, right. From family, I remembered," he suddenly exclaimed as he thought of something. In Ji Shan's matter, he had forgotten entirely about the Snake Monarch who was still inside the Fake World. He had promised that he would be called out to accompany them.

He called out the Snake Monarch.

The Snake Monarch appeared before them and started flying cheerily.

"Hah, I knew you wouldn't forget your King. If it were someone else, they would have thought that you had forgotten to call me out when you called out this birdy. But I had faith in my disciple!" He called out.

"Oh? Now I became your discipline from your right hand?" Long Chen started laughing as if even he was finding it funny.

"Anyway, become small. Don't fly so freely. We shouldn't attract unnecessary attention," he continued.


The Snake Monarch was of the size of a normal snake, but it started getting smaller and smaller until he was only as thick as Long Chen's finger. He was also only thirty centimeters long.

"Is it small enough?" He asked after getting smaller.

"That should be fine for now. I can say you're a worm beast even if someone notices," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

"Worm? You dare call me an insect?" 

Even though the Snake Monarch was finding it insulting, after a round of discussion, he agreed since Long Chen claimed that he was only talking about a situation that was highly unlikely.


A flying beast reached the Royal City of Estonia Empire, carrying three people and a little snake.