Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1305 - 1305: Heroic Arts

"So, even that sword isn't that effective. Interesting," Zhu Chang muttered, flicking his wrist once as the sword began to glow a bright shade of red, emitting dense heat. He then slashed at the Dark Spirit before him—one that had been cut in half before. 

"Good, fire is effective." He laughed, seeing the severed pieces of the Dark Spirit catch up in flame and begin to burn. 

Though, as it began to generate a lot of smoke and a nasty stench, he frowned, jumping back as he dusted his clothes, "Fire is not good."

He was just about to switch his mode of attack when an idea struck him, causing him to laugh in joy, praising himself, "Right, I was missing that."

He then shouted in a flurry, hacking the Dark Spirits one after another as they began to surround him, beginning to come at him one after another. As he hacked at them one after another, his expression collapsed, "That one looks really ugly!"

"Kekeke!" A sinistrous laughter resounded as the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit suddenly appeared, coiling its tail around the hilt of his sword before pulling it away. It then disappeared through the crowd, vanishing with his sword, causing him to become amused.. 

He was then swarmed by the Dark Spirits. Punches, kicks, hooks, head butts, Zhu Chang did everything to keep them at bay. But slowly, he began to get tired as his body was covered by mud. 

He didn't want to end it too fast, so he didn't use any powerful attack, but just ordinary attacks weren't doing the trick since there were just too many spirits here. 

His attacks grew slower as a Dark spirit clamped on his hand, dragging him to the ground. One by one, the Dark Spirits clamped and clawed him, drowning him soon after. 

As he saw his vision getting buried by the figures of the Dark Spirits, Zhu Chang muttered, " These trash spirits think they can defend me with just that? I am the heir of the Dark Tortoise Clan. Let alone him; even their ancestors can't defeat me."

Upon seeing a Dark Spirit blocking his mouth, he blew a little, sending it flying far away, speaking with a tone of remorse and regret, "I am amazed that these spirits don't just run away."

"In my entire lifetime, I just didn't face someone who didn't run away. People either ran away instantly, or they ran away after they saw me killing others. But it's the first time that they come at me with such passion without any fear!"

"This is just what I was looking for! Perfect! Keep coming at me! Come at me even more! Let me embrace this feeling! I might not get to have it for long! The trip to this place has been worth it!"

"Wait! This place! If I'm not wrong, a place with such a potent aura must have that! Why didn't I think of this before! If I can find it, then I can....!"

He shouted with all his might, "The Dark Aura…Spirit…Plant, yes, the Dark Aura Spirit Plant that can grow at the heart of this place might revive her. After dealing with them, I can try to find it! If I'm lucky, my search might end here!"

"So," His eyes had a glimpse of hope, nothing like he ever had before. He was actually looking serious and not like he was playing here. His face pulsed with intense indignation, "I will… get that flower!"

His body began to shine with a radiant light, causing it to spill out through the gaps between the swarm of Dark Spirits atop him, "No one can stop me! Not even you all!"

A Dark Spirit stopped chewing as it stared at the blinding light, agape, only now noticing all its teeth had been broken. Followed by the blinding light was a blast of wind, one mixed with a mysterious golden energy. 

The energy pulsed out like a wave from Zhu Chang as the center, shattering all the Dark Spirits into the tiniest of fragments, vaporizing everything in the blast radius instantly. And right at this time, a massive bolt of lightning struck the center of the place. 

Standing within a massive crater, holding a spear flickering with intense lightning arcs, was Zhu Chang, now donning a classical armor, one that sported numerous wear and tear, covered by blood and a mixture of grass, mud, and other substances.

It painted him with the feeling of a valiant general that triumphed on the battlefield innumerous times, having laid his body for his country without hesitation, a man of honor that was the symbol of pride, bravery, and honor. 

Holding the spear in his hands, Zhu Chang gazed at the sea of black that was rushing towards him from beyond the blast radius, "The darkness of the world, beings of torment, trapped in endless solitude, the harbingers of disasters, the creatures of abyss…that's enough I guess."

He coughed, putting on the solemn face once again, "You have tormented this world enough. I, Zhu Chang, the Heir of the mighty Black Tortoise Clan, now announce my decree! You shall be laid to rest here, today, now!"

With a flash of lightning, his body seemed to almost warp in the air, for the movement speed was too quick. 

Using the insane momentum, Zhu Chang impaled the spear in the chest of a Dark Spirit, followed by a lightning bolt that landed on the back of his spear and passed out from the blade, hitting five other Dark Spirits in the front.

As their charred bodies fell on the ground, Zhu Chang spun his spear once, throwing off the impaled Dark Spirit into the rushing crowd, toppling tens of Dark Spirits. "Come! Face your end!"

He lifted his spear, facing the tip towards the sky, unleashing a lightning bolt into the sky. He then held it with both hands, pointing it forward, entering a stance as his entire body blossomed into a bolt of lightning. 

Zhu Chang crouched, bending lower and lower as he stretched his legs to the limit, causing his feet to dig into the ground, deeper and deeper. The air around him trembled as it turned volatile, sparking a couple of times at the start. 

Within a second, it turned into a sea of lighting as thunder rumbled. The air formed a vortex around him, condensing around the tip of the spear, displaying the tremendous power he was gathering inside him. 

"Heroic Arts," He bellowed, bending even further until his forward leg was aligned on the ground, stomping with enough power that a massive crater formed while his figure vanished.