Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1280 - 1280: Glaze Empire

"Good. Just stay out of the way," the Blood Dragon Emperor said, ending the topic. 

The two of them continue flying in the direction they had selected, hoping to find someone on the way. At this point, the two of them didn't even know if they were going in the right direction or the wrong. 

All they knew was that they were hoping for the best and some support from luck. 

The greenery on the land turned barren as the terrain changed. They had only traveled for a few hours, but such a significant terrain change so suddenly was surprising. 


"Finally!" The Blood Dragon Emperor exclaimed as if he was extremely relieved. 

"I see a group flying towards us. It's time for you to disappear. Don't let them see you!" He told Long Chen. 

"Don't worry, only you can see me now. They won't be able to see me," Long Chen told the Blood Dragon Emperor, activating the Shadow Transformation, he continued flying. 

A group of Eagle-like creatures was flying towards them, seeming like they were racing each other. 

Soon, the ground also noticed the Blood Dragon Emperor. They reached the Blood Dragon Emperor and started circling him, glaring at him. 

Blood Dragon Emperor started speaking in some strange language which Long Chen couldn't understand, but he believed that this guy was asking them for directions. 

The human-sized eagles didn't look to be responding in kind. They continued circling the Blood Dragon Emperor suspiciously, making strange noises. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor continued explaining, but nothing seemed to be working. 

"Fine! I give up! Human, kill them all! They don't want to answer. Instead, they want to take me with them and kill me for invading their homes. Do it fast!" Blood Dragon Emperor ultimately said. 

"Human?" He asked again as he received no response. He was waiting for Long Chen to answer, but he wasn't getting any answers. 

"Come on! Answer me!" The Blood Dragon Emperor repeated again, still getting no response. 

Blood Dragon Emperor looked around, unable to find Long Chen here. "Are you even here? Don't tell me you ran away?"

As he asked this question, finally, he got a response. 

"Didn't you tell me not to intervene? I'm just keeping up my words," Long Chen said to him, still not coming out in the open. 

"Forget that! There's no need for that. Just because my body is weak, they think they can do anything. Teach them a lesson!" The Blood Dragon Emperor roared. 

"What if they contact the Royals?" Long Chen asked. 

"They won't. They're too arrogant for that! Moreover, they don't have something they can use to contact them. Just kill all of them, leaving only one alive so we can interrogate him." Blood Dragon Emperor looked impatient as he worried for his life, watching the eagles slowly creeping closer to him. 

"These bastards! If only I had my body, they would have seen the consequences of messing with the Blood Dragon Emperor!" he cursed under his breath, seeing random weaklings treat him like this, all because he was trapped in a weak body. 

"Am I hearing it right? You're requesting me to help you?" Long Chen asked, smiling. 

"You're enjoying it, aren't you?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, frowning. "Will you intervene or not?"

"Fine. I'll help you," Long Chen smiled as he canceled his heaven's shroud while bringing out his Sword of Time. 

All the eagles grew shocked, seeing a human appear before them out of thin air. 

Screeching like mad, they all attacked Long Chen, opening their beaks wide. Unfortunately, they were slow. Before they could even attack Long Chen, they saw him disappear. 

All the eagles spread out, searching for Long Chen, believing that he had escaped. 

Even though most of the group stopped their attack, some of them continued, simply changing their target from Long Chen, who had disappeared, to the Blood Dragon Emperor who was still here. 


The Blood Dragon Emperor was about to be attacked by two Dark Eagles when Long Chen appeared above them, swinging his sword. 

The pitch black sword sliced the heads of both the eagles one after another. 

The screeching sound of the eagles as they died alerted the others. The other Eagles looked in their direction, only to find two of them falling down without their heads. 

Long Chen still wasn't there, disappearing as soon as he attacked. 

His figure kept flickering as he continued appearing in different places, attacking and disappearing again. 

The stealth attacks continued until only one Eagle had remained. The Eagle realized that something was wrong. Instead of trying to continue its unsuccessful attacks, it started flying away. 

"Where are you going, little birdie?" Long Chen asked, appearing above the last eagle. He swung his sword one last time, but his target wasn't the neck of this Eagle this time. It was his wings. 

His sword sliced the right wind of the Eagle, which destroyed her balance. The eagle started falling down, unable to continue flying. 

The eagle continued flapping its other wind, trying to soften its crash. It fell on the ground. Long Chen also landed behind her. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor also approached them. 

The eagle stood up, opening its beak to attack again. 

"Look, big guy. You know as well as I that your attack isn't going to work. Why do you keep trying then? We aren't invaders."

"We didn't want to attack you! All we wanted was to ask for directions since we're new here, but you were the ones that started being hostile first! Even after all that, I still left you alive! Don't make the mistake of attacking me, and you'll be able to go back alive!"

The eagle glared at Long Chen, closing its mouth. It didn't attack. 

"That's good. All we wanted was to know the direction. Where are we at the moment? And how do we get to Dark Spirit Island?" Long Chen asked. 

The Eagle started speaking something which Long Chen didn't understand at all. He looked back at the Blood Dragon Emperor, wondering if this guy could understand something. 

"Ah, so that's where we are. No wonder we see you guys here.  But that also means that we're a bit too far from the Dark Spirit Island," the Blood Dragon Emperor said, sighing. 

"Where are we?" Long Chen asked the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"We're in the Glaze Empire, near the Dark Eagle Tribe," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"Glaze Empire?" Long Chen asked, confused.

"Yeah.. You know I told you about the Seven Royal Families ruling the Beast World? Each of those seven families rules over an Empire where thousands of beast species stay," Blood Dragon Emperor explained.