Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1217 - 1217: Heavily Rewarded

" It's a powerful High Grade Sect in the Immortal World. If we go, by comparison, the people we met previously should be from a middle grade sect. You can say that the Saint Formation Sect is the one that owns every shop here," Long Chen explained.

"But didn't you say that High Grade Sects weren't interested in Ghost Town?" Snake Monarch inquired.  ​​

"They aren't interested in that. That's true. But they are certainly interested in money as many items to carve formation and to practice cost money. That's why a few students do this every time. Think of it as a tradition."

"In any case, if they don't do it, the mid-grade sects will go directly to their sects to ask for these things. The Formation Sect Elders might even give away things for free. Or even if they take money to give these items, the money might not go to the students. So the students set up this system," Long Chen explained. 

"Interesting. So many intricacies. But if they really want money, why don't they just go inside the Ghost Town and get the treasures? Selling them would be worth it," the Snake Monarch suggested. 

"That's right. Selling them would be worth it, but then the sect would get angry. It'll be like their disciples becoming robbers for items which are low grade in their eyes," Long Chen responded. 

"To not offend the sect, they don't enter. As I said, most High Grade Sects have a reputation to maintain, even if it's just for show. They can't just stoop to the levels of these mid grade sects for treasures," he further added.

"That's right. I'm amazed there's someone who knows so much about the High grade sects. May I ask who you are?" An old sounding voice came from behind. 

Long Chen turned back to notice an old looking man standing behind him. He looked as old as the old man in the restaurant. 

 The only difference was that the man was even stronger than the old man who was sitting in the restaurant last time. 

It was surprising since it meant he was approximately as strong as the Sect Masters of the Mid-grade Sects.

"I'm just taking a guess. Don't worry about me," Long Chen answered. He started walking away. 

"You were right," the old man said abruptly 

"I was right about what?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"You were right about the time duration of the pendant. It won't last longer than a day, and its effects will start decreasing," the old man said. 

"Is that so? And how do you know that?" Long Chen inquired. 

"Because someone I know made those pendants to only be useful for one day," the old man replied. "Now the question remains. How were you able to know about that? What is your identity?"

"Ah, so you were the ones who made them. Let me guess; you're from the Saint Formation Sect?" Long Chen asked in return, not answering the last question. 

" If you want to know the answer to the question, you'll need to come with us. Don't worry; we won't harm you. That's not what our Sect does. I just want you to meet someone," the old man said, inviting Long Chen. 

"Is that so? I'm glad you said that. Otherwise, I was really scared to follow strangers," Long Chen replied with a deadpan face as if he was mocking the man. 

"Let's go meet whoever that person is," he said, smiling. 

The old man nodded as he started walking back in a certain direction.

After following the man, Long Chen was amused to find out that they had ended up in front of the previous shop itself. 

Long Chen and the old man stepped inside. 

"Hey, isn't that the shameless guy that lied about this shop? Why is he back?"

"Maybe he came to apologize. Just let him be. He must have realized his mistakes."

While the customers made a mind of their own, the shop owner didn't say anything as he knew the old man who was leading Long Chen. 

Long Chen and the old man went to the stairs that were heavily guarded by the guards. The guards didn't stop them, though.

Long Chen and the old man climbed the stairs to go to the higher floor, which seemed like a different world in itself. Unlike the lower floor, it seemed bigger and seemed to have even more precious items. 

But what really stunned Long Chen was the young woman who was sitting on the chair. The woman seemed to be wearing a white top which highlighted the symbol of the Formation Sect. She also seemed to be wearing a short skirt that barely covered her fair thighs, which were exposed to Long Chen. 

"So you're the person that managed to see through the intricacies of my formation even though I had disguised them properly. Please sit," the woman said to Long Chen.

Long Chen picked up a nearby chair and sat, facing hey. 

"And you're the person who's fooling the people here?" Long Chen asked, just as calmly. 

"Fooling? That would be a wrong word. Instead, you can say I'm trying to stop them from doing something," the lady answered. 

"What do you mean?" Long Chen inquired, frowning. 

"Answering you or not depends entirely on you. Only if you agree to do what I want will I answer you," the lady answered. 

"You want me to do as you say?" Long Chen inquired, amused. "And may I ask what that something is?"

"It's simple. I want you to go inside the Ghost Town and bring something for me," the lady answered. 

"And why me?" Long Chen asked. 

"Because you have good knowledge of formation. I think you can do what I want," the lady responded. 

"Don't you have good knowledge of formation as well? Why don't you do it?" Long Chen inquired. 

"I think you already answered that question outside," the old man chimed in. 

"Ah, that's why. You want the treasure, but you don't want to offend your sect," Long Chen said, laughing. "I guess greed is really powerful."

"You're partially correct. It's not because it will offend the sect. Instead, our Sect would be happy if we did it. We just can't do it openly," the woman answered, shaking her head. 

"Hmm? Even your sect is interested in it? What treasure is it? If I may ask?" Long Chen asked, surprised. 

"You don't have to know that. All you need to know is that you'll be heavily rewarded if you did what we asked. Moreover, you can also get more treasures than you would have otherwise," the woman sharply responded.