Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 904 - 904: Request

"This... So you'll be going out alone? Won't it be risky? At Least keep one of the others with you. They haven't been seen here," Ming Lan suggested. She agreed to go back since her presence was risky for Long Chen, but she still didn't wish to leave him alone in times like these. 

"Moving alone is better for me here. Don't worry about it," Long Chen answered as he disagreed. "I am much safer this way since I won't need to worry about others."

"It'll be for a few days only. At most four days and I'll be done," he continued.

"But..." Ming Lan again tried to make him agree not to be alone when she felt a hand resting on her shoulder.

"What happened?" She asked Mingyu, who was standing beside her.

"Let's listen to him. He knows what's best for him. Staying with him will only drag him down. It'll be more dangerous for him. We can't let him be at risk just for our peace of mind," Mingyu answered as she sighed.

Ming Lan gazed back at Mingyu as she sighed. 

"I know that it's wrong, but... Fine. I won't say anything," she answered as she shook her head. "I won't argue anymore. Just make sure that you are safe and don't put yourself at too much risk."

"I promise that I will be safe. I'm pretty good in that field as far as I know," she continued. 

Long Chen was about to send her back, but he stopped as he heard her words. 

"Good. So do we go back now or after spending the night?" Ming Lan asked as she stepped closer to Long Chen. She placed her finger on her chest, which she slid down slowly.  

Her finger kept going down as it reached his lower abdomen, but it didn't stop there either but continued going down.

Soon, they were resting right on top of his little brother which was making involuntary movements at her touch.

"This..." Long Chen smiled wryly as he watched her. "We don't need to be in a hurry, I guess."

"Good boy," Ming Lan chuckled as she used her left hand to open his pants.

His right hand was finally taken off of the little guy as the pant was pulled down.

Long Chen completely removed the pants, which he threw to the side. He stepped closer to Ming Lan and wrapped his arms around her waist. He pulled her in his embrace and picked her up.

Her feet were not even touching the ground as Ming Lan was raised in the air. Her full chest was brushing against his cheeks as he walked towards the bed.

He threw her on the bed before he turned back to Mingyu.

"Ah... Wait for a minu-"

Mingyu was saying something as she moved back in embarrassment, but Long Chen disappeared from his position as he appeared behind her.

He hugged Mingyu from behind. His little guy brushed against her soft butt as he hugged her from behind. His hands rested on her slim stomach as his chin was on her shoulder.

He kissed her cheeks softly as he whispered in her ears. "Lan'er is right. I'll be without you in the next few days. Let me use this night to the fullest, so I can have things to reminisce about for the next few days."

He raised his hand upward and grabbed her breast softly, which he started playing with.

Ming Lan remained on the bed, gazing at Mingyu with a jealous gaze. She was jealous.

She pouted as she cutely complained, "Hey! This is not fair. I was first to start! Give me some credit at least." 

"Did you  comprehend the next stage of the Dual Cultivation Manual that I gave?" Long Chen asked as he gazed at Ming Lan. His hands didn't stop fondling Mingyu's breasts.

"T-this... It isn't very easy. I would soon finish that..." Ming Lan answered as she stuttered as if she was a kid who was caught for not doing her homework.

"Next time I see you, I don't want to hear this answer. You're the one one who hasn't comprehended, little angel," Long Chen answered as he smiled.

"This is also why Mingyu is going first," he answered.

"Fine. Do what you wish! Next time, I'll definitely come back stronger," Ming Lan answered softly as she rolled her eyes.

"Good girl," Long Chen answered. 

He freed Mingyu's breasts as he turned her around before kissing her warm lips that she had licked just a few minutes ago. 

"Hmph, I just had to be the last one to comprehend that. I could have been in her Place," Ming Lan muttered as she smiled wryly.

"Fine. The best is for last," She thought to comfort herself as she watched Long Chen place his hand on Mingyu's back before he unhooked her dress.

The dress slid down without any obstruction as it fell on the ground, revealing Mingyu's fair skin but Long Chen couldn't see as he was kissing her. His eyes were gazing at Mingyu's beautiful face. Her eyes were closed right now as well.

Even though it seemed like a normal kiss, Ming Lan knew that it was a much deeper kiss. She was sure that the tongues of the two were exchanging the sweet saliva of each other.

She had previously shared the bed with other girls as well, but she felt jealous then as well. She was like a child in that department. She didn't have any bad feelings for others, but she always pouted when she saw her toy with other kids. 

Fortunately, she was like a tsundere who was going to fight others to steal things that she wanted. She knew that everyone had equal rights on Long Chen. In fact, If there were a ranking, she was going to be near the end since she was the last person to appear in Long Chen's life. 

Not only that, but she was also the one who had an accidental marriage with Long Chen. No matter how much she wished to have things happen like other girls, she couldn't. She was fortunate that Long Chen didn't differentiate, and she was thankful for that.

She shook her head as she smiled. She didn't feel any ill-intent towards others at all.

She was happy with what she got. 

Long Chen finally freed Mingyu's lips and moved his head back. His gaze fell down Mingyu's perfect body. He had seen it many times, but every time he saw it, he felt like it was the first time. It always dazed him that such a pretty girl belonged to him. It was the same for all girls.