Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 975 - 975: Test

Emperor Lu Junwei had hugged Long Chen firmly.

"You know, I always wondered how the husband of Yue'er would be. I wanted to find the best man for her. Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to find her husband as she did it herself. But her choice doesn't seem bad," he alluded to Long Chen. 

"The way you were prepared to stand in front of her against the strongest of our warriors, willing to kill. I could see the seriousness and care in your eyes. I thought you had a crush on my daughter, but to know you were her husband. I am happy you care for her," he added.

He lowered his voice enough that it could only be described as a whisper to make sure his daughter didn't hear his next words as he continued, "But still, I won't accept you this fast. You need to prove yourself more. There will be tests. Prepare yourself."

He freed Long Chen after he finished speaking. Long Chen watched the Emperor in confusion. This man... He was going to be in trouble. 

Fortunately, he couldn't feel any ill-intent coming from the man. It seemed to be only a father trying to test his son in law which he was prepared for. 

Moreover, since there was no war, he could relax a little here whenever he wasn't going through the tests of Mingyu's father. The Law of Destiny was also something he needed to learn. A peaceful atmosphere was perfect for him. 

Emperor Lu Junwei walked back to his daughter. "Come. Let's not make your mother wait anymore."

He walked towards the door with his daughter and left the Throne Room. Long Chen also walked with them. 

They walked through the corridor as the Emperor asked Mingyu about everything she had faced. The long corridors seemed like a good time since it was a long journey by foot that was going to take close to ten minutes at least to get to the Queen's quarters. 

Mingyu started talking about what had happened the day she disappeared. She talked about hearing her brother's marriage being fixed and going to his room to talk to him. 

She also described how she found a letter in his room which was supposedly from the girl his brother loved. 

She talked about leaving the Palace to see the girl his brother loved. 

"When I got there, I saw Pei Zen with his men. A girl was also there. It seemed like a scheme they used to kill my brother by using love as a weapon," Mingyu told her father. 

"... They saw me and sent Heavenly Realm Cultivators behind me to catch me. I ran to the best of my abilities, but my speed was nothing before Heavenly Realm Cultivators..."

"Just when I thought that I was going to get caught, I saw him..." She said. Her face suddenly went more serious as she talked about this part of her story. 

Long Chen had also heard about this previously. He was still intrigued about the half-masked man that had helped Mingyu. He possesses a crystal that was capable of having someone travel from one world to another without using the portals that were established between worlds. 

He didn't sound like a normal person. 

As Long Chen tried to Visualise the man, Mingyu continued speaking. 

"He instantly killed the Heavenly Realm cultivator without any effort before he gave me a crystal that sent me to a different place..."

" I thought I was in another place in our own world. That's when I met him," she said as she looked towards Long Chen.

A beautiful smile appeared on her face as she remembered their first meeting. It was also somewhat embarrassing, so she didn't describe it in detail. 

"... After a long time, we reached the Esteria Empire only to realize it was a different Empire and not this one. After some time, we found out that we were in a different world. It wasn't Fengshu..."

"It's fine. I'll continue from here," Long Chen told Mingyu calmly. Mingyu was mostly in the Fake World, so he was able to describe better from this point. 

"...then I impersonated Pei Zen and took part in the trials. After winning, I came here with the team. And here we are," he finished the whole story in brief. 

"Wait a minute. Are you saying that you killed Pei Zen?" The Emperor asked Long Chen with a deep frown. 

"He didn't. I did, father. He only helped me," Mingyu chimed in.

The Emperor didn't comment anything. His daughter had killed the son of his best friend because he supposedly tried to kill her brother. But her brother told a different story. Could it be that Mingyu suffered a trauma and think she saw what she saw?

If that was true, didn't it mean she killed an innocent boy? He couldn't blame Long Chen for this as Long Chen was a stranger who believed his daughter, but he couldn't blame his daughter.

'Ahh, my son! Return fast and tell me the truth. Is my daughter wrong, or did you hide things from me?' he called out in his head. He couldn't wait for his son's return. 

There could only be two things. Either his daughter's head made up things that made her kill an innocent, or his son hid things from him. He could only hope for the latter to be true. 

His mind thought of a trick. To test if his daughter remembered things well enough or not. Even though he had tested already through questions, he only asked about things from long ago. He hasn't asked recent things. 

Only a few days before Mingyu had disappeared, they had changed the Queen's quarters. He decided to test if she remembered that. If she didn't, it could mean that her head wasn't perfectly fine. 

He reached the end of the corridor, which was further divided into two parts. 

The left part was what led to the Queen's new quarters, whereas the right one led to the old quarters. He could only test through this. 

He walked in the right corridor intentionally, which was wrong to see if his daughter would remind him. 

As he had expected, Mingyu did remember about the right path. 

"Did we change the quarters of mother? Wasn't it on the left last time?" Mingyu asked her father. 

"Ah, how silly of me. My head is so overwhelmed; it's embarrassing that I even forgot that," the Emperor let out innocently before he stopped. He turned back and took them through the left path. 

The test once again confirmed that Mingyu was real and her memories were fine as well. Did this mean his son had lied to him?

They soon reached the quarters of the queen. The Emperor pushed the door open to reveal what shocked Mingyu.