Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1226 - 1226: Personal Guard

"So tell me! How did you get the courage to command me? How?" Long Chen asked the young man who had started shivering. Who did he mess with? Someone who was on the same level as his Sect Master?

He never expected someone like him to be at an ordinary place like this and to look so young. 

"F-forgive me, senior. I had eyes but failed to recognize the mountain before me. Please forgive me," Hu Liman replied, asking for forgiveness. He didn't know what else he could do. He had already made the mistake. All he could do was ask for forgiveness. Other than that, he had no choice. 

"Do you really expect forgiveness for your mistake? Why should I forgive you? Who would take me seriously if I did?" Long Chen asked. "Weren't you arrogant before? Go on! Show me that arrogance!"

"I am really sorry. I would never make that mistake again. I-i am extremely sorry. Please have mercy! No one will disturb you anymore. I'll make sure of this myself!" Hu Liman said, pleading extensively. He knew that there was not a single person here who could help him.

"One last time! This is the final warning! If anyone disturbed me again, I'd kill that person, but first, I'll kill you for letting that person disturb me after your promise! So take your job seriously! And don't make the same mistake again," Long Chen ultimately said as he freed the young man. 

He didn't actually want to kill him after that the boy promised him. Even though there was a negligible chance of a person to disturb him after seeing his strength now, but even if there was someone new in the town and didn't know about this, this guy could stop them. 

He could be like his personal guard. 

After freeing the young boy, Long Chen flew back inside his room. 

In the distance, an old man was seeing everything. He was none other than the owner of this restaurant. Even he seemed surprised. He had guessed that Long Chen was strong, but he hadn't guessed that this guy was this strong. 

"There are mountains beyond mountains, and I'm nothing but a frog at the bottom of the well. I should always treat everyone with respect. Who knows, when an ordinary looking person could turn out to be a hidden expert," the man muttered, sighing. 

There was another person who was surprised. It was Fu Qua. She was happy as well, though. She believed that Long Chen wasn't a threat anymore since he couldn't enter the Ghost Town. There was an age limitation on that.

Previously she thought that Long Chen was a strong youngster. She thought he would enter the Ghost Town and take all the treasures and that it was why he hadn't accepted to work with him. 

But it was only now she understood that he had said no for two reasons. One was that he was too old to enter that place. And second, it was because he was already so powerful and in such a high position that he didn't covet treasures anymore. 

She also breathed a sigh of relief as she turned back and left. She could finally rest assured. Moreover, one more good thing had happened. The team that Hu Liman was going to send was killed as well. So her strongest competitor was out of the race. 

She had even better chances now. She didn't know that most of the things she had guessed were wrong. 

"You know, I really thought you'd kill half the town," Snake Monarch told Long Chen as he returned. "So, what changed?"

"I don't know. I just didn't feel like making another Ghost Town," Long Chen let out, sighing. "It works either way. Now I'm free of troubles, and no one will disturb us, at least until Ghost Town appears."

"Did you really not think about what would happen when you enter the Ghost Town? Everyone will realize you're not an old expert. What then?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"I know what you're trying to say. It's that everyone will know that there is a youngster who is as strong as the Sect Master of a High Grade Sect? Don't worry, I already thought of that. No one will know that I'm young. I'm pretty good at that stuff," Long Chen let out lazily. 

He laid on the bed, closing his eyes. 

"Even though no one would bother us, you are still responsible for keeping an eye. Wake me up if something happens," He told the Snake Monarch, reminding him to be alert. 

Soon enough, Long Chen fell asleep. 


Another day passed away, and not a single soul disturbed Long Chen. Hu Liman personally made sure of that as his life depended on it according to Long Chen's threat.

The only thing Long Chen was approached by a person was when food was delivered. Other than that, not a single person had the permit to get to him. No one wanted to get to him either though. They all wanted to stay away from Long Chen as much as possible. 

Because of what had happened, Hu Liman had already dropped his plans of sending a team inside the Ghost Town. 

As for the other teams, they had already prepared to enter. It was the day when Ghost Town was going to appear. 

Even Long Chen dressed lavishly as he left the room, prepared for the appearance of Ghost Town. 

He flew to the edge of the city where the entrance of Ghost Town was going to appear. His arrival attracted a lot of attention.  Most people thought that he was here to watch. But some thought otherwise. 

Fu Qua approached Long Chen to ask this question directly.

"Senior, Greetings." She told Long Chen, treating him like a senior. 

"Greetings, little one. So you finally realized who I am?" Long Chen asked. 

" I did. You're not a disciple of a High Ranking sect but a Sect Master. May I ask what brought the Great Senior here? And if you know my father?" Fu Qua asked. 

"What brought me here? I just came here to take a trip inside to see if I can somehow give redemption to all the spirits. I've heard a lot about this place, and I feel bad for all the spirits that are stuck in this limbo. So I'll enter to send them to the afterlife," Long Chen said, proudly. 

Almost everyone heard what he was saying. 

"How can you enter? Aren't you older than the limit?" Fu Qua asked, stunned. He was actually entering?