Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1311 - 1311: Inescapable

"You did what you did with him. You can't change it. I'm not going to be angry over that. But I still want you to fight me. If you don't, I'll still kill you all," Zhu Chang warned everyone here. 

"I'll restrict my strength to your level when fighting. So you might have a chance to win. That's the only hope you have for survival. On the other hand, you can sit idle and wait for your Death which is inevitable." Zhu Chang warned the old man. 

"So decide! Do you want to have a chance at survival and give me a challenge or do you want to die?"  he further added. 

He knew that what happened with Long Chen had happened.. It couldn't be changed. What he could do was still get a kick out of the situation. These people could certainly create more entertainment for him than those Spirits were able to. 

"You don't have all day! Think fast before I destroy this whole island along with you!" Zhu Chang reminded the old man, raising his hand towards the sky. 

As if following the movement of his hand, clouds once again covered the sky as thunder started flashing in the sky. 

"Y-your Highness, please don't! We aren't worthy to face a mighty existence like yours! Please have mercy!" the old man pleased Zhu Chang as he started kowtowing in fear. 

He knew he couldn't face Zhu Chang even when he restricted his strength. The difference was just too much. 

Moreover, even if he managed to kill Zhu Chang with some coincidence, this was still going to be problematic as his Royal Clan would hunt for them for revenge. 

Even the Heavenly Warriors wouldn't be able to save them if the Heavenly Beasts started hunting them, which they were undoubtedly going to do since the young man was their heir and the Heavenly Beasts cared about their dignity a lot. 

They could never let something like this go, as this was disrespectful to them. 

"I'll count to five!" Zhu Chang declared, not taking no for an answer. 

The roaring of the clouds got even more fierce with the start of the count. 




Zhu Chang continued the count, not giving even the least bit of relief to the enemies. 


Darkness... As far as the eyes could see, there was only darkness. Moreover, not even the least bit of noise could be heard. 

It was as if no other sound existed anywhere. 

The only sound which could be heard was the sound of breathing. 

And even that breathing sound didn't belong to anyone other than Long Chen. 

He was standing in the darkness, confused. As he took a step further, he finally heard the sound. It was the sound of his footsteps. 

"Where am I?" He muttered, curious. "Is it some trap?"

Long Chen was as confused as he could be. He had simply touched the box, and the next thing he knew was that he was here in this darkness. 

Moreover, it didn't seem like there was any other person here. 

But what really shocked him was that he wasn't able to see anything. Even though he had the Law of Darkness, he couldn't peer through this darkness. It was as if there was actually nothing in this darkness. 

But there was still solid ground under him.

"I'm certainly not floating in dark space. There is ground here, so it must be a place. I also felt some spatial distortions when I touched that box. Does that mean it was a spatial travel device?"

"That would make sense though. That old man must have realized that he couldn't face me. So sending me away was the perfect defense for him."

"But where did it send me? Why can't I see anything?" 

Long Chen kept talking to himself as he walked, confused.


He hadn't walked long when he hit something. He used his hand to try to guess what he had touched, only to realize that it was a wall. 

Moreover, as soon as he touched the wall, the Darkness was gone, and the whole place was filled with light. 

He finally gained a good view of his surroundings. 

"Jail?" He exclaimed, surprised. 

He found himself in what seemed like a cell.

There were walls on three sides of him and a gate which was made of long bars in the front. 

"I'm in freaking jail? What is this?"

He walked to the gate of the cell,  trying to open it, but he found it locked. 

"This thing thinks it can stop me?" he asked, rolling his eyes.

'All I have to do is Teleport outside, and I'm free,' he thought, focusing on his Law of Space. 

"Huh? It doesn't work? What the heck?"

His shock multiplied as he realized that he wasn't able to use his Law of Space. 

He took a deep breath, calming himself. "It's fine. I can still use my Shadow Transformation!"

He started using his Law of Darkness to use his Shadow Transformation, but even that didn't work.

"Even that doesn't work? Is that why I wasn't able to see in the Darkness? Because something is affecting my Laws here?" He muttered in disbelief. 

He tried testing this theory with his other laws, but none of them worked.

The more he tried, the more frustrated and impatient he became, finding himself helpless. 

"Freaking hell! Where am I! Why can't I use my Laws! Get me out of here!" He yelled in rage, trying to bend the bars with his brute strength, but even that didn't work. 

The bars were just too strong for someone in his cultivation to bend them. 

"This is stupid! Where the hell am I?" Long Chen crushed, frowning. He walked over to the walls and tried to punch them to break

He stepped before the wall and clenched his fist as he gathered all his cultivation in a single punch to break the wall. He couldn't leave in any other way, so this seemed like the only option. 


He punched the wall, which was followed by a loud booming sound. 

 Unfortunately, it all resulted in nothing, as the walls didn't even get a single scratch from that punch. 

'Just where did that box send me? Even my Laws don't work? Is there no way to leave this place?' Long Chen thought as he rubbed the back of his head. 

He had never found himself this helpless. His Laws were his biggest strength, but he wasn't even able to use them. 

As for his other abilities, they were too weak here. 

Moreover, he had mixed his laws to create some of his powerful abilities. Without his laws, he couldn't even use them.