Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 874 - 874: Killing

"I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in you," Ji Shan said as he pushed the girl aside and left the house.

He walked over the snow to get back to the hotel; however, he could feel that the girl was following him.

"Wait! Please don't go! How can you be so cruel! A cute girl is making it so obvious that she is interested in you. Instead of proposing to her, you're running away! Are you even a man?" The girl asked as she chased after him.

She wasn't covering herself properly, and she wasn't a Cultivator either, so she was weak to snow, but she didn't stop chasing after him.

She had wrapped her arms around her exposed shoulders to keep herself warm. Fortunately, she wasn't wearing a skirt, or she didn't know how she would have handled it.

"No. I am not a man. Now stop following me and go back. You're a mortal. You will freeze to death. I won't come to help you even if you die. Leave now. Don't make it hard for the person who will have to drag your cold body out of snow!" Ji Shan answered without the least bit of care.

"Sshh...  why is it so cold today! Hey, wait, please! At Least try to listen to me! Get to know me! I'm sure you will fall in love with me as well."

"I am said to be the prettiest girl in the nearest ten towns combined. I'm sure you wouldn't find someone like me again. Please stop!" The Girl yelled again. 

No matter how fast she tried to move, she was having a harder time walking on snow compared to Ji Shan, who was moving faster.

Instead of the distance between them decreasing, it only kept increasing.

Ji Shab also ignored most of her words and didn't react.

"I am putting my life in danger for you! You will never find a girl who can die for you!" The Girl called out.

Hearing her words, Ji Shan's whole body froze in place.


"Tomorrow, we are running away, right?"

"Yeah. I will leave my clan and meet up with you. Then we can leave this kingdom and go to some other place where no one will force me to marry anyone else."

"Yeah.  Are you sure that you're willing to risk everything for me? We can even die if we are caught."

"I am ready to do anything for you. Even if I must walk through the river of death. Aren't you lucky to have a girl like me? I'm sure you can never find a girl like me who would be willing to die for you."

"Hahaha, I wouldn't even want to if I could get. I already have the best girl I could possibly hope for. Don't worry. We will establish our little family after we escape. It will all be over soon."

A memory resurfaced in Ji Shan's head, which was one of the last conversations between him and the girl he loved more than his life.

The next day, the girl ran away from her clan and left with him. Albeit, their journey was a short one as they were caught and the girl was killed.


Hearing the same words once again, Ji Shan froze as his feet refused to move. The memories he had worked so hard to bury came back in the most painful way, reminding him of the moment he saw her body being impaled.

He dropped to his knees as he closed his eyes and relieved their last moments together once again. Tears spilled out of his eyes, but the tears froze in such coldness.

The green-haired girl saw Ji Shan drop to the ground. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought something happened to him. She placed all her strength in running even faster, and she soon reached him.

"Are you fine? Did you get hurt? Tell me what happened?" The girl asked as she hugged his shoulders.

"Get the fuck away from me!" Ji Shan roared like a wild beast as he pushed the girl aside.

He instantly came back to his senses as he realized what he had done. He had just attacked a defenseless girl who wasn't even a Cultivator.

He hurriedly looked in her direction and saw the girl flying back like she was a toy that was thrown by a kid. She crashed into the wall of the nearby house.

Blood started spilling out of her lips as she lost consciousness instantly. Her back was also broken.

"No! No! No!" Ji Shan kept repeating as he ran towards the girl. He used his Cultivation to run in the air since he couldn't waste a second.

He reached the girl and checked her condition, which looked grim. The girl was still breathing, but her breathing was getting weaker and weaker. He could also see that a lot of her bones were broken. Fortunately, her head was still fine if she would have died instantly.

"I can't let her die! She doesn't deserve it!" He exclaimed as he grew worried.

"Life-giving pill! I need life-giving Pills! Only that can save her!" He let out as he picked the girl up in his arms.

"I don't have any. I must get to Long Chen! Please don't die! Hold on! Everything's going to be perfectly fine. Nothing will happen to you!" He kept muttering as he ran towards the hotel with the girls in his arms.

The girl was already unconscious, but she was still breathing. Her condition kept getting worse as if serene, as if she could die at any second now. Her heart was barely breathing, but it didn't seem like it would hold on until Ji Shan reached the hotel.

"Don't die on me!" Ji Shan comforted her, trying to do anything he could even though he knew his words were magic.

He soon reached the hotel.

He kicked the hotel door since he was carrying the girl making his arms busy.

He straight ran towards the stairs and went upstairs. 

Each second for him was crucial in this face against time. He knew that if something happened to the girl, he would never be able to forgive himself. He would fall in his own eyes, let alone in the eyes of the girl he loved who was watching him fun heavens. 

He soon reached Long Chen's room, but he didn't have time to knock on the door and wait for it to one.

He kicked the door. 

With a bang, the doors of the room opened, but that was the moment where the breathing of the girl completely halted.