Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1237 - 1237: Refusal

" The same world that he worked hard to protect was what called him a bastard and a traitor. Now I know it was because you all had lied to them, but still, for them to have less trust in Saint Emperor than you all, I wouldn't be even the least bit upset if this world is destroyed," Lord Glen said, shaking his head.

"As I said, the world lost its value to me long ago. I'm a migrant cultivator now. If not here, I'll go to some other world. As I said, best of luck for what's to come," he added. 

"You're really turning your back on the world? You have changed too much," the Western Emperor said, sighing. 

"You can take it any way you want. I don't might," Lord Glen responded, "But I'm not the only one who has changed. We have all changed. First, it was you with your betrayal; now, it's my turn to change. Have fun."

Lord Glen finally left the same way he came. His Spirit Sword followed after him like a good partner. 

He left the mansion, got on his Sword, and flew away. 


Unaware of the conversation that took place inside the Royal Chambers, Long Chen was still walking with Mimi. She brought him to the Herb Garden, where the five youngsters were going to be given some rare herbs freshly. 

The other four had already received their rewards. They were also given a few coins and some Qi Crystals. 

Even though Long Chen came late, he was also given the same rewards. 

All five of them were told to leave now and come back five days later. 

Long Chen left the place, accompanied by Mimi once again, which left Mi Gu stunned. Why was Mimi going with Long Chen? But he couldn't question her either. It wasn't his place to ask questions about it. 

"Where is your room in this place?" Long Chen asked as he slowly walked with her. 

"It's on the left side of the Palace. My father and my brothers' rooms are on the right most portion of the Palace," Mimi answered. "Do you want to see my room?" 

"I wouldn't mind, but maybe later. I don't want to be seen by your father and brother. I don't want the interrogation that comes with it," he added. 

"Don't worry; we won't meet them. Father is in the Royal Chamber, and my brother would also be in their rooms in the right most portion of the Palace. Come, let me show you," Mimi said as she suddenly grabbed the hands of Long Chen and started dragging him behind her. 

"I hope your Treasury isn't in the direction we're going in. I don't want your family to say I came here to steal because I'm poor," Long Chen subtly said, trying to get an answer which would tell him where the treasury was. 

All he knew was that Western Emperor kept the item Long Chen needed in his treasury. But he didn't know where this treasury was. He wanted to get a rough idea from Mimi without actually asking. 

He knew if he mentioned the treasury, Mimi was certainly going to say something. 

"Don't worry; the treasury is actually near my father's room. No one will think you were coming to my room for the treasury. In any case, if you were after our treasures, you would have agreed instantly to work for us. Just that point is enough for me to prove it to my father about how pure you are," Mimi answered, smiling beautifully. 

She took Long Chen towards her room. Along the way, many guards saw them. They all wondered who this young man was that was accompanying their Princess. 

Fortunately, Mimi has enough influence and freedom. No one even dared to ask her anything or tell anyone about this. She could do whatever she wanted; that's how special she was in the Palace. 

Long Chen followed after Mimi and soon reached her room. 

Inside, he was able to see a bed that seemed to be big enough to accompany at least twenty people in it. As for the room, it was even bigger. 

The room was kept perfectly clean. Everything seemed to be where it should be. 

"This is my room. How is it?" Mimi asked Long Chen, sitting on her bed. 

"Not bad at all. It's a pretty good room actually. A bit too big for my comfort though," Long Chen answered, sitting near Mimi. 

"Do you prefer small rooms?" Mimi inquired. 

"Certainly smaller than this, at least. This room looks less like a room and more like a house which could have ten rooms of its own if there were walls here," Long Chen answered, smiling wryly. 

"That's true as well. I never thought about it this way since I don't spend much time inside the room," Mimi answered, nodding.  "I guess size does matter for some people."

Hearing her words, Long Chen weirdly looked at her.

"Can you repeat that?" He asked. 

" I said size does matter for some people. I never thought about the size of this room since I don't care about size. But you do. So I said that it matters for some people," Mimi repeated while adding some explanation. 

"Oh, you meant in that regard. I thought you were talking about something else," Long Chen said, shaking his head at the misunderstanding.

He thought she was talking about the saying of earth. 

"You said you don't spend time in your room? What do you do all day?" He inquired as he lazily laid on the massive bed. 

"I practice my skills and go outside the Place. I just can't stay inside a room for some reason. I start getting bored alone. It's much better to practice instead. What about you? How do you solve your boredom?" Mimi answered before she asked Long Chen a question of her own. 

"Boredom? I don't think I ever get bored. I have Snakey to keep me company. He talks so much nonsense that I don't get time to feel bored. But he can sometimes make you go crazy as well," Long Chen replied, smiling. 

"Snakey?" Mimi asked, confused. She hadn't met the Snake Monarch when she first saw Long Chen. Even now, she hadn't seen him. 

"Snakey come out," Long Chen said softly. "You can speak now."

"Finally! Talking to you on thoughts was getting so annoying. This Monarch prefers to talk out loud," a voice came suddenly. 

Mimi wondered who had spoken when she noticed a small bracelet type thing that was covered by Long Chen's sleeve. 

The Snake Monarch was wrapped around Long Chen's arms. Long Chen had told him not to speak previously.