Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1092 - 1092: End Of Dark Sacrifice

Long Chen's trick had worked. He had finally managed to make his body do what he wanted and that in turn brought him success in the battle. 

The blood crazed mind of his had listened to his consciousness and followed the plan properly. 

It all ended up with his Sword of Time being stabbed in the heart of the half masked man who hadn't expected that the blood crazed Long Chen could come up with something out of the box when he was swallowed by Darkness.

The protection of Destiny had alerted him and also decreased the impact of Long Chen's attack, but even that was useless when the Sword of Time was still inside the heart of the man.

Blood was spilling out of the lips of the man and from his chest. 

With shaking hands, he tried to use the healing pill to help his body heal as Long Chen pulled out the sword, but that also didn't work since before he could even swallow the pill, the Sword of Time once again came slashing, cutting his head off. 

As the head was cut off, no healing pill could help. As for revival, that was also impossible since he could only use his Law of Death on others and that too when he himself was alive. As his head was sliced, he wasn't even alive to use his powers. 

The body of the man dropped to the ground along with his golden sword, which had once again changed shape and returned to its original form of the golden book.


Inside the dark space, Long Chen was watching everything through the mirror. Through the mirror, he saw the golden book fall down. 

Despite being happy at successfully killing the two enemies, he knew that this wasn't over. He had thought that there was only one enemy. When he killed first, another one appeared. 

Now that the second one was also dead, Long Chen didn't want to take the risk of waiting here for the arrival of more enemies. 

He realized that getting out of this place was important! 

His hand was still inside the illusory mirror. 

"Pick up the book and escape! Pick up the book and escape! Pick up the book and escape!"

He started repeating the new commands to make his body listen to him.

The body that was still seemingly confused with the two strange thoughts, once again decided to listen to the voice of Long Chen. 

It flew down to the ground and picked up the golden book, which was kept in the ancient ring before it started flying away.

The dark energy around Long Chen had almost run out as most of it was already spent in the battles, leaving barely any to him. Long Chen was sure that his body couldn't stay in this form any longer. It was soon going to be paralyzed, and he was soon going to be out of this dark space and back into his body. 

At that time, he needed to be in a safe place. 

"Orion! That's right! He is still out!" Long Chen suddenly exclaimed as he remembered that Orion was also unconscious the last time he was seen. 

They needed to take him as well. 

He once again started commanding his body to go towards Orion and pick him up as well. 

The body seemed a bit resisting this time since the previous words were changed, confusing him even more. A constant voice in his head was telling him to kill. Another voice had told him to take the book and leave, and now the voice was telling him to take Orion and leave. 

Long Chen realized that he was complicating things, but he realized that he couldn't leave Orion behind. He kept giving the same command to take Orion as well. 

At his constant repetition, the body finally listened again and changed direction as it disappeared and Teleported where it had seen Orion last time. 

As Long Chen reached that place, he found that place completely empty. Only the dead body of Emperor Lu was lying there. As for Orion, he wasn't here. 

"This guy! Where did he leave!" Long Chen thought as he frowned. 

He again commanded his body to search for Orion. 

Long Chen's body started rising high in the air as it searched through the Royal City, trying to find Orion. 

It didn't take Long Chen much time to reach Orion since Orion already had a mental connection to Long Chen. 

Orion had already left to get to Long Chen. 

The two of them met halfway. Long Chen's body picked up Orion and sent him to the Beast Region on reflexes like he had kept the book in the ancient ring. 

"Wait, no!"

Long Chen's consciousness realized that this was wrong! He didn't want Orion in the Beast Region. He wanted Orion to be with his body since he was soon going to be paralyzed. In that time, Orion could help him. By sending Orion back, his body had left him helpless. 

Sending Orion back, the body started flying away, listening to the old command of leaving the city. 

The body kept flying and teleporting to travel even faster. 

Within a few seconds, his body was already out of the Royal City. Not only that, but his body also used a Long Distance Teleportation, using the Spatial Portal inside which it entered. 

"Wrong! Bring him out!"

"Bring Orion out!"

Long Chen kept repeating the command to bring Orion out, but this time, his body didn't listen as if the back and forth commands had made his body reluctant to do anything and just fly. 

"You idiot! I don't have much time! Bring Orion out! If you can't bring Orion out, bring Xia out or others! Listen to me!"

Long Chen's consciousness was screaming at the top of his lungs inside the fake world, but the body of his wasn't listening. 

Long Chen had already started worrying about the future. There was no one around him. Once he returned to his paralyzed body, he was going to be at the mercy of his surroundings with no one to help him. 

"You idiot! Listen to my command! Please!" Long Chen screamed, but it was too late. 

Finally, his body had run out of the dark energy. 

The Dark Space around Long Chen's consciousness started disappearing as the illusory mirror which was flying before him shattered. 

His consciousness returned to his body which was still flying at the speed of lightning. 

As his consciousness returned to his body, he realized that he couldn't move. His body was paralyzed.