Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1152 - 1152: Massive Growth Plan

" Because I can't feel any empathy,"  Long Chen answered Long Tian straight away. 

As he spoke this, there was some kind of sadness on his face, but it wasn't because he was feeling sad about all that he saw here. Instead, it was because he couldn't feel sadness about that. 

"You can't feel empathy?" Long Tian asked. 

"Yep. That's right. It took me time to realize this too. But this was the emotion that I lost after the Dark Sacrifice. It took effect slowly," Long Chen answered. 

"I realized that something was wrong when I saw Ji Shan crying when he woke up from his coma. Even though I supported him, I couldn't feel his sadness. In fact, I had to fake my emotions. Since then, this is what I've been doing whenever something bad happens. I pretend to look normal, but I can't," he further said as he sighed. 

"So my dear Heart Devil, I don't think whatever you're doing is going to work on me. Even though this is a punishment for using the Dark Sacrifice, at this moment, it's my strength. Since I can't feel anything like those things, you can't affect my heart," he continued. 

"So try if you have anything else," he said. 

"This..." Long Tian seemed to be taken aback as he heard Long Chen's words because he was right. Without empathy inside Long Chen, he was useless since he actually was a Heart Devil. 

He tried one last time. 

"You might not feel empathy, but just you watch. I'll take your position in your body, and then I'll have fun with your wives. While you'll be trapped here, watching your wives be my playthings?" The Heart Demon said. 

"Hah, as expected, you really are a heart Devil. No matter what you say, I'm already sure. You can't take my place," Long Chen let out as he smirked. 


As soon as Long Chen spoke, a crack appeared in the space. 


One after another, more and more cracks kept appearing, and soon, the entire room was filled with spatial cracks. 

A crack had also developed on Long Tian, spreading everywhere. 

"You're lucky," Long Tian told Long Chen softly. "Your punishment became your strength but just watch. Your strength will soon become your punishment."

As he finished, he broke apart along with the entire room. 

Long Chen found himself back in his real body. He could feel all his senses again.

As he gained his senses, he felt a chilling cold. He slowly opened his eyes to find himself in the middle of a thunderstorm. The entire atmosphere was cold. 

"You're up already? That was fast. So you passed your Heart Devil so soon. Not bad. I guess you really are strong-willed," Xun told Long Chen as she saw him wake up.

"Of course I am," Long Chen answered. He still hadn't told her that he couldn't feel empathy. He hadn't told a single person. It didn't matter if he could feel or not. He knew what he needed to do and how he needed to behave. Moreover, he already had his thoughts and beliefs from before he lost his empathy. 

"It's good, but your real test is just going to begin. So prepare for a whole world of pain," Xun told Long Chen. 

Long Chen stood up, already prepared for what was to come next. He had already received the information from Xun. 

As he stood up, he also brought out the Sword of Time?

Standing far away from Long Chen, the envoys noticed him bringing out a dark sword.

"That idiot, doesn't he know that the sword is useless? Any treasure is useless against the seven Strikes of Judgement from the Heavens. In fact, by bringing out a weapon to support him, he's only making the Tribulation tougher," the first envoy muttered. 

"Exactly. Unless the weapon is as strong as the weapon of our Emperor, it would only end up getting him killed. It seems like he's naive," The second envoy said, agreeing.

On the other hand, Long Chen seemed determined as he aimed his Sword of Time towards the sky. 

"Come! Show me your all! Let me see the best you can do!" Long Chen declared as he smiled. 

The biggest obstruction for him was his  Heart Devil. That's why he had to do so many things to please his heart before attempting to break through. Now that it was over, the next part was easier for him. At Least that's what he believed. 

Xun had told him that there were two parts of the Heavenly Tribulation. First was the test of the Heart Devil. As long as the cultivator doubted himself, he could never pass the test of Heart Devil. 

As for the second part, it was to face the Seven Heavenly Thunder Strikes, each being more powerful than the last. 

Xun had also told him that using a weapon against the Heavenly Lightning was risky, but Long Chen believed what he was doing.

His plans were much grander than Xun could imagine. 

According to their theories, the Sword of Time had the potential to absorb the attacks that were related to Origins. As for the Thunder of Heaven, it was also no less than an attack. 

Moreover, Heaven was full of Origin. Long Chen believed that the heavenly thunder was going to be filled with Origin Energy as well. 

And thus, his plan was as such. He was going to absorb the thunder which heaven was going to send to judge him. As for how much he could break through, even he had no idea. 

The first condition was for it to work, though. It was all only theoretical at the moment. As for its actual use, he was going to test it now. 

The sky roared loudly as if upset that Long Chen was taunting him. Even fiercer thunder started cracking. 

"You might be heaven for others but for me; you're nothing but a step to get to the throne. So come and let me see your strength! Give me your best! I challenge you!" Long Chen roared, laughing. 

He was a bit scared, but he was also feeling the adrenaline pumping through his body. If it succeeded, it was going to be miraculous. 

Just as Long Chen had said, a thunderbolt fell from the sky, encompassing all the strength of Heaven and Earth.

Standing in the distance, even the strongest Warriors of the Immortal World were amazed at the strength of the first lightning bolt. 

"Amazing. The first bolt itself seems to be as strong as the seventh bolt is supposed to be. I wonder how strong the Seventh Bolt is going to be," the First Envoy muttered.