Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 843 - 843: The Envoy

Long Chen brought everyone to the Prison Tower.

Since the Princess has already agreed to it, no one opposed it. They all knew that nothing would come of it, even if someone opposed it. Long Chen was already free of fighting, and there was no one who could delay him anymore, so no one opposed it.

They all went with the flow and got themselves imprisoned.

"Stay here. As you said, the Royal Army would send someone to help you. By that time, I would be long gone," Long Chen told the Princess who was on the other side of the cell before he left.

Long Chen and Ji Shan walked out of the Xie Clan together.

Long Chen placed his hand on the shoulder of Ji Shan and said, "The ones who had a hand in killing your love are dead. I know it doesn't change the fact that she's dead, but you can be somewhat satisfied that she would be at peace now."

"Don't worry. I am fine. I know how to deal with such things. It has been a long time since that happened. I came to peace with it," Ji Shan answered, sighing. "I know she is not coming back. I can only live without her and try to live on."

"You'll find another girl. Don't worry." Long Chen said. 

"Oh right. Come to think of it, how was the Princess? She was cute, wasn't she?" he inquired. 

"Why? Do you like her?" Ji Shan asked as he laughed.

"Not for me, duffer. For you. I already have plenty," Long Chen answered as he smiled wryly. 

'She can't compare to even one of my wives anyway. She is pretty but not more than my wives. As for talent, she is talented but again, nothing extraordinary,' Long Chen through.

" For me? No thanks. She is pretty, but I don't think I'm ready to be in a relationship at the moment. Maybe after some time," Ji Shan answered.

"Alright. If you say so, but I think she was interested in you," Long Chen let out smilingly.

Ji Shan laughed as he shook his head. "She was looking at me? You just be blind. The only person she was looking at was you. I'm sure if you had asked her out, she would have said yes." 

"She was looking at me because she was curious about my identity. Nothing else," Long Chen answered.


While Long Chen and Ji Shan were walking towards their hotel, they were unaware of what was happening in their surroundings.

Five Eagles landed near the Royal Palace, and the people who were sitting on them stepped down.

"So this is the Palace of the King. Not bad for a backwater place like this," One of the Girls muttered as she observed the Palace.

The girl had beautiful silver hair and dazing blue eyes that made her face look even more charming. 

"Lim Yi, don't talk like that. Even though this kingdom is like an ant for us, it's better to be civil. We don't want people to think that the warriors from the Empire are some mannerless brutes," a guy answered.

He was a slim guy who barely had any fat in his body. In fact, some people might have really argued that he was too slim for his own comfort.

He had dark hair and brown eyes that looked the most ordinary out of everyone present there. 

"Come on, Gu Yan. Who cares what these ants think. Why should we care for their feelings? It's not like they can be anything more than insects for us." the Second Girl, Du Lian, answered. 

The girl donned a beautiful robe that covered her perfectly curved body, hiding it from the views of the men near her; however, her fair thighs were fully exposed in front of others since her skirt barely covered them.

Her green hair was so long that it came down to her waist. Her light green eyes match her hair perfectly. 

"Yeah. But still-" Gu Yan replied, but he was cut off by another guy who was standing at the front.

The man had an athletic body, and he seemed to be almost six feet tall. His golden hair and dark eyes looked most unusual, creating a deep contrast. 

"Don't argue. Let's finish the task here fast and leave." the one leading them was called Fu Min. He didn't wish to see anyone fight, thus commanded them to stop as he started walking towards the Palace. 

"Yes. Listen to Fu Min. Minister Wang made him our leader. Don't argue." A heavy voice came from behind. There was a chubby man standing there. He had blonde hair that seemed similar to Fu Min to some extent; however, his eyes were hazel. 

He was the fifth man of the team known as Bu Xo.

The others looked at each other as if they still wanted to argue, but since Fu Min had spoken, they all agreed to be led to the Royal Palace peacefully.

They walked towards the entrance of the Palace. The guards ran in front of them to stop them.

"Stop! Who are you?!" the Guards asked. 

" We are from the Sunia Empire. We came to meet your King. Step aside," Fu Min showed the guard am insignia of their Empire which was known throughout the Continent.

"F-from the Empire? Right away. I would take you to the King."

The guards didn't create trouble for them since they were from the Empire. They led the five people towards the chambers of the King. 

"Just wait for a few seconds. I'll inform the King of your arrival," the guard told them as they stopped behind the chamber where the King was in a meeting with his ministers. 

"There's no need. We will inform him of our arrival ourselves," Fu Min told the Guard, stopping him from leaving. He didn't wish to wait outside for even a second.

Pushing the Guard back, he walked closer to the door and kicked it open as he stepped inside with the others.

The king was stunned by the door being opened so suddenly. He looked at the newcomers who had just entered as he stood up furiously.

"Who are you?! How dare you barge inside so suddenly?!" the King thundered.

"Sit down," Fu Min said casually as he showed the insignia of the Empire.

"T-the insignia of the Sunia Kingdom? Who are you?" the King asked again, but his tone was more respectful now.

"We came from the Empire on His Majesty's orders. We need you to do something for us," Fu Min straight away said. From his words, it was clear that it was not a request but a command.