Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1293 - 1293: Awakening

Blood Dragon Emperor noticed that Long Chen was now close to the Heavenly Beast. If he attacked Long Chen later after getting his body, Long Chen could certainly ask Zhu Chang for help. 

Even though Blood Dragon Emperor was confident in his strength, he didn't want to face a Heavenly Beast since he couldn't win, even if he had his real body. His peak strength proved to be nothing before the strength of Zhu Chang.

Even a weakened Zhu Chang was stronger than him. Instead of killing Long Chen, he decided to leave him alone. It didn't matter after all. All he wanted was his revenge.. 

As for Long Chen, he was already going to leave. He wasn't going to stay in the Immortal World, going to the Upper Realms instead. 

The three of them flew to the Dark Spirit Island, continuing their time pass game. 


The Immoral World was still going through the same turmoil even though Long Chen wasn't there. All the Empires were trying to prepare for a battle against the Blood Dragon Emperor whose return was imminent. 

Surprisingly enough, it had been quite some time, but the Blood Dragon Emperor hadn't returned, making some Emperors confused. They couldn't help but wonder what was taking the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

While some wondered if the Blood Dragon Emperor's soul couldn't find his body, the others wondered something else. 

Some even thought that the Blood Dragon Emperor's soul was already destroyed because of staying trapped for so long so that breaking of the statue didn't release his soul. 

In any case, the Emperors were praying that the Blood Dragon Emperor wouldn't return. Despite that, they kept their preparation high. 

At the same time, something else was also discovered. It was discovered that the Dark Tribe of the Northern Empire was wiped entire, despite being so close to the Royal Palace. 

No one had any idea as to who did it, which was much more shocking than anything else. Moreover, it was the second powerful blow that was given to the Northern Emperor. 

First, the Northern General died, and now his Tribe was gone. Everyone knew that something odd was going on. It seemed like someone was targeting the Northern Emperor by hurting his close people. 

The Northern Emperor remained in his palace, stunned, wondering who it was that did it. He was sure that it wasn't Blood Dragon Emperor since his body was said to be so large, he would have been discovered. 

Moreover, Blood Dragon wouldn't have been so sneaky with the arrogance he was said to have. 

The Western Emperor had also lost his General, and it was said that a human did it, who was a world known thief known as Glaze. That made the Northern General also wonder if Glaze was behind the death of his Tribe too. 

He wasn't sure about it, but he knew that a person who could kill the Western General could certainly kill the Northern General. But still, that didn't explain why the Dark Tribe Patriarch was killed. 

The Dark Tribe Patriarch was stronger than Generals. For someone to kill him, that person must have been stronger. The Northern Emperor wondered if Glaze was actually so strong. 

He also decided to get answers. So far, he has no clues as to who did it, but he had a portrait of Long Chen, sent by the Western Emperor who believed Long Chen was Glaze. He also started the search for Glaze. The other Emperors also chimed in. 

In the Eastern Empire, the real Glaze was walking on the streets. He noticed a pole standing in the distance, where a wanted poster was placed. The poster had the face of Long Chen. 

"Most Wanted Criminal, Glaze! Anyone who helps in his capture will be handsomely rewarded." 

Glaze read the poster, shaking his head in disappointment. 

"Glaze was a mystery for so long. I liked it.  But now they are showing the wrong face of Glaze. It's so disappointing. It's like someone is stealing my credit from before my eyes. Who exactly is this guy, though? How did they misunderstand him to be Glaze?" he muttered, confused. 

"Is he the one who stole from me in the Western Royal Treasury? That could be the case. These posters originated from the Western Empire. Only the two of us entered the treasury. They probably got the second person and thought him to be Glaze."

"I hope they don't find him though.  I would love to meet him first.  If others found him, he would be dead. I can't have that happen," Glaze muttered, shaking his head. He started walking away. "At Least now I know his face. I should be able to find him."

A red-haired woman walked past Glaze, looking around as if she was also searching for someone. 

"I wonder if we can find Her Highness like this. Did she really have to run away just because Her Majesty talked about marriage? This is so childish of Her Highness. She's a clever lady."

"If she wants to hide, I wonder if we can find him. It'll be a long search, it seems. Hopefully, it won't stretch  for a decade."

The red-haired woman seemed to be talking to herself as she continued her search. 

At the same time, another event was taking place in the Immortal World. 

In an unknown place, a cave existed underground. There seemed to be no entrance or exit to the cave. It just existed inside the ground. As for how it appeared there, no one knew. 

Inside the cave, a coffin existed. That was the only thing inside the long cave. The pitch black coffin had no pattern on it. There seemed nothing extraordinary about the coffin either. 

In fact, it seemed like a common coffin that even the poorest mortal could afford. But what this coffin contained wasn't anything ordinary. 

At that moment, the coffin slowly started moving, ultimately opening. As the Coffin opened on its own, it revealed a body inside it. 

The body belonged to a woman that seemed no older than thirty. However, in reality, the woman was actually the oldest person in the Immortal World at the moment. 

The woman's long dark hair came down to her knees, while her fair face seemed peaceful as if the woman was sleeping. The woman wore a beautiful white gown that seemed as new as possible, despite such a long time being passed. 

Not even a speck of dust could be seen inside the coffin; the same was the case for the entire cave. 

The sleeping woman lay unmoving until her finger twitched a little.