Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 868 - 868: Xun's Return

"Another boy?" Xun asked, wondering who he was talking about.

"Yeah. A kid. I feel like I met him before that event. I just can't remember. Anyway, that guy disappeared. I'm pretty sure he knew the Law of Time. It's also possible that he knew the Law of Space since he disappeared. Or it could be some Martial Skill that made him able to hide. I can't be entirely sure about that," Long Chen answered, uncertainly.

There was no way for him to actually know what happened since he couldn't catch the kid and interrogate him. He didn't know where the kid was himself, let alone being able to catch him.

He was somewhat glad that he at least had the Sword of Time in his ancient ring. He had thought he lost it after he woke up in a different place. Fortunately, he hadn't lost it.

Since he hadn't kept the sword in the ring, it only meant that the one who was controlling his body did that. He was thankful as he would have lost a God-grade artifact otherwise.

"So morning strange happened after that?" Xun asked, suspiciously.

"Nope. The Sword of Time helped me by protecting me from the abilities of Xu Liang. Only because of it, I was able to survive, I guess. After that, I killed him and left that place. That's all that happened. Nothing strange in that as far as I can remember," he continued.

"Oh?" Hearing Long Chen's explanation, Xun grew even more confused.

'When nothing extraordinary happened outside, how was I trapped in the bloodline temple? Why was my link cut from him? Something doesn't add up,' she thought.

'Keep thinking, my dear Xun. There are so many things you don't know. Let this be one more. It doesn't matter anyway,' Long Chen thought as he observed the thoughtful face of Xun.

"What happened? You look stressed. Is everything alright?" He asked, pretending to be concerned.

"It's fine. You don't have to worry about anything," Xun answered, not explaining. "Anyway, where are we now?" 

"We are on our way to Mingyu's Empire. After helping her," Long Chen explained.

"Oh. How many days have passed since the battle? And did you already comprehend the law of Destiny?" Xun inquired.

"The Law of Destiny, huh," Long Chen muttered, smiling wryly. He himself was regretful that he couldn't learn now. After much effort, he had managed to keep the topic back, but Xun again reminded him.

"Only a few days have passed since then. It's nowhere near enough time to do it. I will comprehend it later after I'm done with some important stuff," he answered.

"Only a few days, huh. I guess it might be some temporary restriction. It's fine since it wasn't long," Xun muttered, nodding her head. 

Long Chen saw Xun thinking and started laughing. He reached out his hand and pinched her nose. 

"Yeah. Now stop thinking about it. Relax a little. We are finally at some peace. None of us can be sure how long it is going to last. So stop stressing about the past," he let out.

"Hey, stop treating me like a child!" Xun protested in a child-like Voice.

"Only if you stop behaving like an adult," Long Chen answered as he smiled. He squeezed her cheeks before he turned back and started walking towards the tent. 

Xun gazed at his confident looking back, which somehow seemed desolate, like he wasn't the same person she had been seeing for a long time. Previously, even though Long Chen was strong, she always felt like he was dependent on her. That feeling started getting thinner and thinner with time as if he was moving farther and farther away from her. 

Now, that feeling was entirely gone. It was as if he wasn't a boy who she knew. He seemed more like a person who was equal to her somehow, which was quite strange since she was supposed to lead him to the end. 

'No, no, what am I thinking. It's just my misconception. He is still being led by me. I am the reason he is getting strong. It's not the opposite. I don't have to worry about anything,' she thought as she shook her head.

She disappeared.

Long Chen went back to the tents. 

"He's not here. Looks like he finally went to sleep," Long Chen thought as he didn't find Ji Shan sitting outside like the time when he had left.

Only Xue was there at the moment, keeping an eye on the surrounding.

He stepped inside the tent where Ming Lan was still sitting with her eyes closed.

'Looks like she is finally comprehending something. I was thinking about Dual Cultivating since it's our last day of this month together, but I should not break her immersion,' he thought, gazing at Ming Lan.

He laid on the bed and closed his eyes, soon falling asleep.


The chirping of birds woke up Long Chen in the morning, who felt something heavy on his chest.

He opened his eyes only to find Ming Lan's head on his chest. She was sleeping peacefully. Watching her sleep, he didn't feel like waking her up.

He smiled as he closed his eyes again. He didn't get up since he didn't wish to wake her up so soon.

"You're not going to wake me up," Ming Lan asked, softly.

"So you were awake already," Long Chen replied with an amused smile on his face.

"I woke up an hour ago. I just didn't feel like getting up. Having my hand on your chest feels so comforting. It feels so safe," Ming Kan answered gently.

Long Chen wrapped his hands around her.

"I feel the same with you in my arms," he said.

"I'll see you after quite some time when I go back today," Ming Lan let out, concerned.

"I will miss you too," Long Chen said, sighing. 

He continued as a grin appeared on his face, "Anyway, Don't think about that for now. We still have some time. Let's use that properly."

He placed his right hand on Ming Lan's breast as he started rubbing them gently.

A light moan left Ming Lan's lips. "Uhmm, it's morning. Your friend must be up now as well. He will hear."

"So what if he hears? He knows you're my wife. There's nothing wrong with a husband and wife spending a night together, is there?" Long Chen asked as he lowered his other hand on her butt.

"Mmm," Ming Lan whimpered as she raised her head. She moved upwards and closed the distance between their lips as she kissed.