Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1234 - 1234: Small Inconvenience

There was also another question in her head. Why was Long Chen able to answer correctly? Didn't he say he lived in the mountains and didn't explore outside? Was it that he had the books in the mountains too? His education was really so good?

There were many questions in her head, and she wanted to ask him directly. But she didn't interfere. She wanted to see what Long Chen was trying to do. 

"Alright. That's good. The first two rounds are over. Depending on the performance in such rounds, we will select fifty from you who will go ahead to the next rounds. Mi Gu, tell the names of selected ones," the Second Prince told his subordinate, who was basically handling everything. 

The Prince and the Princess were here only for the show.

Mi Gu arrangements and the scores of everyone before he started giving names of the fifty that were selected.

Once again, Long Chen's name was first when it came to this.

As Mi Gu finished speaking, the Second Prince started speaking. "The ones who are selected can stay behind. As for the others, they, unfortunately, have to leave. This was as far as they could go. Prepare more, and maybe next time it'll be your turn."

Disappointed, most of the youngsters left. Only Long Chen was left behind with a few others that passed the first two stages. 

"You have passed the first two stages, but you shouldn't be complacent just yet! There are still three more stages. In the end, only five of you will be selected—the five who had the most potential. 

'I still don't understand why we are taking part in these small games. These are insulting. Are we really comparing ourselves with these other idiots? You know the princess, don't you? Just use your influence!" the Snake Monarch told Long Chen 

"I don't want to. If she did that, she would take me to her father to introduce me. I don't want to stand before the Western Emperor so soon. Let's stay like this for now. At Least until we're done here," Long Chen responded. 

The small tests continued, but they were like games for Long Chen. There was no competition here. He could literally beat them all and even shock the Prince, but he acted modestly and only kept a slight lead over others, not showing off. 

At this point, Princess Mimi was clear that Long Chen wasn't actually giving his all. She was sure that he probably didn't want to show off. She believed he was shy and modest, which she liked. 

But then she also thought he wasn't shy in the least as she remembered how their first meeting went. He was a complicated person to understand from what she believed. 

Finally, all five tests were over. 

"Mi Gu, announce the ones that won our support," the Second Prince commanded proudly. 

" The ones who get royal sponsorship are Hu Chen, Fi Mi Yan, Chu Huang, Lu Mingyan, Gu Ran," Mu Gu declared the selected. 

The ones who were selected were excited at the thought of their future prospects. They could work for the Royal family in the future if they succeeded. And they could also grow with the support of the Royal Family. 

As for the ones that weren't selected, they were extremely disappointed. They were defeated after they came so close. 

Some even had tears in their eyes at the least opportunity.

"As I said, you don't have to be sad. I know it can be heartbreaking not to succeed, but one should never give up. There are more opportunities in the future. So work hard and come back next year," Second Prince gave a comforting speech to the ones that were defeated. 

"That's all. You can leave now and start preparing for the next exams," he added as he sent the others back.

Only the five who were selected stayed behind.

Looking at the five people, the Second Prince continued, "The five of you have the fortune of being selected. You all are really lucky. From now on, our Royal Family will support you. You'll get admission in a good Middle Grade Sect as an outer disciple. All costs will be borne by us."

"Moreover, you'll also get some herbs for cultivation as we promised. Mi Gu will take you inside the Palace and give you the things we promised. Best of luck in the future. And make sure you make full use of this opportunity," he added before he stood up and started leaving. 

"Ah, so this was why you wanted to take part!" The Snake Monarch understood only now why they were doing this and keeping a low profile. 

First, it kept them from meeting the Western Emperor. And secondly, it allowed them to enter the Western Palace legally. 

Since Long Chen needed to have seen the place before to teleport there, it was perfect. Once he was taken inside the Royal Palace, he could undoubtedly teleport there later when it was time to steal. 

"That's right. A small inconvenience makes things so much easier," Long Chen responded to the Snake Monarch. 

As for the conversation, the two of them talked without speaking as they were linked together. They could talk to each other without having the other people know. 

"Amazing scheme. As expected of my right-hand man," the Snake Monarch said, pleased. 

As everything was finalized and the event was over, the five youngsters stood up. While most of them started leaving, Mimi stayed behind. 

" Aren't you coming?" The Second Prince asked, noticing that Mimi was staying behind. 

"You go ahead. I'll come after congratulating the winners and talking to them a little," Mimi answered. 

"Suit yourself," the Second Prince let out as he departed from the place. 

The others left. On the other hand, Mimi walked towards Long Chen. 

Stopping before him, she smiled. 

"Your performance was the best. Congratulations," Mimi told Long Chen. 

"Thank you, Your Highness. But I think this was just the start. You'll see more of my performance soon. I don't disappoint you," Long Chen answered. 

"Mi Gu, you take the others to the Herb Garden to give them their rewards. I will bring Hu Chen myself. I still want to know more about the person who could call two booms without any training," Mimi commanded Mi Gu. 

Mi Gu didn't say no.  He accepted the Royal Command and left. In any case, Mimi was the strongest amongst all of the Royal Heirs. He didn't need to worry about her safety, especially to a trash who could only call two booms. 

He departed with the four youngsters who were jealous of Long Chen's luck.