Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1245 - 1245: Thief

"So you actually learned the Skill yourself? It's amazing. It seems like the Saint Emperor actually chose a perfect heir for himself, didn't he?" Lord Glen asked, smiling. " If it's like this, then you can certainly finish the plan successfully."

"Learning the skill was the hardest part. Since you already have it covered, I don't think there's any need to be concerned about it. Just be present at the time of this war and don't miss the opportunity."

"Don't worry; I won't miss that war in any condition. I don't want to die after a hundred years because I couldn't finish my Heavenly Oath either," Long Chen agreed. 

"I'll also be there to help you in case you need it," Lord Glen let out. 

"You don't need to do that. I'm perfectly fine being there alone. It will be problematic if I'm with you though. I can hide much better alone," Long Chen said, refusing the suggestion. 

He wanted to be alone so he could use his Shadow Transformation and do things his own way. Having someone behind him was always complicated for him since it was only distracting. That was also why he fought most of the battles alone.


"No buts. I work better alone. You already know that I can teleport. So you don't have to worry about protecting me. I also know how to assassinate people. So I should be fine," Long Chen insisted, refusing to budge. 

At first, he wanted to take the help of Lord Glen in killing the Four Emperors, but now he could use the Blood Dragon Emperor. He didn't need to ask Lord Glen for help. 

Apparently things seemed to have worked out perfectly with the appearance of the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"Don't be hasty. I'm sure you think you can do it, but you shouldn't be overconfident," Lord Glen warned Long Chen. 

"I'm not overconfident. It's about the mobility. It's better for me to work alone. But I should really thank you for giving me this information and the plan. It would come in really handy," Long Chen expressed his thanks before he stood up after placing the empty beer bottle on the table.

"I should leave now. I'm getting late for other things that I have planned. Once again, thank you for everything," he told Lord Glen before he disappeared. 

Long Chen teleported outside the hut and started going back to the city. 

Lord Glen remained seated on the chair, lost in some thought. 

"You're talented, but you're still slightly immature. You don't know what you're dealing with. I can't leave you alone. If you're dead, the last remnant of Saint Emperor Xuanwu will be dead as well. That can't be allowed to happen," he muttered, sighing. 


"Why did you say no to him? He would be a good backup?"

"Yeah. He would have been a good backup, but against who? Do you think he could have stopped the Blood Dragon Emperor? We're not going there to fight anyone. Our only mission is to assassinate the four Emperors when I have the right opportunity."

"There's no need to have this guy there. He can't help me in Assassination. I need to kill the Emperors myself to take care of the Heavenly Oath. And after that, it will be a swift escape. Do you see any purpose of taking that guy with us?" 

Long Chen and Snake Monarch were going back towards the Royal City. Inspired by Lord Glen, Long Chen was also standing on his Spirit Sword, which flew in the air. The two of them didn't forget to talk about what just happened inside that place. 

"Now that you mention it like that, I can see some sense in ditching that guy in the final plan, but we could still have used him to help steal the item from Western Emperor's Treasury, right?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

"We couldn't have actually. Do you really think he can steal something? Even if we somehow got him to agree, he was going to be found out within seconds," Long Chen explained. "As I said, instead of depending on others, it's much better to do things ourselves."


Long Chen soon reached the Royal City again, late at night. 

Instead of going towards the Royal Palace, he went to the hotel which Princess Mimi had suggested to him. 

Entering the hotel, he approached the receptionist. 

"Greetings. How may I help you today?" The receptionist asked. 

"We're here to see the dance. Bring your prettiest ladies," Snake Monarch said, hiding behind Long Chen. 

"Excuse me? We don't offer that service here," the receptionist answered, thinking that Long Chen had asked the question. 

"Then why did you ask how you can help us? Isn't this a hotel? Of course, this Monarch will be here for a room," Snake Monarch replied. 

"Ah, I apologize. Which room are you looking for? What's your budget?" The receptionist inquired respectfully. 

" Please forgive my rude little friend here," Long Chen apologized before he got back to the topic. "Just give us a room for one person. That'll be all. Any decent room is fine."

"We have three types of rooms in a single person room. The expensive one at ten Western Coins, the slightly less expensive one at Four Western Coins, and the average one at one Western Coin. Which one would you like?" The receptionist asked again. 

"Which room can this get me?" Long Chen inquired, placing an item on the table. 

"This... You can get any room you want. No need to pay," The receptionist respectfully said, realizing what this token meant. 

"We'll take the expensive one then," Long Chen said, taking back the token. 

The receptionist called for a man to escort Long Chen to his room. 

Soon, Long Chen was sitting inside his room which gave him a straight view of the massive Royal Palace from the window. 

"Are you going to steal now?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen who changed his clothes to black clothes. 

"If not now, then when?" Long Chen asked, smiling. 


As Long Chen prepared for the midnight robbery, he wasn't alone in it. 

There was another person who was planning to rob the Western Emperor. As for the person, it was none other than the best thief of the Immortal World who had already robbed one Emperor previously. 

He was most wanted in almost every country, but not a single person had seen what he looked like. 

The man dressed in black clothes stood near the Royal Palace, observing it. A smirk appeared on his face. 

"Time to make things spicy again," he muttered as he started walking towards the Palace.